Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 134

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro

Transfer Trap

We began to conquer an A-class dungeon.

Summer vacation is half over and it’s early September.

Our purpose is to level up, to get more expensive weapons and armor, and to get a Mana Recovery Ring.

We have been making good progress with C-class and B-class dungeons, but the A-class dungeon is taking longer than ever. I thought I’d take a look at the September auction but the dungeon is our top priority. 

Information we know about A-class dungeons

  • A-class dungeon consists of CBA-rank magical beasts
  • There are only 4 A-class dungeons in the Academy City
  • A-class dungeons have 15 to 20 floors
  • Travel time for one floor of A-class dungeon is about 24 hours

The 24 hours per floor travel time is a big bottleneck. This dungeon is very wide.

Assuming we walked at 5 kilometers per hour, the shortest distance might be 120 kilometers, but the path is complicated and long and has many dead ends.

Even when I used Eagle to search for the correct route, the path was too divided and I couldn’t find one. There are countless paths that divide throughout the vast labyrinth.

If you don’t set off with a certain amount of determination, you’ll never be able to move from the starting point, so you keep going, but it’s not uncommon to turn around after you’ve made a lot of progress.

If I connect all the paths in the dungeon, the distance will be well over 1000 kilometers.

And some new traps have been added as well. One of the new traps is the “Transfer Trap”. If you step on it, it will randomly send anyone in the magic circle to somewhere else in the dungeon.

Of course, there is also the fact that a magical beast is waiting for you at the destination of your transfer, but that is not the threat of this trap.

We don’t know where we would be transferred in this vast dungeon. And we don’t have a virtual window-like skill that allows us to see the map or rely on it to conquer the dungeon. If we step on a Transfer Trap disguised as a floor stone, we will be sent to somewhere in the vast dungeon.

That’s why we are advancing slowly. I’m making a map with my Grimoire as we go, but I need to get back on the original path from where the map’s path has been torn.

If we don’t get back on the original path, we won’t know how to turn around.

Thanks to this, it will take us weeks to conquer the first A-class dungeon.

“Good morning.”

“Oh, good morning.”

Dogora, who was sleeping beside me, replied.

I didn’t start sleeping in the same room as Dogora at the base.

This is the twelfth level of the A-class dungeon, and we’re more than halfway through. I want to conquer at least one A-class dungeon during the summer vacation.

We couldn’t conquer the dungeon in one day, so we started staying in a small room in the dungeon. Naturally, Kurena, Cecile, and Kiel are all here.

It’s a small room, but it’s about the size of a 25-meter pool.

We burn wood and have dinner in the dungeon. I also keep my sleepover kit in <Inventory>. I don’t bring in anything like a large tent that won’t fit in the <Inventory>. If we had brought something like a cart, it would slow down our movement speed. We only stay one or two nights, so I keep my luggage to a minimum.

“Didn’t the magical beasts attack?”

“They did, but I killed them ~Death.”

We were in a small room at the end of the dungeon, but the magical beasts were not going to let us sleep. They move around and attack adventurers who come to the dungeon.

The B-rank magical beasts have intelligence and will attack adventurers in groups.

I remember when we were first looking for the base, the Real Estate Guild told us that an adventurer’s party could be as large as 20 or 50 people. This was probably including the number of people who would guard others at night.

We are a party of five.

We were surrounded by five Marias. My summons don’t need to rest or sleep, so they are given night watch duty.

“It was quiet today.”

“Yes, ~Death. Because Kabeo didn’t blow himself up~Death.”

(They don’t attack us when we are fully prepared. The frequency of magical beast encounters is also uneven.)

The Stone summons take care of the defense, and Spirits take care of the offense.

I am also analyzing the <Awakening> skills of the Stone species and the special skill of the new C-rank Stone.

C-rank Stone Tekko’s special skill [Substitute]

  • Takes over the damage of an attack taken by a single target
  • Effective range is a 50 meter radius
  • Can also move when the special skill is activated

E-rank Stone Kabeo’s Awakening skill [Self-Destruct]

  • If the specified target comes within a 5 meter radius of it, it will explode
  • The effective range of the blast is about 10 meters
  • When it explodes, the summon dies
  • The summon cannot move after the activation of the skill
  • Disappears after 24 hours
  • Can explode at any time if Allen commands it to 

As with Grass summons, once the <Awakening> skill is activated, the summon cannot be returned to the card and is no longer counted in the 60 cards that I can hold, so any number of E-rank Kabeos can be placed on standby to self-destruct.

D-rank Stone Bron’s Awakening skill [Protecting Life]

  • Can takes any number of attacks without disappearing
  • Can be removed by Allen’s command
  • Duration is 1 hour
  • Cooldown time is 1 day.

C-rank Stone Tekka’s Awakening skill [Self-Sacrifice]

  • Takes over the damage taken by the entire party within a 50 meter radius
  • Can also move when the skills is activated
  • Duration is 1 hour
  • Cooldown time is 1 day.

Stone summons specialize in defense, but their direction varies.

The E-rank Stone Kabeo’s [Self-Destruct] <Awakening> skill is dangerous because the explosion can defeat B-rank magical beasts. Placing a few Kabeos in the passage to the small room while sleeping and detonating them when a magical beast approaches. This will not only defeat the magical beasts, but also serve as a wake-up call.

There is no one on night duty in our party. I am the kind of guy who likes to sleep at night. We decided to sleep at night since we would be well protected anyways.

D-rank Stone Bron’s <Awakening> skill, [Protecting Life], is like a decoy. It cannot attack, but no matter how much it is attacked, it will not die. It can attract magical beasts attention.

I generally summon C-rank Stone Tekko during battles to protect Cecile and Kiel, who have weak defenses, and the damage they take has increased now that B-rank magical beasts are appearing.

Everyone woke up, packed, and we started moving.

I summoned 8 Frans: 5 to ride, and 3 to act as bait that runs in front of us. This doesn’t completely prevent traps, but it does reduce the number of times we have to step on Transfer Traps, which makes it much easier.

“Two Orc Kings and a Cyclops ahead!”


The three Frans that preceded us came into contact with the magical beasts. We all took our battle stance while riding Frans.

Kurena and Dogora both grabbed their weapons and charged at the three B-rank magical beasts.

It’s been a long time since we started our raid on this A-class dungeon, so the two of them have advanced quite a bit in Level.

They’re not afraid of B-rank magical beasts. I don’t think they were afraid even before their level rose in the first place.

The two’s skills, <Slash> and <Full-Body>, seem to increase in power as their levels increase. The power of the skills that have reached skill level 4 dealt great damage to the magical beasts.

Kurena defeated an Orc King first, and shortly after, Dogora defeated the other Orc King. Since Kurena’s [Attack] is much higher than Dogora’s, Cecile prioritized attacking the magical beast that Dogora was fighting. We are getting better at working together in this area.

“All right, all that’s left is the Cyclops!”

With my words, we attacked the Cyclops, which was even larger than the Orc King. B-rank magical beasts are usually 5 or 7 meters in length, and their bodies are huge. Maria used her special skill [Psychic] to reduce the Cyclops’ health.

Then, Kurena and Dogora attacked it together, and the Cyclops was slowing down and was about to be defeated.


The Cyclops swung the club in it’s grip. Dogora guarded it with his axe, but he couldn’t kill the power behind it and was thrown off Fran and.

“Dogora, are you okay?”

He was blown away to the position where Cecile was, which was quite far back. Cecile, who was right behind him, shouted out in concern.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

It was then that he grabbed his axe and was about to return to the front line.



Kiel tried to cast a <Heal> for the blown-up Dogora. I was also making sure that Dogora was okay.

A magic circle emerges from underneath the Dogora’s feet.

The Transfer Trap was triggered.

Then, Dogora and Cecile disappear from Allen and the others.

The two of them had been transported somewhere in the dungeon by a Transfer Trap.

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