White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 56

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz

Night battle

As night fell, the bright moon shone, and the stars sparkled dazzlingly.

Under the bleak starlight, the Murloc army once again set foot on the island. On the beach, humans did not collect the dead bodies. The entire beach was covered with corpses and the remains of battleships, which looked terrifying. The snapping turtles opened the way as usual while the Murlocs and Ogres followed.

A Murloc Nightcrawler left the team and merged into the dark shadows, where the night was their stage.

The white dragon lord flew up into the sky and observed the silent forest below. In the forest, not to mention birds, there were no insects that could be seen. These little creatures were frightened away by the fierce battle of the day.

In the woods, humans cut down trees and used the wood to lay out two simple lines of defence, one at the edge of the woods and the other inside the woods. A visible magic wave emitted between the two defence lines, which were monitored by the Murloc Nightcrawler. It was the result of Bailey’s mage team, who was busy all afternoon.

Seeing the dark woods, Amos frowned, he felt a little depressed. It was not that the magical waves of the magic circle arranged by humans were powerful, but they were too weak.   

That is why Amos was confused.

Such a slight fluctuation in magic power, if it weren’t for the low level of the magic circle itself, then it would be that the magic circle was highly skilled, far beyond the cognition of Amos, but at least it was a legendary boss.

If there was such a powerful wizard in Bailey’s team, why didn’t they come out early to turn the tide, why wait until now?

What was the use of a magic circle if the magic waves were only slight power?

Could it be that the Dumbledore family had a special way to conceal the magic fluctuations?

Since he didn’t know what it was, he’d try to deconstruct it. Nothing would work in front of his absolute power!

Amos issued the order: “Tide hunter! Go on!”

The Murloc tide hunter rushed to the woods with the snapping turtle, and they were hit hard by the human defenders before they even got close.

Relying on the line of defence, ordinary soldiers shot crossbow arrows one after another, and human wizards issued targeted magic such as fireball and lightning chains.

Arrows, flames, lightning, and explosions of fire, and loud noise filled the entire battlefield.

“Old Jimmy! Mage troops, fight back!”

“Old Blind! Ghoul-Garu! Wait for an opportunity and take action!”   

According to the plan, the four white dragons used the invisibility technique to fly into the sky.

In the woods, Jax found the hidden white dragon and he uttered the spell instantly. A transparent enchantment centred on it, covering 100 meters around.

Anti-invisibility enchantment!

Four white dragons appeared in the sky. After becoming visible, the white dragons rushed directly to the woods from four directions and now they were less than 50 meters away.

“No! Stop them!”

Jax sent a fireball and detonated it in mid-air, blocking the attack of the white dragons. Gandalf also flew into the sky and stopped Amos.

The other white dragons covered Willy, who, armed with divine protection and magical shields, rushed to the first line of defence amid the flames of the explosion.

The fifty meters distance passed in the blink of an eye, the flying white dragon warrior Willy successfully rushed into the woods and broke several small trees.

He rushed into the group of soldiers, like a tiger and approaching a flock of sheep for a massacre, and was soon stopped by human masters.

In a short period, there were few casualties, and the soldiers’ firing rhythm was interrupted, and the defensive line was destroyed. The Murlocs seized the opportunity created by the white dragons and invaded the woods once again.

Seeing that the Murlocs were about to rush up, Bruce yelled, “Retreat!”

The well-trained soldiers retreated to the second line of defence, and the masters also covered each other to get rid of the entanglement of the white dragon and retreated to the second line of defence.  

Amos’ expression was grave as he looked at the woods in front of him. Between the first and the second line of defence, there was an undisguised faint wave of magical power, but this level of magical fluctuations was at most only the power of primary magic. What the hell were these humans planning?


No matter what magic circle it was, he would just destroy it.

Bruce looked at the Ogres and Murloc Elites who were not in the backfield, and felt slight regret, he controlled the node and activated the magic circle to teach Amos a lesson!

Flash technique!

The land in the woods burst out with a flash of bright light, blinding the eyes of Ogre’s army and the eyes of the dragon. They could not stand it at all from the sudden change of darkness to extreme light. Amos bowed his head, closed his eyes, and tears flowed out.

Bruce: “Warriors! Charge!”

Amos didn’t dare to fly, lest he become a living target, he resisted the sore eyes and quickly uttered the spell.

Ice wall!

The wall of ice blocked his vision, Bruce reluctantly put down the crossbow in his hand!

Amos hasn’t stopped yet.

Summon Ice Guards!

Amos summoned two ice elements, ordered them to stand in front of him to protect himself, put a magic shield over themselves, and listened vigilantly to the surrounding movement.

Seeing this, Ghoul-Garu in the rear, who wasn’t affected much, hurriedly came to support him, stopping Jax and Gandalf who were heading straight to the White Dragon Lord.

The opportunity was rare, so Jax no longer cares about the consumption of magic power and erupts with all his strength. The magic storm knocked the breath out of Ghoul-Garu, Gandalf took the opportunity to break away from the battlefield and struck at the White Dragon Lord.

Ghoul-Garu’s magic shield shattered by an explosive fireball. In exchange for a short time, he triggered the built-in skill of the Caucasus battle staff—Summoning Spirits.

An Ogre spirit appeared and fought with Jax, while Ghoul-Garu turned around and rushed towards Gandalf.

Gandalf just happened to solve the two ice guards, and Ghoul-Garu’s stick smashed over him, and Gandalf had no choice but to return to the defensive.

At this moment, Amos opened his eyes. Although the shadows overlapped, the blurred image with the sound identification still made him clear about the situation in front of him and struck at Gandalf’s back. 

Gandalf hurriedly triggered his life-saving trump card, a piece of solid ice enveloped him, and Amos’s slap was like trying to break a big tree.

Instead of chasing him, Ghoul-Garu stood in front of the White Dragon Lord, just in case.

As the ice lifted, Gandalf coughed up a mouthful of blood and turned pale. He rushed to his camp under the heavy protection of the soldiers and took out a test tube. He drank the milky white liquid in it, which made him feel a bit better.

Jax could not do anything about it and hurriedly retreated.

Operation Beheading failed!


Seeing the withdrawal of the high-ranking warriors, Bruce called back the ordinary soldiers, and the soldiers retreated to the defence line.

It didn’t take long for Amos to recover, looking at the miserable surroundings, the expression on his face turned horrible.

He led the two thousand Murlocs, in the blink of an eye, more than half were killed and injured, but on the contrary, the snapping turtle retracted into the shell, and nothing happened.

His dragon brothers and sisters also had several bleeding wounds on their bodies, and it was obvious they were also treated with special care the high-level Ogres were protecting them.

Old Blind stood at the forefront with people holding the swordfish and confronted the human soldiers.

Amos suppressed the anger in his heart and calmed down.

Bruce had the props of dark vision. Seeing the calm white dragon lord, he thought of the famous saying: A strong lion isn’t formidable, but the one to be cautious of is the one that knows how to endure. 

Bruce regretted being his enemy.

Amos looked at the human army, who stood ready for battle, and his voice was low and powerful.

“You guys! What are you still struggling with? Are you still waiting for the unreachable reinforcements? Ridiculous! They won’t make it here!”


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