White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 42

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz


Amos stuck out a finger and shook it from side to side.

“No! No! No! I won’t pay a penny more.”

Rockvin frowned and said discontentedly, “Are you kidding me? My friend! For the plague bomb you asked for, I’ll have to apply to Southern Headquarters first, and then it will be shipped here through various checkpoints and sold to you. Do you know how hard I’ll have to work and how much risk I will have to take?”

The Rockvin’s Black Raven Chamber of Business was a subsidiary of the top spellcaster organization: The Raven Council. The Raven Council was as famous as the Northland Witch Council on the mainland, and its headquarter was located in the southern mainland. 

The profession of spellcasters was well-known for burning money. Almost all spellcaster organizations would form their chambers to make money to subsidize the organization’s enormous expenditure; the plague bomb, for a large organization, was necessary to maintain strategic deterrence resources.

However, only the spellcaster organizations of the chaotic camp like the Raven Council would sell such dangerous goods.

Amos calmly said: “I understand where you are coming from, but not only will I not pay anything extra for the plague bombs, you’ll also have to sell me at the 30% less than the market price for the ordinary alchemical bombs and weapons armours, and I promise that you won’t suffer from this arrangement.”

With that, Amos pushed a small wooden box next to him to Rockvin.

“This is my sincerity.”

Rocklin’s brows eased, and now he was very curious as to what made Amos have the confidence to make such a condition.

“Open it.”

The strong man who had been half a step behind Rockvin stepped forward, silently opened the box, and poured out the contents.

Rockvin was overjoyed but pretended to ask casually: “My friend! A few dead fish, a bag of powder, is this your sincerity?” 

“All right, Rockvin! Don’t play the fool with me! I don’t believe you can’t tell what it is with your knowledge! It’s hard for humans to get them but for me, it’s just a matter of working hands.”

Amos no longer wanted to go in circles with Rockvin, and he directly opened the skylight to speak frankly. 

“Flounder, Murmos flagfish, Lagoon shrimp, and … these are rare ingredients from the deep sea, and are highly sought after by the aristocratic community, and are not sold at all. The precious spices produced in these overseas islands are equivalent to gold and are often out of stock and priceless on the market!”

In one breath Amos said he put forward his chips, and with a sigh of relief, he continued.

“I can give you a batch of these deep-sea specials every week, and spices and you’ll give me 5,000 pounds every six months. That’s interesting enough!”

Rockvin said with a bitter face: “O! My friend! Your terms are tempting! But in the arms trade, you have to let the poor dwarf earn so little!”

“How about weapons and armour, I’ll sell those to you according to the market price and not a penny more in the coming deals.” 

Amos raised his brows and said faintly: “40% off the market price.” 

Rockvin almost cried: “No, I need to contact blacksmiths for your special armour, buy high-quality iron ore, cast moulds, all need a lot of gold coins. You can’t let your dear friend pay for them.”

“Rockvin, don’t think that because I stay on the island, I know nothing about the mainland. These things are still secondary to making money.”

“How many high-class contacts can you expand with a steady supply of cherished goods! And in turn, how many low-end market shares can you capture! Even if this equipment has been given away for nothing, you won’t lose out!”

When Amos revealed the truth, Rockvin retracted his weeping face and said with a grin, “No problem! My friend! For our friendship! 40% off! 40%!”

“I just hope I’ll be the sole agent for these products,” Rockvin said solemnly.

Amos glanced at Rockvin, who had been like a dead mother before, and was soon laughing and was now serious again. His face changed faster than the pages of a book.

Amos muttered a few words in his heart and then said, “In five years, it will depend on the situation in five years!”

Rockvin held his heart in both hands and shouted exaggeratedly, “Oh! Amos! Is this how you treat your most loyal friend! Is our friendship only worth five years?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Five years from now, it’s not certain whether you’ll be in the Lowe Kingdom or not. These few years are enough for you to make money!!”

“Hahaha! Sure enough, I can’t hide anything from you, so I wish us happy cooperation!”

Amos brought up his other purpose.

“Are there any special moves recently in the Dumbledore family?”

“I don’t think so, but, as a friend, I have to remind you not to take them lightly. Dumbledore is not an ordinary Earl family. They have a close relationship with the Lowe royal family: the Baynes family.”

Rockvin continued: “The last queen of the Lowe Kingdom was the sister of Earl Dumbledore.”

Amos looked gloomy: “Of course I don’t like asking for trouble, but I’m not sure if they will find their way!”

“So, this is the reason you bought the plague bomb.”


Amos confessed directly because this couldn’t be hidden, and there was no need to conceal it from Rockvin.

The plague bomb was similar to the Blue Star’s nuclear weapons. They cannot be used, and they would be blacklisted by the Church of Righteous Gods and hunted endlessly by those madmen of faith, but if it was simply collected, the Church of Gods would turn a blind eye.

So Amos never intended to use the plague bombs, only wanted to defend himself. After all, no one would willfully provoke an enemy with equal strength.

“I will keep an eye on them for you and then bring the plague bomb as soon as possible.”

Rockvin knew that if Amos was finished then the gold coins in his bag would at least be lessened by half.

Moreover, after dealing with Amos for so long, Rockvin had a better understanding of this white dragon. He knew that he was a rare individual among the other evil dragons, he acted rationally and prudently. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to sell the plague bomb to White Dragon.

“How long would it take at the minimum?”

“Two months! The plague bomb is very troublesome. It takes half a month just to apply, and the numerous barriers along the way. It’ll take two months, at the least!”

Amos thought for a while, “That’s too long. When shipping, can you avoid the human cities? Take the sea route, or maybe travel through the underground.”

Amos pointed to his feet.

Rockvin pondered the feasibility of the plan.

“It’s too risky to take the underground. Those dark-skinned elves can be covered. As long as you pay them enough protection fees, they won’t trouble you. But the problem comes from those monsters hidden underground; those aren’t easy to deal with.”

“As for the sea route, don’t even think about it. I just got news this morning that the pirate king, Al Bloodwave, has recovered from his injuries. Now he has come out and is making waves again. Almost no one dares to go through the seas.”

The Pirate King, Al Bloodwaves, a legendary name with legendary power, just popped out of the sea and quickly formed the largest pirate regiment in the East Sea of Nordhill: The Shark Pirates. No one knew who he was or what his last true name was.

The Bloodwaves was his title from the battle that made him famous.

In that tragic case that had sensationalized several kingdoms, he led his pirates in a rampage that in just three days, he ransacked more than 50 ships, and all crew members and passengers, both aristocrats and civilians, were thrown into the sea.

The following morning, the floating, swollen bodies swept up in the waves off Victoria, the Kingdom of Pavlan’s port city, and the entire sea was dyed pale red by the waves of blood.

Therefore, Al got the title of Bloodwaves.

It was also because of this incident the Al Bloodwaves angered the nobles of the Pavlan Kingdom and the Lowe Kingdom. These two arch-rival kingdoms, as a rare instance, joined forces and sent two legends to hunt down Al Bloodwave.

Eventually, Al Bloodwaves was severely injured and fled into the deep sea.


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