I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 79

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It was Saturday afternoon. Miaomiao remembered Father Zhou’s request, and since their relationship has improved, Miaomiao glanced at Zhou Yuan who was getting ready to leave, “Are you free? If you are, let’s watch a movie together? If it’s too late, I could take you home.”

Zhou Yuan already had cognizance of Miaomiao’s caring personality, so he just remained ensconced in his seat.

After their next class ended, Miaomiao closed the classroom door and turned on the computer.

After logging into her iQiyi* account, she asked, “What type of movie do you want to watch?”

“How about we watch a romantic movie today?” one of the girls suggested.

“No, we won’t watch romance movies. We can watch action, suspense, horror, drama, and superhero films. Save the romance movies for when you’re able to graduate. Currently, high-schoolers aren’t allowed to fall in love.” Miaomiao expounded, raising an eyebrow, “Choose something else.”

After watching some horror movies in their class, the students were so frightened that they went back to their dormitories in groups. A few of them wanted to save the world after watching a superhero movie.

“Let’s watch a romance movie! President! President! We want to watch a romance movie!”

“Class president, romance movie! Class president, romance movie!”

The students began howling as if some madness had possessed them.

Miaomiao looked at this excited group of students with reluctance before finally saying dotingly, “You really want to watch a romantic movie, right? If you cannot watch it, you’ll just go around and cause a ruckus, right?”


“Then we’ll watch an old movie called “First Love: The Little Thing”. It’s a romantic movie.”

She clicked on it after searching for it on the search engine.

Miaomiao returned to her seat after the movie began playing.

The students have never seen this film before. After all, everyone was born after the movie was released.

Miaomiao had already seen it. She watched it with Jingjing a long time ago.

But she decided to watch it again. She really enjoyed this pure love movie.

She envied the heroine in the movie who liked someone for so long. She had never experienced love before, that beautiful sensation of a throbbing heart.

Despite watching it again, the movie still deeply moved Miaomiao.

She swiveled her head and saw Zhou Yuan, who was fast asleep beside her.

Miaomiao wanted to rouse him out of his slumber, but then she remembered what Father Zhou had said to her. Zhou Yuan only slept for three hours each day when he was working.

Did he still not adjust his work and sleep schedule?

Miaomiao decided not to wake him up. It was the end of the movie, and Zhou Yuan had not woken up yet. Their fellow classmates left the classroom clamorously. They were making quite a din, but it wasn’t enough to rouse Zhou Yuan out of his deep slumber.

Zhou Yuan woke up after a few minutes. He was in a daze, and he raised his head and asked, “Is it time for the meeting?”

“Boss, the meeting just concluded,” Miaomiao said.

Zhou Yuan realized that he was at his school and not at his company.

They had just watched a movie, so only the outer rows of lights were on. Their classmates had already left. Miaomiao sat alone with Zhou Yuan there.

Zhou Yuan got up and said, “Sorry. I didn’t watch the movie.”

“It’s okay,” Miaomiao said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you back.”

They traversed down from the fourth floor. They chatted with each other as they walked.

Miaomiao suddenly halted her gait and looked at the playground.

Zhou Yuan followed her gaze and saw a person running in the playground.

“Sorry, I have to head over to the playground,” Miaomiao said as she retracted her gaze.

A bright, radiant light shone over the playground, and one could see that there was a boy who ran around very quickly inside it. He looked as if he wanted to vent his anger and frustration on someone or something.

Zhou Yuan was surprised, “Do you need me to come with you?”

“No need. I’ll just go there by myself. I apologize that I’m not able to accompany you home.”

Zhou Yuan: “I wouldn’t have wanted you to bring me home either.”

Miaomiao took a few steps, and then she scuttled to the playground.

Standing there, Zhou Yuan recalled what he had heard, “I heard that the class president likes Deng Feng.”

“I don’t think Deng Feng should be with the class president. He stammers too much.”

He remembered Deng Feng as the little boy who sat behind him when he was a child. He was a very honest young boy.

When he snapped out of his musings, there were already two people in the playground.

The two were a good match. After all, they were childhood sweethearts.

Miaomiao immediately asked Deng Feng, “Deng Feng. What are you doing?”

Deng Feng stopped running and said, his voice tinged with bitterness, “You…you…don’t care about me!”

Miaomiao really didn’t care, so she stood aside and waited for Deng Feng to finish running. He went to the city to participate in a running competition a few days ago.

So, he came back today.

Eventually, Deng Feng felt tired and stopped after a while. 

“Do you feel better?” Miaomiao asked as she sat beside him.

“I feel…better.” Deng Feng’s entire body was drenched in sweat as if someone had fished him out of the water.

“Miaomiao…we…we grew up…together…” Deng Feng said.

“I know. I also know that you like Jingjing,” Miaomiao had cognizance of this since this type of situation had happened too many times before.


“Relax. She will definitely like someone else after a while.” Miaomiao stated, “You should be aware of her indecisiveness; she can’t even figure out what she wants.”

“No…no. She said…this time…it’s serious.” Deng Feng lowered his head.

“She says that every time,” Miaomiao said. The main reason why she was able to deal with the rowdiness, unruliness and bedlam of her fellow classmates was due to her two little friends. She grew up with these two and they were constantly frustrated.

When Miaomiao was a child, she had hearkened to Jingjing’s words. Jingjing was the leader in their little trio. No matter what Jingjing uttered, Miaomiao had believed it until Jingjing was beaten by her parents for being an unruly troublemaker.

Eventually, Miaomiao and Jingjing’s roles had reversed, and Miaomiao had become the leader.

Deng Feng ceased talking and sprawled down on the grass.

Miaomiao sat with him for a while. Then, she noticed that her mobile screen had lit up.

She unlocked the phone and read the message, “It’s a message from Jingjing. She wants to have a barbecue tomorrow. Do you want to go?”

Deng Feng said in hesitation, “Yes.”

Miaomiao stood up. 

Miaomiao thought of Zhou Yuan when she mentioned having a rendezvous at the barbecue restaurant. However, since Jingjing and Deng Feng weren’t as familiar with each other as they used to be, she thought it would be best if they got acquainted with each other before going out together.

*IQiyi – It’s a video streaming website.

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