White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 44

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz


Amos came over to the Skull Crusher Island and scanned the land below. Jackals living on the outskirts of the forest had been taken away and assigned to work on other islands, leaving just the jackals in the Skull Crusher Fortress; the original jackal villages were completely deserted. 

However, along the coastline, several small Murloc towns and a long string of Murloc villages had been built. Numerous breeding farms were established around these Murloc settlements. 

On the town’s huge wooden dock, several giant Ramos turtles were moored, the Ogres were carrying supplies from the turtles. Behind the giant turtles were rows of nets soaked in seawater, and the live fish and shrimp were tumbling in. Which were untied by the groups of people, hauled off, and pulled ashore, where the fish and shrimp were loaded into water tanks and transported to the Skull Crusher Fortress.

On the mud road from Murloc Town to the Skull Crusher Fortress, a jackal had already set off with oxcarts.

On the edge of the forest, the road that a white dragon paved with the dragon’s breath was constructed as an official tunnel that led directly to the Skull Crusher Fortress.

The Skull Crusher Fortress’s wall had been rebuilt, which was much taller than before, but the new walls lacked the grandness and would usually be marked by historical blight.

In the open space in front of the city wall, a group of Ogres carried logs and ran laps around the newly built city wall. Behind them was a strong ogre instructor, who wielded a whip in his hand, emitting a whining sound. When a running ogre stopped for a while, they were whacked on the back by the instructor and quickly accelerated to keep up with the team.

Ghoul-Garu stood in the open space beside him, supervising the training of the Ogre warriors, and behind him was a bunch of Ogres that had already been exhausted, lying on the ground like dead dogs, panting heavily.

There was also a group of Ogres on the open ground practising in pairs, fists to the flesh, without any falsification, the big sweat dripping down their chin, dripping on the ground seeping into the dry soil, leaving a wet spot.

Several Murloc prophets sat in the shade and healed the injured Ogres. When a moistened spirit went down, the Ogres joined the training vigorously.

Amos flew to the open space, a loud and clear dragon roar rang through the sky.

Ghoul-Garu raised his head to see the arrival of the white dragon and raised his hand to indicate.


The Ogre in the training ground stopped his movements and looked up at the white dragon that shaded the sunlight in the sky.

Amos landed on the Ogres’ training ground.

“Ghoul-Garu, good job!”

Amos looked at the Ogres carrying the logs, the old idleness of eating and waiting to die disappeared completely and was replaced with a vigorous spirit.

The Ogre warrior’s stomach seems to be fat, but on closer inspection, the outline of the muscles was faintly visible under the fat. Sweat flowed down the grooves between his muscles, and the air was full of masculine stench.

“Very good! Very good! The Skull Crusher Clan has made a lot of progress.”

Ghoul: “Yes! My master!”

Garu: “We are now eating five meals per day and training like this for 12 hours a day. Even the weakest Ogre is now a full-fledged fighter.” 

Amos nodded. Indeed warriors were the best job to get started. As long as there was plenty of nutritious food and adequate exercise, every ordinary person could succeed in getting started.

But the further you went, the more difficult it was to level up. Qualification, opportunity, and luck were something that you needed in surplus.

Warriors were always on the front line, and the proportion of deaths in battle was the highest of all professions.

And because they were easy to cultivate, inexpensive, and plentiful, in the eyes of many rulers, low-ranking warriors were synonymous with cannon fodder.

But if a warrior could successfully step into a legendary realm and accept the baptism of world law, they would become a powerful and terrifying existence.

 With countless life-and-death battles, making them one of the most battle-experienced legendary professionals, like the violent Severred, even the dragon mother had to be cautious of him.

At this time, the jackal servants pulled the dining cart and walked out of the city. A line of steamed fish sprinkled with unknown condiments were neatly placed on the dining cart, and the whole cart was filled with light green turtle eggs.

Before the food arrived, the enticing aroma penetrated the Ogres’ nostrils.


Ogres’ stomach growled.

Ghoul-Garu glanced at Amos hesitantly.

“Let them all eat first, the soldiers are exhausted.”

Garu nodded, and Ghoul yelled at the Ogres: “It’s time to eat!”

The Ogres cheered, and a group of monsters more than three meters tall rushed to the dining cart. The scene was like African refugees rushing for food. The wolves had a rich experience so they quickly stopped the dining cart and ran away, retreating to a safe area.

The Ogres didn’t have table manners. They gathered around the dining cart and simply grabbed the steamed fish with their hands, put them in their mouths, chewed and swallowed the fish along with bones, and directly stuffed the fist-sized turtle eggs into their mouths. The Ogre who bulged into a ball and fell behind, unable to get food, yelled anxiously and shoved his companions in front of him. The scene was chaotic.

A gluttonous feast had begun!

Ghoul-Garu didn’t go to eat, he stood by Amos, knowing that White Dragon Lord had always been in the Three Treasures Hall.

“Ghoul-Garu, I want to enlist some Ogres.”

Amos straightforwardly said: “They should be stronger individuals, at least a hundred of them.”

Ghoul: “Master! Are you taking part in a battle? Ghoul will go too.”

Amos shook his head: “No! My castle lacks strong guards.”

Garu pondered for a moment: “Master! The Skull Crusher Clan currently has a Master-level Ogre, 18 high-level Ogres, and 274 middle-level Ogres. How many do you want?”

“Then ten high-level professionals, one hundred middle-level Ogres.”

Then Amos turned to Ghoul-Garu: “Can you leave your post?”

 “Yes! Huck, the Ogre Mage, has enough wisdom to maintain the Skull Crusher Fortress running properly.”

“Well, when you’ve made arrangements, take them to the White Castle. There might soon be a battle waiting for you.”

Hearing the word battle, Ghoul-Garu was enthusiastic: “Skull Crushers are always ready to fight for you!”

“Good! A surprise awaits you at the White Castle.”

After speaking Amos flapped his wings and flew into the sky.

Amos returned to Tasman Island, watched the excavation work which was in full swing, and nodded inwardly.

“Old Blind moves quickly.”

In the waters around Tasman Island, a group of little Murlocs turned the sea upside down. On the periphery, adult Murloc warriors patrolled in a route to protect the safety of the little Murlocs in the circle.

The high-level Murloc strategy was very effective. The elite Murloc warriors cleaned up the threats on the periphery for safety, then mobilized the surplus Murlocs to dig out the relics of the ancient battlefield. Which wouldn’t affect the usual operation of the White Scale City but also make mischievous little Murloc find an errand.

Amos did not go down to disturb Murlocs’ work. He simply flew back to the White Castle and lay on its throne.

As the beam of light passed through the crystals on the dome and sprinkled on the white dragon on the magnificent crystal throne. Amos began to think about his life as a dragon.


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