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Return To 1990 ~ Chapter 26




Zhou Jianguo and Sun Longbin felt something wrong. When they last met, Lu Feng said he was lying to his old man, but his business was going so well.

They could not confirm whether he was lying or not. If this continued, he would probably become the richest man in the province.

The two wanted him to repay their favors; they kept pushing him. They had come several times every day for the past few days, but Lu Feng started hiding from them.

The two also gathered some information, which made them more and more suspicious about Lu Feng.

Jumping off the motorcycle, Zhou Jianguo started the conversation with an arrogant note, “Brother Feng, you promised us last time. What are you trying to do now?”

“I’ve been busy lately. Wait for me to be free!”

“When will you be free?” Sun Longbin said impatiently, “Don’t tell me it’s still too early for you.”

“No, no, look at you two acting like strangers. Aren’t we brothers?” Lu Feng frowned.

The two of them had been fooled by the word ‘brother’ too many times. They wanted to turn against Lu Feng but were afraid of offending him. They did not get anything.

“I’ve fulfilled what I promised you before. Why are you yelling at me? I’ve paid for your uncle’s machine, and I paid for the fruits in your village.”

Zhou Jianguo had a sullen look on his face. After establishing the workshop, he declared to his family that he would grow up, and become independent, that his brother was a man with very high power. If he made some arrangements, he would become a minor official. He was already bragging about it.

It was almost a joke now.

Ren Qianbo looked at the two of them as his eyes darted around. Lu Feng swiftly said, “Alright, I’ve been busy for a while, but I’ll treat you to dinner and drink. Don’t worry, brother; I will not mistreat you.”

The two of them returned in vain on their motorcycles. Ren Qianbo did not say a word and turned around to drive away.

“Brother Feng, they don’t believe you anymore.” Datou voiced his thoughts.

Lu Feng looked at the leaving car and muttered, “It’s not that they don’t believe it, I just can’t cheat them anymore, but I’ve grown up. I don’t need to rely on someone anymore.”

“Cheat?” Datou stared at Lu Feng in disbelief.

Datou returned home and discussed what Lu Feng told him today with his father. His father told him that Lu Feng was lying and that he does not have any elders in the province, so he told his son not to overthink.

However, Datou had tremendous trust in Lu Feng. If Brother Feng was right, he was right!

Ren Qianbo drove to catch up to Zhou Jianguo and the other one for a chat. The three of them found a small restaurant to sit down. Zhou Jianguo and Sun Longbin explained the situation to him.

After all, Ren Qianbo was someone who had seen the world before. After a moment’s thought, he understood the key to it. He said, “How about this? Let’s head over to his residence. Isn’t the confusion just because we don’t know his background? Why are you guessing?”

The three of them looked at each other and decided to go for a walk.

When they arrived at the unit building, residents gathered and mumbled about Jiang Xiaoyan’s store accident today. When they saw a car and the two motorcycles, they stopped the gossip and stared with wide eyes.

“Is Lu Feng staying here?” Ren Qianbo asked a male resident.

“Hey, he’s looking for Lu Feng. He’s getting bigger and bigger; he’s promising.”

“That’s right. If you say you’; Ire going to stick out, you’ll be out soon.”

“Yeah, what are you guys doing here?” Wu Hongyu looked at the two of them and recognized them. “Aren’t you two best friends with Lu Feng?”

“Yes, but we don’t know much about him. What’s his family doing? Do you know?”

“At his house? His dad is a farmer. He’s from the village nearby.”

“From the village?” Sun Longbin and Zhou Jianguo were dumbfounded. “Are you sure it’s from the village? Not from the province?”

Everyone burst into laughter. Lu Feng was from the province? Wasn’t this a great joke?

“I’ve lived here for more than ten years. He moved here four years ago and rented an apartment from the Dalian family. At that time, we thought he was rich and still lived in a building. Who knew it was from the village?”

“This person has made a fortune recently. In the past, he could not do it. A few years ago, he was a b*stard working in the factory. He ate, drank, and gambled every day. Now, he’s mixing with the two of you; He’s always been famous for beating his wife. 

“Are you sure?” Zhou Jianguo asked.

Wu Hongyu snorted and said, “I’m sure. Two years ago, he beat his wife and filed for a divorce. His parents even made a trip here. It looks like he’s from the village. I heard that he set up a stall in the city and farmed in the village. Why? He’s bragging to you guys?”

Sun Longbin felt his eyes blur as he shouted, “We’ve been here so many times. Why didn’t you say anything!?”

“You never asked!” Wu Hongyu replied in an irritated voice

Yanli’s gaze never left Ren Qianbo’s body, especially the bb phone at his waist. She stood up and said, “What’s wrong, Everyone? Did he lie to you?”

“I’ve long felt that Lu Feng couldn’t be anything good; otherwise, why would he be so rich?” Wu Hongyu stood up and growled, “Such a trashy person can’t walk the Righteous path. Sooner or later, he’ll be punished by the gods!”

He Yanli stared at Ren Qianbo, who returned her stare as well. This woman had a flirtatious air on her. As a man in his forties, Ren Qianbo loved this foxlike feel.

“Ahem!” Ren Qianbo coughed, “I still want to know more about this person. How about this? I’ll be the mediator; let’s talk slowly. This beauty seems to know Lu Feng very well. Is it convenient to go talk somewhere?”

He Yanli would have never thought a rich man would invite her. She looked at the Santana parked next to her, and her face was full of smiles. She nodded repeatedly. Standings  by the side, Wu Hongyu felt that something was wrong,” I’ll go too!”

Sitting in the passenger seat, He Yanli was elated. The heavens had finally opened their eyes and answered her prayers. Lu Feng’s flower could not bloom, but there was a surprise. Looking at Ren Qianbo, who was beside her, he was an older man but had a taste of a successful man.

Lu Feng was busy at the workshop. He examined the account books. The funds had already reached 210,000, but only a few stall-cars outside to pick up the goods. Only a dozen cars under Zhou Hao were left.

“Datou, from tomorrow onwards, give a commission of three cents per bottle to the sellers!”

“Three cents?” Datou calculated in his heart and said, “Brother Feng, they’ve made a lot of money these past few days and they don’t have to take any risks: If they sell the goods, they’ll get the money. If they can’t, they bring it back. It’s a profit-making business. Three cents are too much.”

“It’s not much; It’s just the beginning. There will be four or five cents later on as well.” Lu Feng stood up, “The bonus period of making profit has passed, next is the crazy competition. It’s normal for the profit to drop. Do as I say.”

Daotu looked at the cars outside and felt a sense of danger. A few days ago, he had been thinking that with such a stable business, he could follow Brother Feng for the rest of his life.

It had only been a few days!

8 p.m., it was dark outside. In the Zhang family’s restaurant, Ren Qianbo’s face was red as he drank, He Yanli sat beside him. This meal not only gave a thorough understanding of Lu Feng’s background, but He Yanli also gave him a clear explanation.

Wu Hongyu was so angry that his teeth were itching to bite. He kept cursing ‘sl*t’ in his heart, but his face still showed a wide grin. Meeting a big boss like President Ren was a rare opportunity!

“I’m going to look for him right now. F*ck, I can’t kill him even if I find someone. I’m not an idiot. Do you think Tiantian still considers me his friend?” Zhou Jianguo shouted.

“Don’t be impulsive.” Ren Qianbo said,” The current Lu Feng isn’t that hooligan from before; he has money in his hands. Even if you break his leg, do you think he can’t find someone to cripple you tomorrow?”

Zhou Jianguo thought about it and sat down. Lu Feng was rich. It was not something he could do. Sun Longbin looked at Ren Qianbo and said, “Chief Ren, you have to stand up for us. This guy is too deceitful.”

Ren Qianbo took a puff of his smoke and unconsciously placed his hand on He Yanli’s waist. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I like to fight injustice the most. Seeing you guys is like seeing myself when I was young; from now on, you guys are my brothers.”

Zhou Jianguo’s eyes lit up as he hastily said, “When I saw you, I felt a connection. I felt like I was meeting a brother.”

“Me too!” Wu Hongyu chimed in as well.

“Come everyone, raise your glasses!”

Everyone clinked their glasses.

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