The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 13

Completion of first lesson

“I’m surprised.”

As I watched the students silently engaged in the labor of constructing the building of Class G, I made a simple comment.

Mia cut around the surroundings using [Wind Cutter], and Cliff used the [Wind Carving Knife] to adjust the dimensions and work according to the blueprint created by Pluto.

It seemed like Pluto had borrowed the construction book from the academy library and drawn the blueprint, but it wasn’t that easy for an amateur. Pluto was a promising young man. To be honest, it would be nothing but a national loss for him to set his sights on becoming a soldier, but he wanted to be one, so it couldn’t be helped.

Cliff seemed to be a dexterous person. He also had a good artistic sense, and now he was creating an architectural appearance.

“Teresa, attach that pillar there.”

“Yes! Heigh-ho!”

Teresa, who glued the lumber in leveled soil done by [Clay Craftsmanship] according to the blueprint using [Water Adhesive], easily lifted the large tree using the strengthening magic, [Body Strengthening]. 

Nevertheless, I’d never imagined they could sublimate to the level of being able to use new magic. Originally, this assigned mission was intended to eliminate the despair of not being able to complete it, as well as the consciousness that restricted them from using their true ability with a slight change of perspective. It was unexpected, and never in my dreams had I thought they would clear this in one night.

Had I given them a little bit too many hints to mention the amount of magic power? No, even if they did notice, it would still be quite difficult for them to be able to use a new kind of magic.

It wasn’t clear they would certainly complete the assigned mission. Let’s move on to the next step as soon as next week.

“It’s more fun than I thought!”

Their success this time was not something related to cliched talent, but rather something they’d thought, discussed, and fulfilled themselves. That was why it was worth it.

That’s good. Now I’ve started to get somewhat interested in these people. I would not let them run away now, even if they cried or screamed. I was going to give them a thorough beating from the ground up.

[Master, your face just now looks even nastier than usual.]

Mura spoke to me as if he was fed up.

“I wonder.”

[I’m sure if a ghost were to watch your current face, even they would immediately run away barefoot.]

“No no, it’s more correct to say it’s going to be nastier from now on.”

[Uwah! Namo amitabha, namo amitabha.]

Ignoring Mura, who was chanting a pity-filled Buddhist prayer for the students, I began to think about their future education.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

May 10th, 2:00 p.m.

One day before the deadline, a one-storey log cabin the size of a small village’s elementary school stood tall in the afternoon.

All four of them looked battered, which was natural after using magic so much. Or rather, I should say it was marvelous they were still living despite doing that much. That proved that all four of them had a great amount of mana compared to the other students in general. It’s good. With this, I could teach (bully) them without any reservation.

“Congratulations, everyone, you have successfully completed the first lesson.”

In front of the log cabin, I clapped a few times and looked over at the four of them.

Cliff turned away sullenly, while Teresa gazed at the newly built log cabin with a sparkle of curiosity and a feverish look in her eyes.

Mia and Pluto, on the other hand, were poised with a serious look on their faces, as if they were wrestling their destiny.

“Sensei, please teach us magic without delay now!”

Pluto leaned forward and shouted, and Mia silently agreed with him.

Just as expected, they had misunderstood things spectacularly.

I wasn’t standing in this place just to teach them magic. I must correct the misunderstanding.

“Don’t be so impatient. Even if you refuse, I’ll still teach you. Besides, magic is just a supplement. There are a lot of things you guys need to learn. Be aware of that.”


They all floated a similar expression.

I knew it. So, let’s start with the most basic question.

“What kind of future have you guys envisioned? It’s fine even if it’s unrealistic. Just answer it.”

All of them knitted their eyebrows at my question.

“I’m going to graduate from Magic Knight Academy and enter the Imperial Regular Army.”

“Mia is the same.”

Pluto and Mia had no hesitation in stating their intentions to join the army.

“I will follow in my father’s footsteps and become the next Lord of Millard!”

Cliff emphasized, raising his right fist.

“I think I want to be a bride……..”

Teresa covered her pale red cheeks with her hands and wiggled her thin waist.

Unsurprisingly, no one had made a decision at all, not even vaguely. Right now, they were just letting fate take its course. Well, at their age, asking for their desire was futile, but it’s the duty of a teacher to guide them.

Anyway, no matter what I asked or said to them now, there was no point. They didn’t have the foundation to understand it. No matter how much I tried to convince them, it would be in vain.

“I changed my mind. The class ends here for today. It will start earnestly from tomorrow. Make sure you get some rest.”

“Wait a minute. We still have time—”

“By how tattered you look, I don’t think you can even think straight. That’s the order from your teacher. Go and rest.”

Saying that much, I turned my back and began to invoke the teleportation magic.

Hereupon I remembered something I had to tell them and I looked back over my shoulder.

“Ah, that’s right. From now on, the four of you must return home together. Those who disobey will spend the night snuggling with Spy’s pet spiders.”

I gave them a set of instructions that left no stone unturned.   

For the past week, I had been picking Mia up and dropping her off. It wasn’t much of a hassle, and I was fine with it. But it wasn’t good for Mia to have a guardian at school all the time, and it was essential that the students in Class G helped each other.

“Sleeping together with……..spiders?”

Blood rapidly drained from the face of those children.

“Check, please, Spy.”

“Yes, sir!”

As the students stiffened at the sight of the black-robed man spying on them, I teleported to Straheim.

T/N : Reading it, the only question I have is what will students become frightened of first, the demon Grey or the obvious cute harmless insect?



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