The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 12

Class G’s first assignment review – Mia Cyrus

When Shirabe-sensei came to the tattered three-storey building, he gave his impression.

“Although I have heard about it, this is terrible……”

I knew the feeling very well. Because every side of the house, including the walls and the other parts, was damaged and there was a draft blowing in the air. Last night, I’d wrapped myself in a blanket but still, it was quite cold.

“That’s too much of carelessness. We don’t know if some mad fellows like earlier come to assault. We have to promptly take action for this dormitory too.”

Muttering to himself, he turned to look at me through his mask.

“You have a cut on your forehead.”

Pulling a clean cloth from his pocket, sensei gently wiped my forehead.

“Your eyelids are swollen too. Mia, close your eyes for a moment.”

“Huh?” I ended up asking back again in a pathetic voice.

“Close your eyes.”

“Ye, yes.”

As I closed my eyelids and waited, I felt sensei approaching.

For some unknown reason, my heart started beating painfully, and instead, my face turned burning red.

I wondered what was wrong with me? That was the first time I felt like that.

A warm feeling appeared on the right side of my head. And then…

“It’s alright to open your eyes now.”


Letting out a questionable voice, I opened my eyes and saw sensei standing a distance away from me.

“How is it? It doesn’t hurt now, right?”


Speaking of that, the pain that had been asserting itself so much seemed to have disappeared cleanly.

When I timidly touched my head where the stone had hit, there was my skin like always, without any injury.

“I have healed it. It’s okay now.”

When I touched my clean skin, an unknown intense embarrassment assailed me. I turned my back on sensei and tried to run into the building.

“Wait a minute. I’m not done talking yet,” he grabbed my right hand.

“I want you to let me go.”

I didn’t want sensei to see my face, which was firing up like a tomato, so I turned my head away and demanded just that.

Sensei put a note in my right hand.

“Hmm, I’m passing this resume to you. Discuss it with the others tonight,” he muttered before turning around to walk toward the school building.


I entered the dormitory of Class G, gathered all of the members in the hall on the first floor, distributed the material given by Shirabe-sensei, and informed them of today’s class content.

“It’s natural you can’t do it! There’s no such magic!!” Cliff slammed the material down on the table furiously.

“You are noisy! Keep quiet for a while as I’m still reading it!!” Pluto, who was looking at the material with great concentration, bent his face in displeasure and spat.

“You believe such a nonsensical story!?”

“I believe it,” Pluto immediately replied, turning his gaze from Cliff back to the material and resuming his perusal.

Cliff’s nostrils flared in annoyance at Pluto’s bland response.

To Cliff, who tried to open his mouth again, I affirmed, “The magic described in the material is definitely true.”

There was no mistake in the fact that I’d had Shirabe-sensei invoking all three spells in front of my eyes.

“Then why it isn’t activating even after changing!? Isn’t it strange?”

“That’s why you should think about looking at the material!”

In addition to the three new spells, the document also listed runes for [Fireball], [Wind Cutter], and [Physical Strengthening].

And above the phrase of each rune, there was a number from 1 to 10 respectively.

[This is Hard Mode. Are you ready for this?]

“Yes, please!”

Giving a sidelong glance at the quarrel unfolding between me and the others, Teresa held her bag and replied cheerfully with a face like a blooming flower. She had been playing with the talking magic bag since a while ago, not even looking at the material.

[2, 6……]

Cliff had finally run out of patience with the surreal situation of the bag shouting out numbers, and a thick blue streak appeared on his forehead.

“If you want to play, just do it after returning to your room!”

And he took the magic bag from Teresa. 

“Ah! What are you doing?! Return it!”

Cliff unconsciously took a step back at Teresa who stood up in a threatening attitude.

And then, the bag was dyed in white.

[It was regrettable, 0 points. Let’s do our best from Easy Mode again, okay?]

Said the bag in its impermanent voice.

“Ah! Even though I finally cleared it until Standard Mode!!”

Cliff cowered at Teresa’s gaze, which looked as if she was looking at her parent’s enemy.


Pluto groaned while fixing his gaze at the bag that had turned white. I also felt something caught up in between.

In the first place, would that Shirabe-sensei lend a useless plaything to Teresa? I and the others were in this class because we had some kinds of obstacles in using magic. And Shirabe-sensei had easily cleared the problem of my magic control which had derailed my life so far.

And Teresa’s obstacle was the problem of activating magic. The three magic spells that we couldn’t use, which were essential for clearing the assignment this time, were somewhat similar to the problem of magic activation.

If that was the case, it stood to reason that there was a hidden secret in the bag.

“Teresa, can I use that bag for a while?”

“Yes, sure. Thanks to someone disturbing me, I have to start this from the beginning.”

Cliff stared back, cowering again like a puppy when he was hit with a cold stare that seemed to shoot at him.

Pluto approached me without paying attention to the conflict between those two.

“Mia, try using the bag first.”

“I know!”

Receiving the bag from Teresa, a woman’s voice came out.

[Now, everyone. First is putting charge Mana 2 in the bag. I wonder if you can do it. ♬]

Mana 2. For the time being, I decided to charge the bag with mana.

When I slowly filled it with mana, the bag was dyed in black.

[Too bad, that was 4. Try to fill the bag a little less.]

“Unexpectedly, it’s that!!”

Pluto’s face dyed in wild ecstasy as his gaze dropped to the material given by Shirabe-sensei. I also looked at it.

Inside the material in the chanting section of [Fireball], [Red flame “2”, gather in your hand “8”, power output “5”] was mentioned.

I held the bag and charged the same mana as [Red flame] of [Fireball].

Instantly, the bag was dyed red.

[You have done well. Next, try charging the Mana 8 in the bag]

When I charged the same mana as [gather in your hand], the bag changed colour to orange.

[What about the last 5 Mana?]

The bag turned yellow when I filled it with the mana of [Magic output].

[Marvelous! Easy mode has been leveled up to lv2!]

I also had a prediction about this bag’s ridiculous system.

“Those numbers are the amount of magic that should be put into each segment of the [Magic Word] rune.”


In response to Pluto’s excited shout, I gave him a big smile.

If that was the case, the magic should be activated when we invoked the [Magic Word] rune while putting the required amount of mana into each of the three magic segments.

“Mia! Let’s clear this Easy Mode thing.”


I nodded loudly at Pluto and began to put in the mana according to the voice from the bag.



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  1. Ahh, so basically those bags are like timetables, where you got to constantly practice to remember the feel, like how you remember timetables for maths, so that you can instantly pull out the formula when doing calculations.


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