The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 83

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Katariona Enters the Dormitory of the Academy for Orientation

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It was early summer. The sun is strong, but the breeze is comfortable. 

The day of orientation has finally arrived.

We are going to be staying in the dormitory for a week and will be practicing magic simulations. 

The dormitory is located at the back of the academy. It is divided into boys’ and girls’, which is used for orientation and other camps. 

The dormitories are basically private rooms. Students are allowed to bring their own maids or attendants. 

Students may be accompanied by a maid or a maidservant, since the children of nobility, in particular, are not expected to change their clothes or take care of their hair by themselves.

I can do most of the things myself, but I’ve brought Marie with me.

We were going to have a launch party on the last day. Naturally, I would have to wear a dress to the party, but it would be a lot of work to get ready by myself. Besides, Marie’s presence was reassuring and dependable.

Marie and I entered the room we were assigned. It was a sunny room on the top floor.

There are only four rooms on the top floor, so the other rooms are probably occupied by the three of us.

“It’s a large room, but it’s not very spacious.”

“Yes, it is. Shall we go to the greenhouse and pick some flowers?”

As promised when I was a little girl, Chris and I had started a plant research club. Chris and I are the only members of the club, but we are enjoying our activities.

We rented a greenhouse and are studying medicinal plants, but that alone is a little suspicious, so we also grow flowers for camouflage.

“There is no need for that.”

Marie pulled several large bags out of her shadow.

“Marie, did you use Shadow Walking to do that? What’s this?”

“I tied a piece of luggage in my shadow with a rope and tied it to this trunk.”

She pointed to the trunk that contained my change of clothes.

“You should have stored them in my space.

“It would have been outrageous to bother the young lady!”

Marie’s temperament is that of a faithful head steward.

“Is this an imitation of Rio’s Space Magic? As usual, you’re good at adapting.”

Leon, who had been silent until now, pretending to be a holy beast, opened his mouth.

“I don’t have the same capacity as you do, miss, but it comes in handy for this kind of travel.”

Marie briskly arranged the luggage she had taken out into the room.

My favorite cushions, bedspreads, curtains, even my tea set.

“I think we have enough space for everything. That’s great, Marie.”

“Thank you very much. Fufufu. It’s nice to be complimented by milady.”

My personal maid is really talented.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Do go in. Enter.”

I gave her permission to enter, and Tria popped up.

“How do you do? I knew it was Rio who had entered the room.”

“Tria, how do you do?”

If Tria came to check the owner of this room, then the other two rooms must be Chris and Angel.

I figured that was probably the case, based on the family hierarchy.

It was a good thing that everyone living on the same floor was a good friend of mine.

“Pretty interior. Is that pattern from Sandorion, by any chance?”

“Yes. Yes, it was given to us by Sandorion when they started their interior design business. We’re an investor.”

“As an investor, you can get various samples to test as the sponsor. I wonder if I should ask my father for one.”

Tria, who loved pretty things, seriously considered this.

There was a knock on the door again, and this time Chris and Angel came out.

“Rio, how do you do? Wow! So cute.”

Chris rushed to the bed as soon as she said that.

“How do you do? Chris. Angel.”

“How do you do, Rio? What a nice room. Shall I bring in my favorite armor?”

As expected of the daughter of a famous military family. The standard of elegance for Angel is weapons and armor.

Marie came out of the walk-in closet, spotted the three of them, and bowed.

“Welcome, everyone. I apologize for the delay in greetings. I will prepare the tea for you now.”

After placing the tea set on the tray, Marie left the room. She must be going to the hot water room located on the same floor.

She could have prepared the tea in her room as usual, but she was so polite.

“I always thought your maid of honor had a very refined manner. She’s as graceful as a noblewoman.”

Marie’s manners were flawless. Tria and Angel complimented her every time they met.

“Fufu. Thank you. It makes me happy to hear you praise Marie.”

A few moments later, Marie entered the room with a wagon full of tea sets, presumably ready for tea.

“You’re Marie, aren’t you? May I ask if you have a last name?”

It was rare for Tria to ask a question. She would be a duchess if she could just stand up straight, but she’s always so shy.

“Have I not told you my name yet? My apologies. My name is Marie Forrester.”

Marie curtseyed gracefully and announced herself.

“Forrester? Do you belong to the House of Count Forrester?”

It was Angel who responded to the name of Forrester. Count Forrester is also a military family.

“The current head of the Forrester family is my uncle, but he only gives me permission to use his family name. My status is that of a commoner.”

Marie’s uncle, the head of the Forrester family, was suddenly given the reigns of the family by his brother. Count Forrester’s brother was the head butler, but his wife was a commoner, so he simply gave up his title and became a commoner.

Later, the Count of Forrester tracked down his missing brother and found out that he had a niece. He tried to persuade his brother to return home for the sake of his niece, but he stubbornly refused to budge.

Having no choice but to beg him to take the family name of Forrester, the head steward nodded reluctantly.

According to my father, Count Auguste Forrester sometimes comes to check on his brother and Marie in secret.

Every year on Marie’s birthday, she receives flowers and gifts from a mysterious benefactor, but I suspect it’s Auguste-sama.

The head butler knows what is going on and has Marie accept the gifts and write a letter of thanks.

The letter from his niece and the return gift is said to be treasured by Auguste-sama. That was according to Daaku-sama’s information.

“I thought your manners were very refined. Do you have any knowledge of martial arts?

“Some, but not much. I needed it to protect my daughter.

Not a bit. She is quite skilled. If we only talk about her skill in using dark weapons, she is probably comparable to Kikuno-sama, no?

Angel’s big eyes sparkled.

“Can we have a fight sometime?”

“I can’t go easy on you, can I?”

“I hope not. If you go easy on me, I won’t forgive you.”

Angel and Marie. Sparks flew between the two. It seems that they have recognized each other as rivals.


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