God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 43

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur


My stomach felt stuffy. I couldn’t even drink bottled water. Aiming to be an adventurous bastard while enduring the rushing gastric juice, I was drinking this to get a potion that suppressed the nausea.

 Welcome. Even though I was entertained by an inhuman voice as I entered the store, I felt even worse due to the crowd. This is bad. I feel dizzy.

 “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

 It was the stern clerk’s voice that was familiar to me. He looked surprised when I turned to him.

 “I feel sick and I’m about to die. Give me a potion that works for my stomach.”

 “Is it finally poisoned? Is it okay to use a detoxifying potion for the time being?”

 “Bring all the potions you have now!”

 “Okay! Sit down and wait.”

 I was directed to the chair in the fitting corner, and I sat down so that I wouldn’t collapse. Fuck. What a blunder. What the hell did that Tomizawa man do?

 When I regained consciousness at Calico, everyone else in the store was still faint to me. I shook the clerk and woke him up, but it didn’t do much. I called an ambulance for the time being, managing to leave the store with a crawling body.

 “Let’s see, first the detoxification potion.”

 I closed my eyes to drink the detoxifying potion in front of me. I could feel the potion flowing into my throat and then stomach. But it didn’t seem that effective.

 “No good. Get me the next one.”

 “The price will increase from now on. Is it okay?”

 “It’s okay. Give it to me.”

 “Ok, it’s a high potion by the way.”

 I drank the contents of the bottle and waited for a while, but it still had no effect.

 “Still no good. Please give me the next one.”


 It wasn’t until I drank holy water that I started to feel better. By then, I had drunk various potions from the dungeon, so it cost me 3 million yen. I felt like I had 3 million yen coffee at a cafe.

 When my body finally started to calm down and my breathing became normal, the stern clerk, Ijūin, spoke to me.

 “So what happened?”

 “I was at Calico Cat next to the association up until a while ago.”

 “It seems like you’ve been there a lot lately. Customers have started spreading the rumors. ‘The God of Death’s companion is at Calico Cat near the association.’”

 “Tsk, it’s fine now. Anyway, when I was sitting at Calico Cat, a ridiculously fat man appeared. He introduced himself to me as an executive of a clan. The clan’s name is Chaos Saga. Do you know it?”

 “A troublesome name has been spoken.”

 “As soon as he ate the cake in the store, I felt intense nausea and eventually lost consciousness. Perhaps others in the cafe also experienced the same situation as me.”

 “That’s the power of a blessing, no doubt.”

 “Are those guys from Chaos Saga famous?”

 “Just a minute, not here. Let’s go to the back.”

 The stern clerk,  Ijūin , said and invited me to the backyard of the store.


Ah, how sad, he’s really facing a lot of trouble. Well, that’s because he’s famous~

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