About me

HI👋 , Storm here, here is my story in short.

I am a neet who has been into otaku culture📜 for the past 6 years.

Throughout that period I have read countless lightnovels📚 and thoroughly understand the importance of a properly translated chapter.

I have worked⚒️ as a lightnovel translator and editor for many websites for the past 2 years light novel is my passion and love❤️.

I have decided on making a community👫 of lovers of Japanese culture like me.

So now I am in the process✍️ of bringing some exclusively translated lightnovel of different niches🤩 for other lovers like me.

I am also looking forward to assembling more translators and making this website a heaven😇 for all mortals.

Fellow member, I am hoping for your support🦸‍♀️ in the coming future. Let’s make it all together🧗‍♀️.

Let’s build something together.

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