The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 24

Fist punishment

In the end, I finished making the materials just as the faint light of the morning sun was shining through the curtains.

I handed out the materials to my students and hung the timetable on the blackboard.

“The classes will proceed according to this schedule from now on.”

“Are you joking!?”

Not betraying my expectation, Cliff let out words of criticism while fixing his right fingertip on the blackboard in rage.

And then, I received the same look from other students, except Eight.

“Hmph, if you have any objection, I will listen for the time being.”

“We don’t have much time left. If we fail in the regular examination, we are going to be expelled anyway! We don’t have time to learn this general education!”

The outline of my class schedule is as follows:


  • Class G Schedule
  • 08:00 ~ 12:00 → General education
  • 12:00 ~ 13:00 → Lunch and break
  • 13:00 ~ 15:00 → Magic and tactical training
  • 15:00 ~ 19:00 → Field training
    • Field training is for routine quests only.
    • Every Saturday and Sunday of the second week of each month, you will receive a quest assigned by the professor.


The magic time was set as two hours. They had a lot of things they needed to learn first. In the end, magic was just one of them.

If they took a peaceful and easy road without learning the fundamentals, the end result would only convey unhappiness and nothing else. No matter the reason, I was their teacher. There was no way I would just keep quiet and overlook their foolish act.

“I’m starting the class. We will have a quiz at the weekend. If any of you fail to get a passing mark, I will suspend all of your magic training and give you liberal arts course. So be prepared for that.”

Ignoring Cliff, who was still spouting criticism, I began the class.

After the class ended safely, I teleported them to Straheim. Although everyone’s faces were thick with displeasure, they headed for today’s field training.

Today’s field training was “Carrying luggage when moving.”


  • Mission name : Carrying luggage while moving
  • Clear reward : Slight improvement in physical strength
  • Rank G


I had applied for it in advance for Class G. With their abilities, it was quite possible to clear this in one day.

Now that the problem of not being able to use magic was out of sight, they wouldn’t die even if they executed the mission I had envisioned in the beginning. In about a month, I’d have them take on a dangerous mission as planned.

The problem was Eight, who was as good as an amateur. He needed to train with the magic bag, and I also planned to supplement him with private lessons in the next month, which I thought should be enough to make up for his lacking part. Anyway, I just had to advance quietly with what I had planned.

Now, I needed to use this extra time to strengthen myself as well. First of all, I’d been encountering too many powerful people quite lately. Starting with that Monocle man, Blue Whisker, and then that former emperor—Iskandar.

I indeed am a believer of science, but I don’t deny the importance of power. Without power, any kind of argument will turn to dust. After all, that’s the clear fact proven by history.

I went to the labyrinth of Straheim, Kurikala, and began my search. As a result, I confirmed a few rules. 

First, I couldn’t use teleportation inside the Kurikala. Or, to be precise, it was impossible to teleport except at a safe point. These safe points were special semicircular spaces set up about every five floors, and they were quite large and resembled small towns. The fact that there were restaurants, armour, and even tool shops made me realize how resilient the merchants were.

Second, the deeper you went, the more powerful monsters you would encounter. It was also very likely to encounter monsters of a whole different rank just by going one level deeper. After all, it would be dangerous to explore the labyrinth with just the students.

Third, it was possible to teleport to a safe point. 

It was quite annoying to use teleportation in front of public eyes, so maybe I should just open Sagami Co.’s restaurant, “Silver Knife,” here as well. For that, I needed to contact the Adventurer’s Guild.

I’d have to talk to Willy about it as soon as possible.

I teleported to my room from the hidden place and headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.

When I entered the guild hall, the usual female receptionist’s face changed. She came up to me, bent over, and put her mouth close to my ear. Good grief, it seemed like there was another trouble again.

The current situation isn’t that good. Can we ask you to come back another day?

Ah, I see. I understood what she meant to say. Probably because they were here.

In the cafe on my left, a group of dozen armed people gathered. Among them was a purple-haired young man in gorgeous armour, glaring at me with his steely-eyed gaze.

He was Munch, a member of the gold family called Breathgarm or something like that. That was okay. I really wanted to have a talk with him, anyway.

“No need. It’s not like I’m a busy man, unlike those boring wooden figures over there.”

“Wait! Shirabe-san!”

She desperately moved her hands to hold me back, but the matter was already late. Immediately, I was surrounded by robust men with thick blue streaks popping out on their foreheads.

“I wonder what kind of business you have?”

“Follow me.”

“Of course.”

Munch’s face turned bright red as I nodded loudly with a smile all over my face. Of course, it wasn’t because he was embarrassed, but rather out of genuine anger, I thought. Well, if anything, being exposed to such glare only made me disgusted.

Surrounded by strong men, I felt like I was in a daimyo procession as I was brought to an open space behind the guild hall.

The crowd was a bit too large; there were at least thirty of them. They were probably trying to make a scene after losing their face the other day.

Or rather, I wondered if the occupation called Adventurer was so laid back that they had the time to watch the farce in the daytime.

Munch, as if elated with his success, drew the sword at his waist. Then, he said a delusional statement that some small fry characters might say to raise a few flags of defeat.

“Even if you cry now, I won’t forgive you!”

“Hmph. So what?”

Did he think I was cowering from their earlier remark?

“You’ve ruined our reputation, and we have to punish you,” he said with a pleased expression while hanging the tip of the sword.

“Punishment, huh. Are you going to kill me?”

“It’s up to you. You’ll be able to save your life if you just quietly become our sandbag.”

“What are you going to do to Eight?”

“Well, you know. He betrayed us. He’ll have to pay for it.”

I’d gathered more than enough information about Breathgarm through Krama.

“Like the young man from earlier, are you going to cut one arm?”

Apparently, a young man before Eight, who’d wanted to leave the family, had his one arm cut and was sold to fools called [Laguna] as a plaything.

“What do you mean? But that’s right, let me teach you one thing. I like the cries of fear and despair from screaming brats more than three meals a day!”

I had no doubt that this face, which was smeared with pleasure, was telling the truth. It seemed that I’d known enough.

“I see…”

I had already decided the destination for the guys. Although Willy had told me to become more merciful, that was only if the other party was a human and not those who had already crossed the line of humanity.

“That’s right. I want to see that face. Whoever insults me is—”

I stomped my right foot on the ground, not caring about what this guy was spouting.

The group swayed and soon blasted out clouds of dust spread throughout the square.

“Wh-what was that!!?”

They shouted in bewilderment. Soon, the clouds of dust cleared away, revealing my figure in the centre of the ground.

When the purple-haired man’s eye, which had become dot size, met mine in astonishment, his face quickly turned pale.

“Ri-ridiculous… You, what are—”

Don’t be surprised just with that. You will spoil the fun.

“I’m Shirabe. Haven’t you investigated already?”

I received the information from Krama that a few stoic amateurs had investigated me recently in Straheim. Nine out of ten, it was one of these guys.

“Wa-wait a minute…”

“I refuse.”

I leisurely advanced towards Munch.

“Will you not join our family? A strong guy like you is welcomed with open arms!”

While backing down, Munch persuaded me with a desperate expression.


I didn’t feel like answering anymore. These guys couldn’t be saved anymore.

“We will give you a treatment of an executive staff…”

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

I kicked the ground, closed my distance with him, clenched my right fist tightly, and punched him lightly in the face.

Munch’s nose was crushed, and a splash of bright red blood sprayed out.


As he continued to scream, I grabbed his collar as he rolled on the ground, then pulled him toward me.

“Listen here. I’m neither a saint nor a hero who is on the side of justice. Rather, I’m not much different from you guys…”


“But, you know, I have my rules.”


I raised the corner of my mouth to Munch, who parroted back with a look of intense fear on his face.

“That’s right. You guys have spat on one of these rules, so—”

I hurled Munch in the air.

“Ihiiii!!!” [T/N : They are Munch’s screams, just in case you wonder.]

I clenched my hands to Munch, who fell down while screaming like a rooster being strangled.

“Don’t worry. Unlike you guys, I will not kill you…”

I struck with my fists rapidly, and soon they crushed the bones and squashed the flesh of his body completely.

The surreal sound of intense psychological disgust reverberated in the open square. Munch rolled down on the ground like a tattered house cloth.

I looked away from Munch, who was twitching on the ground, and glanced around at the men around him. They screamed, throwing down their weapons and raising their hands.

They irritated me to no end. If this level of fear was enough to make you lose your will to fight, why did you hurt others so easily?

“It’s too troublesome to beat them…”

I invoked [Wind Manipulation], restraining all of them and raising them up into the sky.


I forced the wind to shut up their disgustingly screaming mouths and twist their arms and legs, which were restrained by my wind technique.

At that moment, a familiar woman’s voice released my technique.

“Demolition Magic.”

The men tied by my wind technique fell to the ground, writhing in shock and pain.

“Sylvie, what are you doing?”

The blue-haired woman, Sylvie, stood in front of me.

“That’s enough. You win,” Sylvie muttered with a bitter look on her face.

“The problem isn’t victory or defeat.”

That was right. Because I did this based on right or wrong, no more or less. No matter who you are, I won’t let anyone get in my way.

“It’s over.”

In the front row of onlookers, the red-haired man, Caesar, pointed his thumb back.

I clicked my tongue, looking at the figure of Pluto and the others, who had a ghastly pale face behind Caesar’s back.

I guessed this place was a bit intense for them. It seemed that I’d become uncharacteristically overheated.

Caesar took a big sigh, looking at the Munch who was rolling on the ground like a tattered dust cloth and closed his face, and whispered in his ears, “Now do you understand? Some things shouldn’t be offended in this world.”


Somehow, Munch managed to muster the words out.

“Of course I will. But it’s not for your sake, okay? Keep that in mind,” Caesar told Munch.

Then, turning behind, he said to Sylvie, “Sylvie, I’m sorry, but please take care of them.”

Sylvie just shrugged her shoulders and approached Munch, raising her right hand and invoked recovery magic.

A commotion broke out among the onlooking adventurers watching the wounds healing like a video in reverse.

“Now then, if you excuse me…”

“I will talk with you another day.”

As I turned my back to Caesar and the others, Willy, who was standing next to the children, flung these words at me. I waved my right hand, blending in with the back alley this time.



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  1. Will past chapters be edited once you finalized names and terms you’ll be using? Volume 3 has been readable but was confusing at times due to the changes without any notes what they replaced are.

    1. I have left note for couple of names that have changed but I will add note in others name in that case.. Leaving aside charcaters name, can you mention where else you find it confusing?

      1. Other than character names, names of the places don’t have notes too. there was a chapter with a note regarding mana, then the few chapters after that where magic is mentioned it didn’t get used. Maybe confusing isn’t the right term but more like I can’t read it smoothly and I need to stop to process the sentences with the changes. Sometimes I just read on and then reread when I figure out the changes.

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