White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 43

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz

Everyday Life

After signing the contract with Amos, Rockvin left the cave.

Amos stayed alone in the cave. His goal of the meeting was achieved but the result was not satisfactory, which made him shake his head in displeasure.


The fat Murloc crawled in from the cave’s entrance with his two short legs.

“What orders do you have for me, master?!” 

“This time, I have signed a new contract with Rockvin, Old Jimmy will arrange people to deliver the stuff, while you and Rockvin will negotiate the details of the deal.”

“Also, be on alert and keep an eye on the movement at Bailey port, if any warships leaves the port, notify me immediately.”


Amos nodded, although Momor looked unreliable, he was still very reliable when it came to his work performance.


If laziness was a disease, then the dragons were terminally ill.

Amos laid softly on the velvet bed, lazy and unmotivated. He stuck his head out of the bed, rested his chin on the pearls and gold coins, and yawned.

Alas~ I’ll be a lazy cancer again~ I’ll take a short nap~ I’ll only take a short nap~

[ED: So ‘lazy cancer’ here means to procrastinate. Basically a couch potato.]

Unable to resist his biological instinct, Amos fell into sleep, and his chest rose and fell rhythmically. His nostrils exhaled two white breaths of frost, which covered the gold coins and pearls. 

A month went by in a short nap.

When Amos opened his eyes, the dragon’s precise biological clock told him that a month had elapsed.

He imagined that if this was in childhood, his mother would have ripped his bedding again. 

Reminiscing about the old days that he couldn’t go back to, Amos struck out his long and barbed tongue, rolled up a small pile of gold coins, crunched it, and swallowed the broken gold coins.

The cold metal in his stomach reminded him that he was now a dragon. He then stood up, stretched his tense muscles and lazy waist. 

He felt better after eating some cold gold coins and stretching.

Walking onto the balcony, he looked down at the scenery.

The March sunshine just sprinkled on the earth, and everything was in full bloom.

Underneath the white castle, a gentle breeze swirled slightly, and from time to time fishes jumped up on the sparkling lake.

Next to the clear moat was an emerald green forest, a gust rustled the leaves, and the birds chased and played in the forest.

On the edge of the forest, in a city, densely packed small dots were moving. It was Murlocs who lived in White Scales City.

Far away was the boundless expanse of deep blue sea water with flowers floating above the sea waves.

At the end of the line of sight, the line of the horizon ran through  large and small islands, like silk threads stringing pearls.

Amos stretched out his wings fully and let out a long, sonorous roar.

The Murlocs swimming in the lake heard the roar and looked back just in time to see the White Dragon Lord leaping down from the balcony. They looked at the massive white dragon fanatically, like a sunflower looking at the sun, until Amos’s figure disappeared into the distance.

Amos crossed the forest and swept over the white-scale city. The giant dragon wings blocked the sun. The busy Murlocs below stopped their work and looked up, but Amos was long gone, and the fierce wind brought by the flapping wings blew on the Murlocs eyes; they were unable to see, and the White Scale City behind the dragon burst in a commotion.

Amos ignored these incidents, his enormous body plunged into the deep blue water, splashing in all directions, sending ripples across the sea, passing into the distance, and gradually disappearing. 

Under the water, Amos’s wings clung to his body. His tail swung straight down. His whole body went down to the bottom of the sea in the shape of a shuttle. A long string of bubbles sprang up behind him, giving off a dreamy glow.

He landed on the sea bottom and stepped on the long-accumulated mud, the surrounding seawater around him became muddy.

After the mud had resettled, Amos looked at the underwater world from the bottom of the sea with direct sunlight overhead and clear water waves, surrounded by coral reefs, the fish felt the huge falling object and soon scurried away.

From time to time, Amos likes to go to the bottom of the sea to empty his mind. Feeling the flow of the sea was just like feeling the pulse of the sea, and his heart became calm.

After enjoying some leisure time, Amos intended to leave. At this moment, he caught a glimmer of light in the mud.

“Huh? What is that?”

Amos sensed that it was a flash of metal. He went over and picked up the object from the mud, then saw what was reflecting in the sunlight.

This was a broken sword, with two fingers width blade, the hilt was intact, but the sword had only two inches left.

Amos felt an ancient and powerful aura. This was the broken sword that was left over from the invasion of the abyss ten thousand years ago. Even after ten thousand years and the erosion of the sea, it still shone like it was new.

He scratched his fingernails against the broken sword, which left a deep white mark, and one could imagine that it was at least a powerful legendary equipment when it was intact.

Sighing in his heart, Amos wondered, what kind of fierce battle it was to break such sharp legendary equipment.

Amos thought that the overseas islands were the decisive battlefield of the war of extinction ten thousands of years ago. He didn’t know how many powerful people and their belongings were buried on the seabed. It would be better to use them for recycling, or at least recover some materials than to be buried deep in the seabed.

As he thought, he put away the broken sword, and went out of sea, and flew to White Scale City.

Amos landed on the Central Square of White Scale City, and Old Blind and Old Jimmy hurriedly ran out of the administrative hall on the side of the Square.   

“Greetings! My Lord!”

“Well, White Scale City is developing well, and your efforts deserve commendation.”

Amos looked around and saw that many of the Murlocs who paid tribute to him were official workers. Amos was very pleased with the improvement of the Murlocs overall strength.

“You must continue to work hard to develop the White Scale City.”


“I had  a task for you. Send people to search the surrounding sea area, find valuable items and collect them.”

“We guarantee to complete the task!”

Amos nodded, and stretched his wings and flew away. The Murlocs were there until Amos disappeared, and soon they scattered to do their work.

Amos soared into the sky, patrolling his territory, scanning the below islands; it was one of the few daily routines of the white dragons. This activity would not only help pass the boring time, but also brush up his sense of existence as well.

Soon, he came to the medium-sized island inhabited by cavemen: Cave Island. There were 23 cavemen villages scattered across the island, each village had 30-50 families and each family had 5-10 members.

They were all moved from various islands by Amos for centralized protection and management. After all, cavemen were weak, and any beast could kill them.

They originally had a hard time hiding in the deep cave, planting ferns and were occasionally attacked by forest wild animals; they were barely surviving until Amos found them.

Amos, who had a strong interest in the caveman’s talent, transported them to the caveman island via Ramos’s tortoises, supporting them to establish their homes and placing jackals in every village for the caveman’s safety. Therefore, the cavemen also especially came to cherish their present lives.

The cavemen lived in caves. They reclaim the land on and around the crypts into fertile fields and grow various crops. Among the various crops, the most precious was the overseas spices which was equivalent to gold there. Therefore, the caveman village looked like a farm from the sky.

In the outermost part of the village, various fruit trees were planted, and the jackals lived in the surrounding fruit trees.

After inspecting the caveman island Amos flew in the direction of the Skull Crusher Island.


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