All The Bigshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]

ORIGINAL NAME: 大佬都爱我[快穿]

Author name: 开花不结果

Translator: Even-beyondDeath


She is his drug, sooooo sweet and spoiled and flirtatious.

Big Shot Number One: 【Eight Big Brother】My younger sister unexpectedly doesn’t want to marry the soldier, The family asked her older sister to marry  in her place. (Finished Teasing√)

Big Shot Number Two: 【Abstinent Film Emperor】Shocking! The abstinent film emperor subverts his persona and hides his 18th line in his mansion… er a young actress who’s not even in the 18th line! (Finished Teasing √)

Big Shot Number Three: [The Tyrant’s Uncle] The tyrannical president takes a liking to Cinderella and wants to back out of the marriage with his fiancée, who turns her head and hooks up with the Tyrant’s uncle – the Tyrant! (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Three: [The Shady Eunuch] What a shock! How dare that eunuch in charge of the court covet the young and beautiful Empress Dowager! (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Five: [Republican Big Shot] “Have you heard? The eldest Huo is in a coma and the old lady wants her adopted daughter to give him a happy ending.” “Tch, it’s still a brother and sister in the sense of righteousness.”

The youngest: Ridiculous! I treat her like a sister!

Jiang Rui: Yes brother.

Some time later

Passerby: Huh, why is the young master’s face swollen? (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Six: [Cool and Dangerous School Bully] The vicious and fierce bad boy and the soft and gentle good girl are desk mates.

At first: “Tsk, spoiled.”

Later: “Hey, who gave you permission to bully her?” (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Seven: 【Hoodlum Local Tyrant】Rich and influential Hoodlum Local Tyrant vs. Ms Perfect from a clean and cold scholarly family.

At first: I could really do whatever I wanted with money.

Later: My wife can do whatever she wants to me. (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Eight: [Wheelchair Big Shot] The outwardly refined and abstinent gentleman, the secretly sinister devilish demon and the …… little cook in his house.

Little Brother A: Hey that girl, give me a cup of tea.

Little Brother: Girl, Your Daddy! That’s the lady! (Finished teasing √)

Big Shot Number Nine:【The Foreign Barbarian King】The dynasty is in decline, and the golden princess is forced into a marriage with a tiger-like barbarian. (Finished teasing √)

The Final Big Shot: [The Nine Abyssal Gods] Our Gods are supreme! Superior! Cool! (Finished teasing)

Reading Guide:

1. Mary Sue Female Host.

2. This story is very sweet.

3. Heartwarming cure to do the main food, counterattack against the next meal.

4. Each world has a male HE, the male lead is a soul fragment, and the main world is synthesized into one.


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