Yorozuya – The Things That Don’t Exist

ORIGINAL NAME: よろず屋 -無い物は


Translator: raggykoshka

NOTICE-this is just a Temporary illustration as there have been no illustrations so far by the author..


Yorozuya is a company specialized in tasks related to the supernatural.

Tamaoku Mutsu, Yuno Sousuke and Yashiro Hiroto who work for Yorozuya, took on a series of tasks from Toushirou and Nishihara, but Mutsu refused to leave the office.

It’s not really a large job, but everyone was surprised when Mutsu revealed she’s troubled with the loss of her powers. Just as everyone come to terms with it and their daily lives returned to normal, a tochigami, or a guardian kami of a specific area, appears at the company.

Maybe it’s because they spent a lot of time together due to work, but Mutsu and Nishihara’s relationship also had a subtle change as uncertain feelings flourished between them.  

And with an oni often appearing at their work, Nishihara to protect Mutsu, unexpectedly…

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The things you obtain in exchange for what you’ve lost…


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