White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 73

 Amos panted heavily and looked at the powerful Ice Elemental below.

If it weren’t for the ancient times, where a certain white dragon boss and a powerful presence on the Ice Elemental dimension signed a contract, allowing the white dragon clan to pay the same amount of magic power and summon Ice Elementals of the same level as itself, then this time there would be no solution at all.

   However, this was not the magic that every white dragon could awaken. After the White Dragon Lord stepped into the Juvenile Dragon stage, the unusual dragon veins of the ancestors became more and more obvious.

   They were only a few days apart during birth, but Amos left his younger brother and sisters far behind in terms of physical strength and flexibility, as well as the quality and quantity of awakened magical abilities.

   But neither their mother nor his siblings realised that Amos had an ancestral bloodline, and had been thinking that Amos was an extraordinarily strong white dragon because they didn’t even think about the bloodlines that went far back in time.

Even in ancient times when legends were everywhere, the saints were not as numerous. Every ancestral real dragon was also a powerful existence in the star realm. They had no life restrictions. As long as they didn’t die, they could naturally step into the Ancient Dragon realm. At this stage, it would become a powerful existence comparable to the gods themselves, and the preciousness of the Ancestral Dragon bloodline was evident from that. 

   However, after the fall of the natural gods, the law of origins changed drastically. The powerful ancestor real dragons almost lost their ability to reproduce. In desperation, the dragon gods chose to dilute the blood concentration of their offspring in exchange for stronger breeding ability.

   After countless years of changes, it had gradually evolved into the current dragon clan. Now, only the lucky ones who were so few as to be negligible could have their ancestral bloodline awaken.

Of course, the ancestral bloodline of Amos was not complete. According to Amos’s hunch, as long as there was enough time, even if he did nothing every day, one day in the future, he would enter the stage of an Ancient Dragon.

  The Sea Giantsaw the sudden appearance of the Ice Elemental and was taken aback and discovered that the Lord White Dragon was unusual, the white dragon’s spellcasting level was too high.

   But the arrows on the string had to be sent, the leader of the Sea Giantsuddenly accelerated, leaping in the air, and raised the tide spear with one hand, piercing towards the Ice Elemental’s head.

  Amos saw the Sea Giantleaping up and was about to cast a spell, but the tide spears of the two sea giants at the back came again, and Amos could only dodge.

The sea giant’s plan was obvious. Two sea giants who were new to the master realm harassed the white dragon. The strongest Sea Giantleader used the time to dispose of the Ice Elemental. Even if Amos knew the enemy’s intentions, there was no way he could stop them.

On the battlefield below, the Ice Elemental had an expressionless face, it raised a shield with one hand to protect its upper body, its lower body swept toward the sea giant.

   The tide spear collided with the shield. There was an unexpected loud noise, only the strong light generated by the collision of magic elements. The tide spear was slightly better, leaving a groove on the shield.

This wasn’t right, the Sea Giant’s heart was filled with fury, according to its calculation, even if the charged blow just now couldn’t break the shield, it should have made the Ice Elemental take back a few steps. Now, the Ice Elemental only trembled and stabilized its body.

   The Sea Giant paid the price for wrongly estimating the enemy’s strength, the Ice Elemental’s stick swept over, and the Sea Giantleader had no time to dodge, so it could only raise its arm to block it.

   The stick hit the Sea Giant’s arm, and the Sea Giant’s arm was instantly bloodied, turning blue, as frost spread on his arm.

   The giant leader was taken aback, raised its foot and kicked on the Ice Elemental’s shield. The Ice Elemental didn’t move, but the Sea Giant pulled away by virtue of the reaction force.

   Amos was also very surprised. He thought it would be great to summon an ordinary Ice Elemental, and it would be good if it could drag time till he came, but he didn’t expect this Ice Elemental to be so powerful.

  Ice Elemental did not pursue it. It received an order to guard White Scale City; not to kill the enemy.

  The leader of the Sea Giants stopped the companion who was about to go up, “Be careful! This is not an ordinary Ice Elemental!”

The Sea Giant’s injured arm trembled slightly. It dropped the frozen tidal spear at the tip of its hand and began to extract the power of the seawater that was spreading ashore with him and others. A new spear was quickly condensed in his hand, and at the same time, the seawater nourished the injury on his arm.

  The Sea Giant stared solemnly at the Ice Elemental. The energy level of the Ice Elemental was similar to that of the ordinary Ice Elemental, but the combat power was very different. If the former was like an ordinary adult, then it was a well-trained special elite.

   Seeing that the Ice Elemental was so powerful, the white dragon dropped its flying height, hovering over the wall of the White Scale City, and blessed the Ice Elemental to gain magic in the back.

   Ice Shield – Powerful!

   Hanbing bloodline!

   Frost Armor!

  The Sea Giant looked at the eight-sided ice shield floating and spinning around the Ice Elemental, the ice blue magical aura that appeared above its head, a layer of frost armour covering its body, and the corners of its [the giant’s] mouth twitched. How can this be?!

   Three more angry dragon roars rang out from the back of White Scale City.

  The leader of the Sea Giants glanced at the white dragon on the wall.


  The target of the Sea Giants was the white dragon, not the White Scale City. If the white dragon had been unwilling to save the city, he would destroy the White Scale City, and while venting his anger, he would force the white dragon to fight the enemy head-on. Now it could not talk about the white dragon, let alone talk about destroying the city, and it was even dangerous to stay any longer, so the giants’ leader decisively retreated.

   The Sea Giants retreated into the sea, and the Murloc army also retreated into the sea with their master.

Amos also breathed a sigh of relief, casting spells consumed not only magic power but also mental power. The hurried, unprepared leapfrog casting spells had caused a huge burden on the spiritual sea. Amos’s state was not very good, but the necessary vigilance was still required.

   Amos let the Ice Elemental continue to guard White Scale City while rubbing his painful head.

   After the headache eased slightly, Amos looked at the murloc on the city wall, his face turned cold, “Old Blind, let the Nightcrawlers follow! Find their nest!”


Old Blind also had a gloomy look. When he walked on, he did not expect that the famous Heishui tribe to be a running dog of the Sea Giants, but it was reasonable now that he thought about it. Without a strong backing, how could a naturally weak murloc tribe develop just like the White Scale City?

   The Ice Elemental summoning time was up, and it dissipated naturally, but the white dragons did not return to the white castle, waiting for news from the Nightcrawler.

   In the square of White Scale City, four white dragons were lying down listening to Old Blind’s report.

   “What, everyone was killed?!”

   Old Blind, “Yes, the enemy is very cunning. After setting up a back hand, our people were discovered before they got close.”

Amos was meditating. After tens of thousands of years of hiding, the Sea Giants had a rich experience in hiding and tracking, and it was more cunning and cautious than he thought. It seemed that within a short time, he couldn’t find the Sea Giants’ nest, but, the Heishui tribe couldn’t be saved, maybe the Heishui tribe could be used as a breakthrough.

   “Old Blind! Prepare supplies! Gather your troops!”


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