Return To 1990

Return To 1990 ~ Chapter 2




The wind swept away the bowl of noodles, Lu Feng even picked up the bowl and drank the noodle soup clean. He smacked his lips, indicating he was very satisfied.

He had his share of poor upbringing and the hardships of starting a business on many occasions before.Now when compared, Lu Feng realized how happy he was at that time.

Jiang Xiaoyan stood up; ready to clean up the dishes. Lu Feng hurriedly said, interrupting her, “I’ll do it. I already feel very embarrassed, eating for nothing.”

Jiang Xiaoyan was stunned for a moment. The dishes and chopsticks in her hands had been taken away. Lu Feng took the dishes inside the kitchen and began washing the pans and pots.

Duo Duo’s eyes were wide with surprise, and there was a big question mark in her little head.She asked in a small voice, “Mom, what’s wrong with him?”

Jiang Xiaoyan also does not know what is wrong with him. All she can think of is that Lu Feng wants money, and the only money the family ever had was the wedding gift of nine hundred dollars.

Because of this nine hundred, Lu Feng had beaten her more than once, but that money really was spent.Moving out from the village all the way out here, with other expenses was all based on that money.

Jiang Xiaoyan wanted to tell Duo Duo that he will be a good father, but she thought better of it as the words came to her mouth. She then thought if Lu Feng’s move was about money, then surely he would beat her again.

Instead, why give her this hope?

Maybe he found his conscience. Has he changed for the better? The childish words that came out of her mouth were full of expectations.

Jiang Xiaoyan did not say anything, but reached out her slender hand and touched Duo Duo’s little head. She looked at her daughter lovingly and said, “How about going to the electronics factory with mommy later?”

Duo Duo frowned and said, “It’s so noisy there, and that fat uncle always scolds me.”

“You try to be good.If he scolds you, ignore him.We are poor and cannot offend others.” Jiang Xiaoyan was helpless. She managed to get a job at the electronics factory; though, she had a hard time getting it.

Working every morning in a small restaurant as a waitress, washing dishes gets one hundred fifty dollars a month. The electronics factory is a high-end factory but she fills-in for others; hence, she is given fifty dollars even though the monthly salary is two hundred dollars.

If you do not look at that person who does not go to work and gets a hundred and fifty dollars a month for just sitting at home, there are people willing to take 30 to 40 dollars a month for the same job. It is all thanks to Jiang Xiaoyan’s fast hands, quick work, and high school education to get a few more dollars.

Lu Feng was washing dishes in the kitchen. With food in his stomach, his brain started to be flexible and he began to think about how he came into Lu Feng’s body.

He had read some things about rebirth, but he was reborn into someone else’s body. This was really rare even in books.

After ten years of struggle, with more than two billion in assets; it is not so easy to give up. It contained too much of his heart, soul and hard work. Now Lu Feng just wanted to go back.

As for Jiang Xiaoyan, the former Lu Feng had died and their days would be better. Lu Feng was never a kind-hearted person.

Looking at the water in the pot he was washing, Lu Feng was secretly thinking. Will electrocuting himself make him go back?

Or having another drink?

The matter of drinking was immediately dismissed by him.This house had no such luxuries.

” Most of these types of movies show the subject being electrocuted. I can put my hand into an electrified water basin; even if it does not work, the body twitches after the electric shock and I would be disconnected from the power supply breaking the circuit and not be seriously injured!”

Lu Feng secretly nodded his head, thinking that this is a way; although, the approach is very funny. As long as there is a ray of hope, he is willing to try.

Coming out of the kitchen, Lu Feng saw the two girls muttering about something and said, “Your face injury is okay?”

Jiang Xiaoyan was a little overwhelmed by this sudden concern, and replied, “Yes.”

“Do you any have medicine at home? Put some medicine on it.”

“No, forget it.It’s not a problem.” Jiang Xiao

“Lu Feng, the gift money that your family gave us has really been spent. I didn’t lie to you when I said I didn’t have any money to buy food tonight. I went to the electronics factory to borrow a few cents from someone.”

As Jiang Xiaoyan finished her words, her eyes tightly closed.Her pretty face screwed up into a ball, ready to meet his fists and feet like a storm of invasion, but nothing happened.

“Then let’s borrow some first.You two must always eat, Duo Duo is growing up, and you have to go work every day. You’re still working this afternoon, right?” Lu Feng looked at Duo Duo with a smile and said, “Duo Duo will be at home with me.”

Jiang Xiaoyan’s face stretched out, her gaze full of disbelief. Now she no longer knew what Lu Feng really wanted, trying not to believe that Lu Feng had changed for the better.

She couldn’t believe it. For Lu Feng, Jiang Xiaoyan wasn’t disappointed; she was desperate, not daring to hold on to even the slightest hope, or else the next second could send her into the eighteenth level of hell.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Duo Duo and immediately realized something. She pulled Duo Duo into her arms in fear and shouted at Lu Feng, “What do you want! Are you crazy?”


Lu Feng just wanted to help her with the baby, and this little one was adorable. He did not know why she was reacting vigorously.

“If you dare sell Duo Duo, I’ll call the police! I’ll send you go to hell even if I die!” Jiang Xiaoyan dared to talk to Lu Feng like so for the first time.Her gaze was full of determination, as if she was telling Lu Feng that she was true to her every word.She dropped her head and stroked Duo Duo’s little head, and said gently, “Mummy will go and change, let’s go to the factory later.”

Jiang Xiaoyan walked to a dilapidated combination cabinet and opened the door, taking out her electronics factory work jacket.This jacket was the best piece of clothing she had, the rest were old and bought when she got married.

Duo Duo’s big eyes blinked as she looked at Lu Feng, cautiously approaching him and asking, “Have you changed for the better?”

Lu Feng nodded and whispered, “Yes!”

“Then you won’t hit my mother again, will you?”

“Yes, never again.”

The smile on the little one’s face blossomed, and she beckoned Lu Feng to bend down saying, “Come here.”

Lu Feng bent down and the little one whispered in his ear, “Poopy, as long as you don’t hit mommy, I’ll call you Poppy.”

Jiang Xiaoyan put on her coat. Seeing Duo Duo whispering with Lu Feng, she said cautiously, “Duo Duo, let’s go; we’ll be scolded if we’re late.”

With these words, she picked up Duo Duo in her arms and went out.

Lu Feng remained bent over, his whole body was stunned for more than ten seconds.The corners of his mouth flowed into an enthralling smile.

In his life, he had never been called dad before. Duo Duo’s milky voice was quite pleasing.

The house was a bit of a mess, so Lu Feng stood up and started to clean the house:Scrubbing the tables and chairs all over. In his head though, he was thinking about going back.

He listed up all the ways he could conceptualize in his head. Since he could come; it must mean that he could also go back. What he feared most was that he would be thought to have died suddenly from drinking. After the doctor pronounces him dead, he would be sent straight to the crematorium.

“If I’m burnt to ashes, it’ll really be the end.”

Lu Feng just hoped that the doctor would not give up on him. All afternoon, apart from tidying up his new home, Lu Feng found two electric wires that he could connect to the water basin and plug them into a socket.

At night, it was almost completely dark outside; there was not even a street light.Only the stars could be seen at the edge of the sky, and the dim gas light in the house made the mood despondent.

The sound of a key opening the door rang outside, and the door opened. Jiang Xiaoyan appeared and looked at the tidy house a little bewildered.She was holding Duo Duo in her arms, covered her with her jacket and obviously asleep.

“You did this?” Jiang Xiaoyan asked, looking at Lu Feng with a hint of delight in her voice.


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