White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 48

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz

Declaration of War

Ghoul-Garu was pushed back by the blast and landed on the beach, stepping backwards into several deep sandy pits.

By the time he stabilized, the ship had disappeared from the sea. 

Ghoul’s eyes were bloodshot, he roared with rage, while Garu unleashed the dragon wing spell that came with the armour and flew toward the place where the ship had disappeared. 

When the scouts looked at the eight hundred-pound fat men in the sky, their hearts came to their mouths. They could fly!

However, once attacked, their position would be exposed, and they could only pray to the gods silently in their hearts.

Unfortunately, if prayer had been effective, there would not have been so many misfortunes in the world. 

“Anti-Invisibility Enchantment—Max Power!” 

A transparent ripple sweeps across the sea, and the alchemist’s stealth array was disturbed by the magical force field, making the invisibility effect extremely unstable. It appeared and disappeared on the sea surface like a screen jam.

The scouts despaired as they watched the mighty double-headed Ogre in the sky and the numerous Murlocs surrounding them in the water. 

Brance clenched his teeth. Although the enemy was too strong to defeat, he was still unwilling to wait for death. He took out a magic scroll and hid it behind his back.

This time, Ghoul-Garu learned well he did not approach blindly and kept moving in the sky while emitting magic, erecting ice walls over the sea to interfere with the advancement of the alchemy ship. 

The alchemy ship was disturbed by Ghoul-Garu, and the Murlocs quickly surrounded the alchemy ship, constantly trying to grab at the edge of the ship and climb aboard. 

The scouts drew their weapons and defended the line, the Murlocs blue blood merged into the sea. 

Seeing that the Murloc-sea tactics were ineffective, the Murloc commander changed his strategy and commanded the Murlocs to sneak under the ship. The dense pack of Murlocs, resembling a swarm of ants, pushed at the bow of the ship. 

The scouts hurriedly grabbed the tilting boat and held it in place.

Brance looked at the ogre chief, who did not land and became anxious. At this rate, I can only use my trump card or else they will capsize the ship. 

Thinking of the consequences, Brance activated his trump card, used the scroll in his hand, and a soul-crushing scream spread, the Murlocs around the ship fainted and floated on the surface with their bellies turned upside down. 

Master-level spiritual magic: Desperate Scream. 

When Ghoul-Garu saw Brance take out his scroll, he quickly fanned the away and enchanted himself with defence but, he was surprised by the rare mental attack, but fortunately, the distance was far enough, the attack just made him a little dizzy, he then soon stabilized his body. 

Ghoul-Garu came back to his senses, just in time to see the scout ship speeding away, and immediately chased it.

The scouts looked at the approaching ogre and threw their weapons at him. Ghoul-Garu avoided them one by one. Once the wave weapons were over, the scouts immediately picked up the objects around them and threw them at him, delaying him as much as possible. The pace of Ghoul-Garu bought time for the mage to inspect the alchemy ship.

Ghoul-Garu saw that the scouts seemed to be exhausted, and he increased his vigilance and rushed towards the ship.

Brance desperately swung the long sword in his hand, sent out a wave of vindictiveness, and slashed towards Ghoul-Garu. 

Seeing the enemy still fighting, Ghoul-Garu’s mouth flew out the spell, and a cloud of dust appeared out of thin air from nowhere.

Curtain of Sand! 

The fighting spirit flew into the smoke and disappeared, and Brance’s heart sank to the bottom.

At this time, Ghoul-Garu accelerated out of the dust and landed directly on the alchemy ship.

The mage, who was concentrating on repairing the spell formation, snapped back and triggered the magic ring on his hand, a white light shot towards the charging Ghoul-Garu.

Light of the Broken Law!

The mage’s heart jumped to his throat. The alchemical spell formation simply couldn’t be repaired in a short period; he had disguised himself by acting as if he was busy repairing, but was waiting for the right moment to unleash the spell through his ring at Ghoul-Garu. The only way they could escape was when they had defeated the ogre and made him lose the ability to fly. 

They hit it! The scouts were ecstatic.

However, the double-headed ogre that was hit disappeared.

No! An illusion?

The mage was shocked. He heard the sound of something breaking coming from the sky. He saw an upside-down figure speeding towards them. 

It’s over!

Ghoul-Garu, who was falling rapidly in the air, exited the state of invisibility, and before he fell, he hit the mage’s head, splashing red and white everywhere.

There was a consensus in Nordhill: Always deal with the enemy as soon as war broke out. You never know what kind of trump cards they will play in the next moment. 

The ecstatic scouts didn’t react at once, and the situation reversed between the flashes of light and the sparks, their mage was killed, and the last hope of escape was shattered, and at the end, their years of experience all amounted to this. 

The eight-hundred-pound fat ogre landed heavily on the bow of the alchemy ship at full speed. The five-meter-long and two-meter-wide boat was pried into the air, circled three times in the air, and buckled upside down on the sea. 

The cold seawater woke up the frozen scouts, and they instantly turned pale.

Grief was greater than heartbreak, and Brance did not struggle but opened his limbs and allowed himself to sink to the bottom of the sea.

Ghoul-Garu enchanted to let himself walk on the water, he watched or more precisely, struggled with a desperate scout, who swam toward the sea and smiled contemptuously at the despondent and sinking scouts.

This uncle had given up so much energy just to stay alive. How could he die like this!

He (Ghoul-Garu) quickly chanted a spell and several energy ropes emerged from the staff, stretched into the sea, tied the scouts around their waists, and pulled them up. 

The scouts came out of the water, coughed violently, and a mouthful of seawater gushed from their stomachs.

As Brance coughed, he glanced at the approaching Murlocs and smiled wryly: They won’t even let me die!

Ghoul-Garu said to the approaching Murloc: “Tie them and pull them all to the shore. Master’s orders. The more tongues the better!”

Ghoul-Garu was quite satisfied with his capture of eight people alive. After all, killing and capturing were two different concepts, and Amos had asked him to capture them alive to facilitate the interrogation and extract information.

The two-headed ogre looked down at the alchemy ship that had sunk into a black spot.

“Retrieve the boat, it may be useful.”

After handing the prisoners to the Murlocs, Ghoul-Garu flew back to the shore. Without a boat, these humans could not make any waves in the sea.

On the other side, before the second scouts’ team had time to escape the forest, they were blocked and captured by Bucky Darkscale and were overwhelmed by his sea tactics. 


In White Scale city, Amos looked at the kneeling scout captain below.

Brance also looked at the huge white dragon on the gorgeous crystal throne with astonishment, this was his first time setting eyes upon a dragon. 

A pink light flashed across Amos’ eyes, and Brance’s eyes were immediately distracted and dazed.

Charm Human! (Spell)

“Human! Name!”

“Brance Orchid!”

“Oh, the illegitimate son of that family?”

“The family of Viscount Abel!”


“Chief Captain of the First Brigade, Bailey City Sea Scouts.” 


“On the order of the chief steward of Dumbledore’s House, went out to sea to investigate all abnormalities.” 


“Take him down and lock him up first!”

Under the influence of magic, Brance cooperatively confessed everything he knew.

Amos closed his eyes and thought that he didn’t want to mess with humans until he was an adult, but now that they’d sent in a reconnaissance team, Amos didn’t believe that they had pure motives.

Amos glanced around, and the White Castle hall, looking at the senior officers waiting for his decision. 

“Everyone! Prepare for the war!”


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