Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 35

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Seira’s Consultation and Leaffa’s Plan


We teleported back to the Great Shrine, and Seira rushed towards us the moment she noticed me carrying Elmia.

“It’s okay, she just fainted. A lot of mana had been sucked out of her, and both her shoulders had been dislocated, and she was extremely exhausted, but I already replenished her mana and fixed her shoulders. She will probably wake up after resting for a bit.”

“T-thank you very much. All of you, please bring Elmia to the clinic.”

“Yes, Saintess-sama.”

A few women clad in holy armour carried Elmia away under Seira’s orders.

Were they holy knights, too?

They were different from Elmia in that their armor seemed like it would properly do its job.

The holy armor that almost bared everything…true enough, maybe it was really Elmia’s preference huh…

“Halt-sama, we are so much grateful that you protected the Holy City, as well as Elmia and Ysha, too. Besides, I can still stand here in front of you, and I owe it all to Halt-sama.”

“Yeah. I’m relieved that I managed to protect everyone somehow. Rather than that, you’re worried about her, right? I’ll heal the people wounded during the evacuation, so Seira, it’s fine, go to Elmia’s side.”

Seira looked worried as she watched Elmia being carried away by the holy knights.


“Everything’s fine here. Stay by her side.”

She was worried about her, as expected. Seira bowed her head repeatedly before running towards the direction where Elmia was carried to.

Everything was settled now.

We came here to negotiate with the Creator God-sama for the management of the dungeon, but I never imagined it would turn into such a serious matter.

Nevertheless, I was glad we slayed the demon lurking at the Holy City and we managed to protect Seira, a person I knew from long ago.

It was just a coincidence, but once again, I was overwhelmed with relief that we went to the Holy City at this time.


The next day.

“A-ahm, excuse me, Ms. Leaffa.”

Leaffa was walking around the Holy City, when a hooded girl stopped her.

That voice was familiar to Leaffa.

“S-Saintess? Why are you alone in such a place…Is there anything I can be of service to you?”

Seira, the Saintess, had been searching for her without a single guard by her side.

Leaffa put herself on guard since it seemed that she came here to discuss an important matter.

“Ahm…Halt-sama…Do you have any idea if Halt-sama is interested in something like a harem, perhaps?”


Seira led Leaffa to a quiet cafe on an alley that was out of sight from the main street of the Holy City. Not a single customer was there.

Seira broached the topic the moment they were seated. Leaffa froze.

“To tell you the truth, I have fallen in love with the Guardian Hero who saved the world a century ago. And that person is —”

“…Halt, is that correct?”

“Indeed. I heard that he was once the Guardian Hero, but he transmigrated, and is now Halt-sama. He might be transmigrated, but…th-that’s, I..as I thought, I’m still captivated by him.”

“In short, you love Halt.”


“But, you are worried because Halt is already married to Tina-sama — is that it?”

“T-that’s right. I heard that Leaffa is Halt-sama’s esteemed friend from school, so I came here to ask you….Ahm.. based on how he is at school, do you perhaps know if he might be interested in such a thing?”

When they rescued Seira from the warlocks outside the Holy City and took her home, Halt and his entire family introduced themselves to her, but aside from Tina, nobody else mentioned their surnames.

That’s why Seira didn’t know Leaffa’s surname.

She didn’t know that Leaffa was also his wife.

“Is there a possibility that Halt might be interested in forming relationships with several women — in short, if he’s open to having a harem, is that it?”

“Y-yes. Indeed.”

Leaffa was a bit worried when she heard that.

If she told Seira the truth, then she would probably go to Halt to confess.

Even Leaffa could see how gorgeous Seira was.

And her husband Halt wouldn’t reject a girl who would come to him, thereby increasing his family size again.

Nevertheless, Halt’s number one love was Tina, and that was an unshakeable fact. Halt would definitely sleep with Tina every night.

The rest of the family would take turns sleeping on the side that Tina didn’t occupy — in short, Halt’s right side.

Before they went to the Holy City, there were six members involved in that rotation.

They were Leaffa, Luna, Youko, Mai and Merdie.

There were six days in a week in this world, so each of them had a turn every week, but —

Yesterday, the dragonoid Ryuka was also added to that list.

The demon destroyed the Crystal that activated the Holy Barrier that protected the Holy City, and in order to mend it, Halt left to get Ryuka. 

When Halt returned, it was determined that Ryuka would also become part of his family.

According to Halt, he accidentally saw Ryuka in the nude when he teleported, causing her to lose the powers of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden. In order to restore that power, he needed to marry Ryuka.

Ryuka didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with that arrangement — in fact, she looked happy.

Aside from Halt and Tina, the entire Ernol family called the night they would sleep with them as “Halt’s day”, and all of them really looked forward to that every week.

Halt didn’t know anything about this, of course.

Because Ryuka was welcomed into the family, the once a week ‘Halt’s day’ was no longer guaranteed to happen.

And now, even Seira would join in….

Leaffa felt conflicted. 

He was the man she acknowledged, so she didn’t have any ill feelings even if a lot of women were charmed by him. On the contrary, it was a positive proof that her vision was trustworthy. That’s why she was also a bit happy that Halt was popular among women.

However, it was too sad if she couldn’t sleep with her beloved Halt.

(Haaa….if this continues on, maybe I should just make a life-sized Halt doll to comfort me…Ah, maybe he can learn about that spell!)

Leaffa was determined.

“Saintess-sama — no, Seira. I didn’t introduce my full name back then. I am Leaffa Ernol.”

“Eh, then —”

“Yes. I am also Halt’s wife. Regarding your question about Halt’s interest in forming a harem… the answer is yes.”

“I-is that so.”

“By the way, the seven women, including Tina-sama and I, who boarded the carriage with Seira…All of them are part of Halt’s family.”


“Also, yesterday, a new member was added to our family.”

“Ehh!? Ah, p-perhaps, the Dragon’s —”

“Yes. She’s Ryuka, the person said to be the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden.”

Seira was stupefied from the shock.

At any rate, Leaffa already explained.

She thought that Seira would become part of the House of Ernol, one way or another.

Halt was surrounded by women.

It wasn’t sure whether Ryuka and Seira would be the only ones to join the family.

There was no guarantee that she would receive preferential treatment just because she was the legal wife, so she couldn’t let down her guard.

Recently, Leaffa had also been included in the rotation, and she could only sleep with Halt once a week like the rest of them.

Halt was surrounded by flowers, and they were increasing.

If let things be, there might come a time that there was no longer ‘Halt’s day’.

Then, what to do —

“Ahm, Seira….Do you have any idea about the ‘doppelganger’ Bunshin Spell?”


T/N: Just how broadminded these gals are XD… Maybe Halt can cross anime worlds to train for that kage bunshin technique so he can keep everyone happy 😀 Happy harem, happy life. Lol. 

So, the official wives are Tina and Leaffa, and now Ryuka and Seira will have to marry him, too.

‘There was no guarantee that she would receive preferential treatment just because she was the legal wife.’ (me crying uwuwuwu), too much CN dramas haha.

Poll: Which do you prefer? Bunshin Magic, Doppelganger Magic, or Clone Magic? ~

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