The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 88

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Katariona Unexpectedly Reunites with the Dragon God Princess

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There’s a possibility that Chris and her group were involved with the emergence of the dungeon. 

I immediately contacted the Adventurer’s Guild, who said that the nearest high-ranked adventurer would arrive at night.

“Yurie! Let’s go explore the area.”

I opted to tag along with Tojurou-san in search of Chris and the others.

“Understood. Hawk! Tell Marguerite-sama to take command!”

I asked Hawk, who was circling in the air, to send back a message. Hawk glanced at me and flew towards the place where Marguerite-sama and the others were waiting.

Hawk’s words should be transmitted to Marguerite. And I believe that she, as the student council president, would be able to guide the students well.

“I’m coming with you.”

“Of course, having Leon accompany us will be a big help.”

I stroked Leon’s head as he climbed on my shoulder. 

“Hikoshirou! Yurie! Leon!”

Kikuno-sama appeared in a hurry from the fort. Alone.

“What about the students?”

“I’m here alone. All the students went out to attack the fort.”

“Did you intend to protect the fort alone?”

Tojurou-san said, in a shocked voice. 

“I knew you were going to come at me. Oh, but I wasn’t expecting Yurie to also come.”

Please don’t stare at me with such a troubled face, Kikuno-sama. That was the strategy.

“Are the people heading to our team’s fort okay?”

“They’re safe. Marguerite-sama is guiding them at the fort. They’ll be able to escape the forest soon. Mmm! The Prince kid is the only one remaining.”

God’s eyes are omnipotent. It seems that it can find out such a thing.

It’s a back and forth exchange of “Go back!” “I’m not going back! I’m staying!”

“That’s exactly why! You as the Crown Prince can’t be involved in anything dangerous! If anything should happen to the heir of this kingdom, it won’t end with just our heads!”

“Chris got involved. I can’t just go home and leave my sister when she might be in danger!”

Tojurou-san and His Highness the Crown Prince were arguing. He even dropped using honorifics with Tojurou-san. They are of equal standing as Tojurou-san is of royal descent of the Hinoshima Kingdom. 

He stopped the Crown Prince from heading to the dungeon and admonished him, telling him to leave the forest, but he stubbornly refused. In that regard, he’s just like Chris. 

“Rather, what are you thinking about bringing Rio and Kikuno-sensei to such a place?”

“These guys are better than any of the adventurers out there, so they can be of help to us”

Ahhh. What are you saying? Tojurou-san looks considerably angered with all the blood rising to his head. 

And so, Kikuno-sama quickly followed up 

“I’m grateful that you treat me like a lady. However, I’ve been in dangerous situations as a diplomat, so I have experience in real-life combat. Yurie seems to be worried about her brother. Hey, Yurie.”

“Ah. Yes. Yes. And I am also a disciple of Tojurou-san. I’m sure I can be of use.”

“Rio knows how to use a sword? Chris also seems to have been secretly learning, but were you, two apprentices, under the Sword Saint of the Wind?”

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince kept muttering to himself. Did he catch Chris secretly pretending to be a swordmaster?

To be honest, I wanted to keep the fact that I knew how to use a sword a secret from His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, but he would eventually find out sooner or later.

“Then even more so, I’ll go with you!”

Huh? Why would you do that?

I looked beside me at Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama, who were discussing the feasibility of knocking the crown prince unconscious at the entrance of the dungeon.

“Richard-sama. No, His Highness the Crown Prince. Please turn back here. As a vassal, I cannot put the person who is the Crown Prince of this country in danger.”

Though I think it is useless, I tried to make the Crown Prince turn back. 

“Rio. I’m glad you’re worried, but as the Crown Prince, I have to go. Chris isn’t the only one involved. There are Sieg and other students. As a royal family member of Findalia, I cannot abandon my people. “

His Royal Highness the Dauphin is admirably upholding the family motto of the Royal Family of Findalia, isn’t he?

In my previous life, the Crown Prince was already a prisoner of Charlotte at this point. Perhaps it was due to Charlotte’s skill, “Demonic Enchantment”.

If nothing happens in the future, he will become a good king, there is no other alternative but to allow him to continue.

“Leon. Are Chris and the others safe?”

I sent a telepathy to Leon, who was constantly looking towards the dungeon.

“Not good.”

“Eh! Did something happen to Chris and the others?”

“Chris and the others are okay. The problem is that they were sent to the lowest level. “

“That’s not a big problem.”

While we were worried about Chris and the others, who had been dropped to the lowest level of a dungeon of an unknown number of levels, we arrived at the entrance of the dungeon.

The entrance to the dungeon was like a cave, with a dark mouth gaping open.

“It’s an unmapped dungeon. Do you know how many levels there are, Kikuno?”

“It looks deep.”

As Tojurou-san and Kikuno-sama faltered, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince put his hand on the entrance of the dungeon.

“It’s no use hesitating. We have no choice but to proceed.”

“Wait! This is why I hate boys who grow up like this!”

Tojurou-san grabbed the shoulder of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

“Although one from another country, you are also from a royal family!”

 His Royal Highness the Crown Prince shook Tojuro-san’s hand off. 

“I’ve been stepping on the shrine since I was a kid! Don’t be with Hakoba!”

There’s nothing more that can be done with these two.

Then a helping hand came from behind.

“I’m sorry I’m late. This is the dungeon that the students of the magic academy wandered into?”

It was the voice of someone familiar. This voice was…….


“Why, isn’t it Yurie! It’s been a long time. Hmm? You’ve grown taller.”

Sylphine-sama, the Princess of the Dragon God Tribe, hugged me when she saw me.

“The adventurer that the Magic Academy requested was Sylphy-sama?”

“That’s right. You can rest easy now.”

“Sylphy-sama. Chris and my brother got caught up in the appearance of the dungeon!”

“What!? Chris and Sieg got trapped? Let’s go! Ron. Help our allies.”

That’s when my eyes first fell on the tall young man standing next to Sylphy-sama.

Hiding in a black hood, his face was hidden from view, with their black bangs peeking out through the gap of the hood. 

“Sylphy, wait. Is that Yurie, the silver-haired daughter? Come over here for a moment. I need info.”

I was quickly dragged away by the young man whom Sylphy-sama had called Ron.

A little further away from Tojurou-san and the others, Ron spoke to me.

“Daughter blessed by the God of Time,” he said. “We don’t have much time. Let’s get to the point.”

This person knows that I was given magic by the god of time, Ryu.

“Can you use Transference Magic?”

“Yes, although I can’t transfer over long distances yet.”

Transference magic requires a huge amount of magic power. After three years of trial and error, I realized that the only thing I could do was accumulate experience.

“I see. In that case, things will move quickly. I’ll lay out a magic circle at the entrance of the dungeon. It’s a Transfer magic circle. You can transfer to the level that you want us to go to. Just give me some time.”

“You can use transfer magic? How do you ……”

Ron put his hand over his mouth and shushed. Looking behind me, I saw the Crown Prince walking towards me. His face had a grim expression on it.

“Rio. Have you finished sharing information?”


“Well, then your business is finished.”

Saying so, the Crown Prince grabbed my hand and pulled me away. 

I feel like I’ve been pulled around a lot today.


TL: Smh. The inevitable has happened and quite clearly shown this time. I hope and pray Rio doesn’t end up with the Prince bra–*ahem* kid. Anyway, hope you enjoy and stay tuned (?) for our next chapter~


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