I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 103

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Deng Feng never sang in public and for a very one simple reason. He didn’t want to be seen as an oddball, and he didn’t want to hear comments like, ‘Ah, you stammer, but you don’t stammer when you sing. When you talk with people, you should just sing instead.’ 

That was why he refused to sing in front of people, but his participation in the competition also led to an unlucky situation. A boy in their class found out that Deng Feng was going to partake in the competition. Since this boy had a big mouth, he told another person, and soon everyone in his class knew that Deng Feng was going to take part in a singing competition for the girl he liked.

When this rumor had reached Zhou Yuan’s ears, it had metastasized and changed from him partaking in a singing competition to him trying to impress Hua Miaomiao.

He’s going to the competition for Hua Miaomiao.

He harked carefully to the discussion of the two boys in the back row, and panic began to grip Zhou Yuan’s heart.

His experience told Zhou Yuan that he needed to be prepared for anything and not to precipitate or rush anything.

He was, for the most part, a very calm person, except when he was younger where he was fraught with panic. But now, panic once again swept over Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan inferred that Deng Feng was Hua Miaomiao’s old flame, her old spark, her first love, but they had broken up and were no longer together. But Deng Feng wasn’t able to just give up on her, for it was nigh-impossible for one to just simply forget their first love.

Miaomiao would be extremely impressed if Deng Feng really participated in the competition for her.

The more he brooded over it, the more uncomfortable he felt. When Miaomiao came into the room, she edged towards him and noticed his frowning face. She asked with the utmost solemnity, “Are you okay?”

Zhou Yuan wheeled around to look at Miaomiao, “Are you going to watch Deng Feng’s performance at the competition?”

“How did you find out about this?” Miaomiao was slightly surprised.

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze, looked at the table, and said, “I’m going to the competition too.”

“You’re going to take part in the competition? Why?” Miaomiao asked, surprised.

Miaomiao had heard Zhou Yuan sing before. Even though Miaomiao never heard about his shortcomings, Zhou Yuan only had average singing skills. She wondered why he wanted to partake in the competition.

But Miaomiao couldn’t find it in her heart to tell him that his singing ability was very average. Despite that, he still wanted to participate in the competition. Miaomiao decided to ask him in a very tactful way.

Zhou Yuan glanced back at her and said, “I just want to see how far I could go.”

He chose to do this at the spur of the moment.

I’ll regret it soon if I don’t fight for something now. I should at least fight like a real man for once.

Miaomiao mused for a while before replying, “It’s very fun. Go for it!”

Within her heart, she was hoping that he wouldn’t ask her to vote for him…

However, the more one dreaded something, the more likely it was going to come true. 

“When the time comes, would you vote for me? I might not get any votes,” Zhou Yuan’s gaze met her eyes as he asked this.

Zhou Yuan’s words were far too modest for his own good. With his handsome appearance, his height, and his body, everyone in the audience would vote for him as long as he doesn’t open his mouth to sing.

Zhou Yuan stared at Miaomiao, his eyes conveying his obdurate attitude…

Miaomiao: “…Well. There will definitely be a lot of people who will vote for you.”

The competition had both professional judges, and the public was also allowed to vote, so even if the professional judges didn’t like Zhou Yuan’s singing, the young, teenage girls in the audience would still vote for him against their better judgment.

Zhou Yuan digested her words, and his heart turned as cold as ice.

She’s going to vote for Deng Feng…

Miaomiao felt helpless. Deng Feng told her about his quandary first, and she agreed to aid him.

She couldn’t just break a promise with one of her friends for her love…

Miaomiao endured Zhou Yuan’s gaze. She recited in her heart, ‘Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t allow his words to move you. You cannot ignore your friends for love. You agreed to help Deng Feng first...’

Miaomiao responded to Zhou Yuan, “Well…you should get the girl you like to vote for you.”

Zhou Yuan was a little aggrieved and replied, “It’s useless. Even if she went to this event, she’s going to vote for someone else.”

Zhou Yuan spoke as his eyes remained fixed on her. Miaomiao sensed that his uneasy words were directed at her…

She hurriedly averted her eyes and said, “So, so ah…”

She stammered and couldn’t speak about it any longer…

Zhou Yuan didn’t want to pressure her, so he handed her a bottle of yogurt and said, “Yeah.”

Miaomiao was too abashed to drink it, for she felt a trace of guilt within her heart.

However, it would be unusual not to drink it since it appeared as if their relationship was beginning to become strained. It could no longer remain as good as in the past.

During the days following their conversation, the two still sat at the same table, but there was an almost tangible aura of awkwardness between them.

Although their relationship had become more subtly awkward, no one seemed to notice.

Outsiders were unable to pick up this sort of subtle awkwardness. Everyone’s attention circled around something else anyways.

Everyone wanted to see Deng Feng singing at the competition. Deng Feng stuttered when he spoke; everyone knew this, but not many knew that his stutters vanished when he sang. As a result, everyone wanted to see if he would stammer when he sang.

The day of the competition arrived, and it was already summer vacation; therefore, many students from their school went to watch the competition.

They arrived to witness the competition; then, they found out that Zhou Yuan was also a participant in the competition.

Zhou Yuan was also participating in the competition…

Everyone had a very good impression of Zhou Yuan; he was handsome, and he had an amiable personality. He was even revered as being a college god of sorts, so they subconsciously thought that his performance would be out of this world if he was going to compete.

The audition was held, but it wasn’t open to the public; therefore, Miaomiao and the others couldn’t witness their performance.

But both Zhou Yuan and Deng Feng passed their respective performances.

However, the venue was open for the next round, so everyone was allowed in to watch their performances.

Since everyone at school knew about this competition, Miaomiao went to see this event with Jingjing. They have been friends since their childhood, so Jingjing had to come.

Deng Feng didn’t say anything when he saw her.

Zhou Yuan was scheduled to perform before Deng Feng. It was almost as if he were there to judge the competition instead of partaking in it.

When Miaomiao saw him, she envied him. He lacked any palpable aura of nervosity. If she were up on stage, she would be extremely nervous…but nervousness could be seen as both a strength and a weakness.

When Zhou Yuan took the stage, Miaomiao heard a girl in front of her shout, “This boy is so handsome! I’m going to vote for him!”

Like she had said, he didn’t need to be concerned about not getting any votes.

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