Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 8 – Chapter – 13

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Hakua’s Prank

Halt-sama. A strong aura is approaching us at a high speed.”

Tina noticed that there was something drawing nearer to us, so she raised her body.

“How strong is it?”

“It’s…probably stronger than me.”


It was stronger than this world’s strongest magic knight, apparently.

This was a bit awful.

If it’s destination isn’t here, then that’s good, that was what I thought, but —

“T-this is.”

“W-what happened?”

“Ryuka and Hakua’s mana are also along with it.”

“No way.”

In that case, its destination is here, then.

What in the world might it be?

If it’s with the two of them, then it might be somebody with a relationship with dragons?

It would be good if it wasn’t an enemy…

“I’m going to check it for a bit. The academy’s in danger if a fight breaks out.”

“Indeed. Then I too will —”

“Tina, you rest. You’re tired, right?”

Tina had raised her upper body that was clad in negligee, but I pushed her back lightly so that she could lie on the bed again.

She couldn’t resist, and her body fell on the bed with a plop. 


“It’s fine. I’ll manage it somehow.”

I planted a light kiss on her while patting her head, then I aimed at Ryuka’s bracelet and teleported.

—— * * * ——

“Eh, Halt—”


Halt had teleported next to Ryuka, but the dragon clutching them was flying too fast, so he was left behind in just an instant.

Halt managed to create a foothold by using wind magic to compress the air beneath him so he could float in the air.

However, it was still a far cry from Tina, who could fly wherever she wanted to.

Ryuka and Hakua were in the red dragon’s clutches.

Both of them looked fine, but Halt didn’t know the real situation, so he decided to chase after the dragon.

He strengthened his physical ability with his magic suit, then he created footholds using wind magic and stepped on them as he dashed through the sky.

However, the speed of the dragon was way too fast, so even though Halt ran with all his might, the gap between them just grew wider.

After a while, just when they were about to reach the distance where they wouldn’t be able to hear him even if he shouted —

“Halt!!! Help!!”

Hakua’s scream for help reached Halt’s ears.

It reached Halt.

—— * * * ——

“Hakuryuu, did you say something?”

The Sekiryuu flew at top speed towards the direction of the scent of Halt’s soul, when he suddenly heard the little girl in his claws — Hakua shouting.

It had been a while since the Dragon God turned into his dragon form, so he forgot to use wind magic to reduce the noise of the wind.

He didn’t hear what Hakua shouted because of that.

— No, the Dragon God’s number one mistake was that he brought Ryuka and Hakua in his claws. 


Something suddenly appeared in front of the Dragon God.

That something also disappeared from his view in an instant.

At the same time, a fierce pain run through the Dragon God’s claws


The Dragon God’s claws were severed from his body.

The pain had been too sudden, and he didn’t even understand what happened as he spiraled down the sky.

During that time, Halt — who had just slashed the Dragon God’s claws with Hakoku — was lowering Ryuka and Hakua to the ground.

“It’s okay now. I’ll kill that thing.”

Halt soared to the sky once again after saying that.

“H-Halt! That esteemed person is —”

Ryuka called out to halt, but he had already surrounded the dragon with a few thousand spears of flame. 

“Fire Lance!!!”

The flaming spears flew one after the other at top speed towards the Dragon God pierced his body right on cue of Halt’s chanting.

However, the Dragon God was a deity.

Sekiryuu was originally highly resistant against magic, but this particular one had already reached the status of a deity.

He didn’t sustain any major damage even if he was hit with a few thousand shots, moreso given that each spear only consumed two points of mana each.

 Nevertheless, he couldn’t move because flaming spears relentlessly rained on his body and pierced him.

That’s why the Dragon God waited.

It would be his chance the moment the surrounding spears ceased from barraging on him —

(Just endure for a few seconds, they’re gonna decrease then. It’ll be the end for that sage in that instant.)

He couldn’t open his eyes because of the spears piercing his face, but he could still sense that the mage assaulting him was right there.

(I don’t know who he is, but he dared to attack a deity. I’ll be allowed to attack him. Now, how should I deal with him?)

He was going to make him regret that he dared to fight against a deity.

Because of that, the Dragon God started to think about ways on how to torture him.

A few seconds passed, but the attacks had no signs of abating.

(Tsk, how annoying. Seems like he has a huge supply of mana, huh.)

Tens of seconds ticked by, but the attacks still didn’t cease.

Rather than that, he had the feeling that the number of spears flying towards him had increased.

(W-what? Why won’t it end?)

He couldn’t even raise his voice because the spears relentlessly pierced his mouth and throat, but the Dragon God was determined to endure.

A few minutes passed by.

The regeneration of his body could no longer keep up.

($-$%#&! W-hat the #@#@ is happening here!?)

The Dragon God was starting to panic.

Deities basically didn’t have bodies of flesh, so to speak.

When the deities manifested themselves in the Human Realm, their flesh bodies were already prepared, and it would possess the highest specifications possible in this world.

This body that was for exclusive use of a deity was beginning to reach its limit.

(C#@&   C#@&   C#@&  C#@& C#@&C#@&C#@&C#@&C#@&)

He tried to escape to the Divine Realm using the teleportation portal exclusive for deities, but he couldn’t do so for some reason.

The moment he summoned the divine characters to create the divine teleportation circle, that person meddled with it, preventing his teleportation.

(I-impossible!! Is the one attacking me now a deity!?)

Of course, he also attempted to counterattack, but —

Everything had been negated even before he could release his magic.

It was as if the opponent had a full grasp of what he was trying to do.

Several minutes had passed since Halt began his attack.

The Dragon God’s wings and arms that had been guarding fell limp, and his ginormous body started to fall.

The massive dragon fell on the ground.

Halt stopped his magic attacks, then he alighted on the ground and approached it.


The dragon suddenly rose up and attacked Halt.

Of the claws that Halt severed, only the right claw had fully recovered.

He aimed his sharp right claws at Halt’s abdomen —

He didn’t pierce Halt.

“— Huh?”

Halt didn’t mind the claw that was about to rip his guts out in the slightest, and he raised his right hand.

The Dragon God followed his movement and raised his head —

“W-what the heck is that…”

The colossal pillar of flames had been prepared already, and it rose high above the Dragon God’s head, towering so high that he couldn’t even see it’s top.

“You made a mistake when you tried to harm my wives. Bye.”

“Eh, wai —”


The Sekiryuu who was supposedly highly resistant against fire was burnt black because of Halt’s super hot fire magic without a chance to defend himself.


T/N: That was no prank, bad Hakua.Your naughtiness had gone too far. Poor, poor Sekiryuu (who reminded me of Ryuushin) T.T

E/N: Nooooo bad hakua…. My poor Sekiryuu. Halt is so hasty to kill others except his wives. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

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  1. T/N: That was no prank, bad Hakua.Your naughtiness had gone too far. Poor, poor Sekiryuu (who reminded me of Ryuushin) T.T

    E/N: Nooooo bad hakua…. My poor Sekiryuu. Halt is so hasty to kill others except his wives. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

    I believe Halt was completely in the right here. If some giant beast came speeding towards you with a loved one in its clutches (clearly in some form of distress), it’s safe to assume it doesn’t have any good intentions, and he didn’t. The Dragon God was too impatient and impulsive, and since he’s immortal (I think) he deserves this bit of punishment.

    1. well, it’s Hakua’s fault, didn’t say Halt was wrong, agree with you.. if she didn’t cry damsel in distress, even if they did battle, judging from Dragon God’s personality, although he was impatient and impulsive he would probably explain what he wanted first before he attacked. He even rehearsed his script! Then it would be acceptable even if he lost, which is a given anyway.

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