The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 14

Registration to the Adventurer’s guild

Now then, I should head to the Adventurer’s Guild in Straheim.

At first, I had planned to register at the age of 13.

Besides, only adventurers could enter the labyrinths in Straheim and the imperial city of Lemuria. Registration was a must.

The branch of the Adventurer’s Guild in Straheim was a huge four-storey building in the center of the city.

The one who ruled Straheim was this Adventurer’s Guild. Like other merchants, Sagami trading firm also contributed a large amount of money annually. It had a large ongoing business relationship with the Adventurer’s Guild, and it was easier for us to do business with them in this city.

Besides the majestic wooden door, there was a flag with a sword inside a shield and two arrows extending from both sides. This was the emblem of the Adventurer’s Guild, the largest armed organization in the world.

I entered the building, pushing the door open.

On the left side of the room was a cafe-like area with many circular tables. There, people did not only drink coffee but also beer, one of the leading products of Sagami trading firm.

On the right side of the room were stores lined with various items necessary for adventures, like swords, armors, tools, and other essentials.

Sagami trading firm hadn’t yet entered the market of weapons, but now that I was also going to become an adventurer, it might be a good opportunity. It might be interesting to establish one.

The front section was a large reception area that could handle a dozen people at once. I walked up to the black-haired woman who was talking to one of the adventurers.

“Hmm? You, what’s the matter?”

The black-haired female receptionist bent down her body and asked me kindly.

“Of course it’s because I have a business here with the guild.”

The black-haired female receptionist’s eyes widened at my voice that sounded like an old man and smiled awkwardly.

“I was rude. What business do you have with the Adventurer’s Guild?” she began to respond politely.

Now that I think about it, I was wearing a mask, and with this voice, it was only natural to assume that I was a short adult.

However, there was nothing wrong with being considered an adult. In fact, it was convenient. I’d just push my way through as it was.

“I’d like to register as an adventurer, can I?”

“Registration, yes. Could you please fill out the necessary information here?”

“Hmm, I understand.”

Using the quill pen, I filled up the necessary information needed on the parchment.

It would be troublesome if I entered fabricated information.

I would write my name as Grey. That much wasn’t a lie.

My occupation was merchant, gender was male, and combat job was mage.

Up to this point, there was not much to worry about.

The problem was age. It was fine even if I wrote it as 13 years old, but it would defeat the sense of my mask and voice. I would try submitting it blank.

When I handed it to the black-haired female receptionist, she asked, “I don’t see any age information in the form.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, it’s required. You can’t register without it.”

You couldn’t register in the guild if you weren’t 13 years old. Well, that was also the case.

It couldn’t be helped. I had my own reasons for diving into the labyrinth. And it was also a great place for students to train. Guild registration was a must. Besides, it was a little late for me now that they had identified me.

“I understand. Then please write down 13 years old.”

“13 years……….”

The black-haired receptionist looked at me with eyes full of suspicion.

“I want you to continue with the formalities, please.”

The receptionist nodded quickly as I urged her strongly. “Then, the registration charge is 10,000 gold.”

She disappeared behind the counter once I handed her gold coins.

“This will be your guild card.”

After around five minutes of waiting, the black-haired receptionist handed me the wooden board. It was just a wooden board with only my name and a number engraved on it. I was sure it was recorded on a separate piece of paper, but as expected, it wasn’t like that.

“Thank you.”

“Now then, I will explain about the Adventurer’s Guild.”

I got the following information from the receptionist.

Adventurers had the right to enter several labyrinths and dungeons managed by the Adventurer’s Guild. They could also sell magical stones and materials obtained from their adventures at the reception desk. In addition, it was also possible to get a commission from officials and non-officials in the form of a quest. Adventurers could get a slight discount on armors and tools.

Adventurers were ranked from H to S.When you moved up to G-Rank, your card switched from a wooden plate to a lead plate. I see, so that was what the adventurers with plates sometimes mentioned meant. Apparently, the rank was raised by completing specific quests.

Perhaps it was because I had a certain relationship with Caesar and his friends that I knew most of these facts, but I thought this quest system was great for training apprentices.

“Then, I will take my leave with this.”

As I turned my heel and tried to leave the branch hall, a screaming voice almost shook my eardrums.

“You hindrance! You have messed up again!”

Without thinking, I turned to look at the source of the scream in the cafe, and I saw several men and women slumped in chairs and a muscular skinhead man standing in front of them.

The skinhead man was grabbing the collar of a black-haired child with long bangs with his right hand and lifting him high.

“I…am….sorry….” the child apologized with an anguished expression.

“It’s not a problem an apology can solve! How much do you think that magic stone cost?” the skinhead man shouted.

“B, but, the surrounding was filled with beasts, it was impossible to retrieve magic stones—”

“Yes! You talk back now, huh!”

When the purple-haired man dressed in gorgeous armor served upon by two women exclaimed that, the skinhead slapped the face of the black-haired boy.

This son of a bitch……..

Probably even his cheek was cut. Even while looking at the blood coming from the black-haired kid, he asked a simple question, “By the way, what about that filthy young girl?”

“They are from the gold family, Breathgarn. And then the adventurer in the center is an A-rank, Munch-san.”.      

The black-haired receptionist answered nonchalantly while biting her lips.

“I don’t care much about that. Why doesn’t the guild supervise it?”

“Traditionally, the guild had no intervention in the education of each party of adventurers……”

“You know, do you really think that’s education?”

“I don’t think so. But—”

“That’s what they’re saying. Is that what you mean?”

From the small lips that still trembled, at least she did not approve of this scene. Still, I could see the frustration that she couldn’t do anything.

“I see.”

Then, in this case, I would just do as I fit. Anyway, what those two guys were doing was against my rules.

“Pl, please wait, Grey-san!”

I slowly walked to the side of those guys while being showered by the frustrating voice of the receptionist woman.

“Hey, you gorilla, hurry up and get away from this kid!”


The skinhead man looked down at me, intimidating me with blue streaks on his forehead.

“Hmph, as expected, you can’t understand human speech. Well, it’s natural as you are a gorilla, after all. But well, whatever. I don’t speak gorilla words.”

“You bastard, do you know what you are saying and to whom!?”

The skinhead man threw the young boy to the floor in a fury and approached me, turning his face around and snapping his fingers.

“Hmm. So gorillas can speak the human language. What a wonder!” I shouted in admiration and cheered.

“You, you bastard!!”

A number of veins appeared on his shaved head.

“What’s with that voice? It’s disgusting!” the purple-haired young man, Munch, fixed his wicked eyes on me.

“Ne~ Munch, teach him a lesson!” a brown-haired woman clinging to Munch shouted in disgust.

One more person, a light-blue-haired woman, also made a request that I could not have wished for in a sweet voice. “Do you hear that? Give some lessons to that pipsqueak with a disgusting voice!”

“I’m going to do that even if you don’t tell me,” the skinhead man pulled his right elbow and fist-bumped me right in the face.

Which part of this was education. It was just a pulverizing power that could destroy the wooden floor. If it actually hit a child, it could break their neck. In short, to these people, human death was probably nothing more than that.

Really, I feel like vomiting…

I avoided the skinhead’s right fist, which was approaching as if in slow motion, by bending down to the floor and brushing off the man’s foot.

The skinhead man danced through the air several times like a pawn, and then crashed face-first onto the floor.

I trampled down on the back of the skinhead man’s head, his face slightly sinking into the wooden floor.

“Ge, get away!!”

The skinhead man flailed and struggled to get away from my feet, but his head did not move at all, as if it was sewn shut. On the contrary, it made a creaking sound and sank more into it.

“You’re pretty tough, aren’t you? There, there, hang in there.”

The skinhead’s head continued sinking into the floor, destroying it.

“No, stop it!”

I ignored the voice that was calling for help and put more strength into my right leg.


Raising a pitiful voice like a trampled rain frog, the whole head sank into the floor, and the whole body started convulsing.

He was still alive, no doubt.

In contrast to the two women followers, who looked at me with pale, ghostly faces, Munch stood up from his chair, drew his sword, and stood up vigilantly. The man called Munch was different from the skinhead before. He was an A-Rank. He seemed to be able to judge the strength of his opponent.

I looked at the dark-haired kid, ignoring Munch, and asked him directly, “What’s your name?”

As he continued shivering like a thrown-up puppy, he replied nervously, “Eight.”

“So, Eight, are you ready to leave this family of fools?”

I reached out my hand. The rest was up to the child to decide. I wasn’t crazy enough to save someone who wanted to be destroyed.

“Eight, you know what will happen, don’t you?”

Munch threatened the black-haired kid, Eight, while still watching me with sharp eyes.

“I’m out! I’m done with this family!”

“You bastard……” Munch squeezed out a torrent of rage as Eight screamed in a voice almost enough to rip his own throat.

“Yeah, that’s right. What do you want to do? Do you want to fight me with that toy?”

I didn’t have a single ounce of mercy for those who would harm me. Even at the sword that you pulled out as a joke. And so, for those who intended to kill me, I also bestowed them with appropriate punishment.

“Do you know that we are the Breathgarns?”

As I recalled, it was a gold family. According to the explanation from the black-haired receptionist, the small organisation created by adventurers was called a family, and it seemed there were eight categories: lead, iron, copper, bronze, steel, silver, gold, and platinum. Breathgarn was number two from the top.

So they could do whatever they wanted in public like this.

“Idiot. Can’t we just fight without a topic?”

“If you’re so scared, why don’t you just shiver in the corner of your room?”


His eyes were fixed on me. Anyway, it developed into a situation I preferred the most.

I also lowered my centre of gravity to fight when—

“That’s enough, both of you.”

A voice called out to restrain the situation, and a young man with golden hair tied behind appeared from behind the reception desk.

I had met a troublesome guy.

“Munch, get back.”

Munch gritted his teeth for a moment at the long-haired young man’s insistent words, but then he picked up the unconscious skinhead.

“I won’t forget this. I will return that debt without fail!” he spat while passing me, then walked out of the guild hall with the two women in tow.

Good grief, with this, the case…….. couldn’t possibly be closed yet.

He was mad as hell.

“Long time no see, Grey.”

With the thick blue vein popping from his head, Willy Gunman, the number 2 in Glory, the team of the S-Rank adventurer, Caesar, said the words of a chance meeting.



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