God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 41

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Fleur


※Bulletin Board Session

[Please give us good ratings!] Explorer-group Youtober Part889

101. Anonymous Youtober

Yokochin is amazing!!

102. Anonymous Youtober

It’s an Orc King.

103. Anonymous Youtober

The Orc King is awesome!! The strongest of the orcs!!

104. Anonymous Youtober

The Orc Champion was insanely big. As expected, from the floor boss on the 15th floor.

105. Anonymous Youtober

What skill did the Orc King use? He was able to repel the Orc Champion’s attacks.

106. Anonymous Youtober

Damn, I want a rare skill too!

107. Anonymous Youtober

> 105 [Reflection]

It was sold for 300 million at Adventure Lover.

108. Anonymous Youtober

The staff who are capable of following the guide up to the 15th floor are amazing

109. Anonymous Youtober

The Orc King’s manager is cute.

110. Anonymous Youtober

Could it be that the Orc King is the strongest Youtober in Japan?

111. Anonymous Youtober

The Orc King has been disguised by the [Reflection] skill, hasn’t he? It has a good compatibility with blessings and is just plainly strong.

112. Anonymous Youtober

The strongest Youtober is Ejin.

113. Anonymous Youtober

Well, Ejin.

114. Anonymous Youtober

If it’s against monsters, it’s definitely Ejin. The Orc King isn’t very delible. He’s a senior Explorer, though.

115. Anonymous Youtober

When you see Ejin’s seckill challenge series, it makes sense. (T/N: seckill is to kill an enemy within seconds.)

116. Anonymous Youtober

Isn’t there an interpersonal event between Youtobers? If you have healing skills, you can manage even if you get injured.

117. Anonymous Youtober

> 116

It was popular overseas for a while, but people died all the time, so they stopped doing it. It’s essentially instant death, so there’s no time to heal.

118. Anonymous Youtober

Has anyone seen the Ochimusha? It’s so funny!

119. Anonymous Youtober

That’s right! Ochimusha is really funny. How does he make that trap?

120. Anonymous Youtober

> 109

I wonder if the Orc King and his manager are dating?

121. Anonymous Youtober

Manager-san: “Ugh, kill me.”

122. Anonymous Youtober

The traps are [Earth Manipulation]. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to make a hole that deep. You’d fall down.

123. Anonymous Youtober

The drop rate of Ochimusha is abnormal. It’s all about rare drops.

124. Anonymous Youtober

The drop for Ochimusha is a goblin summon orb.

125. Anonymous Youtober

Ochimusha has no blessing, right? That means his Real Luck is awesome?

126. Anonymous Youtober

Maybe his filmer or Ochimusha’s companion has a blessing. The blessings with drop compensation a god of luck?

127. Anonymous Youtober

Fortunately, the drop rate buff shouldn’t be too high. It’s supposed to make you luckier overall. There is no such thing as a 50% rare drop like Ochimusha. The rate of increase in physical ability is low, and the rate of encounters with monsters is also low, so it’s not a great blessing for dungeon money-making.

128. Anonymous Youtober

Isn’t Ochimusha a member of Toukaidou?

129. Anonymous Youtober

He’s a member of Toukaidou. He doesn’t usually wear armor.

130. Anonymous Youtober


131. Anonymous Youtober

Ochimusha, you made about a million dollars just from Kobold drops. That’s not fair!

132. Anonymous Youtober

> 130

Hair Liberation Alliance (Touhatsu Kaihou Doumei). Toukaidou for short. A clan of bald men who gather in the Shinjuku dungeon. They’re hiding in the dungeon in search of a hair growth potion that will cure their baldness.

133. Anonymous Youtober

It seems that he’s going to summon goblins in the next video of Ochimusha, he muttered on Twittor.

134. Anonymous Youtober

Isn’t this the first video of him using summoning orbs? I’m really looking forward to it!

135. Anonymous Youtober

Ochimusha has garnered over 500,000 subscribers in less than a month…

136. Anonymous Youtober

The news of him dropping the summoning orb has spread worldwide. There were many comments from overseas.

137. Anonymous Youtober

There are a lot of people hunting goblins in Shinjuku dungeon right now.

138. Anonymous Youtober

> 135

There’s also a big hit around the video of him selling the rare drops. Ochimusha, that’s something no other Youtober can copy.

139. Anonymous Youtober

> 131

Seriously? I’m going to go gift subs to Ochimusha.

140. Anonymous Youtober

In fact, Ochimusha is a leading Youtober celebrity. Now is the time to make fun of him. 

141. Anonymous Youtober

Ochimusha suddenly became popular, lol.


Okay, ma boi is getting popular 😀

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  1. I have so much trouble remembering names in this novel, the releases are too spread apart for how short of a read they are. It isn’t one of those novels with impactful chapters but more of a light read, after all.

      1. Could you give us a list of names and descriptions?
        Like, what’s MC’s name, who Gojo is (I remember, might not remember later), sort of like a cheat-sheet, I can come back to if I ever forget who someone is. Adding it at the ends of chapters, just copy/pasting them, and then adding any new characters / companies / Titles. As Arturiax stated, the releases are spread pretty wide, and they’re short, so having a cheat-sheet would help a ton.

        1. You coult add it like you have the T/N thing. I don’t know if you can add more, but if not, then just have the Cheat-sheet at the bottom of it.

          1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will make one then. Will excel file do? Something like characters glossary right?

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