God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 39

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Finally the magic sword

 As a result of the appraisal, the skill put into the magic sword I obtained was discovered as [Telekinesis].

 [Telekinesis] is a skill used to read the memory and minds of other people. The magic sword with the skill of [Telekinesis] is long, so let’s call it [Telekinesis] sword, and it is said that the memory and heart of the person who is injured with the sword can be read.

 “So, Wakutsu. You want to be cut, right?”

 “I don’t know why you’d think that!”

 “What about Gojo?”



 “Why are you sighing!”

 The two people seated opposite of me at the family restaurant seemed to be in a good mood….

 “Has Wakutsu never been able to convey what he wanted to express to the other party?”

 “Well… there were such cases, but–”

 “To be cut with this sword means to fill the gap.”


 “Every dispute arises from imperfect communication. Here’s a way to resolve it.”

 “No, but still.”

 “Then, Gojo, what are you thinking now?”

 “Eh, no, um, I just want to go home already.”

 “But you don’t know if that feeling is true or not.”

 “Hah, now I really want to go home.”

 “That sword is the direct way to convey your yearning to return home….”

 An employee passing by was startled to see the [Telekinesis] sword. Although explorers were allowed to carry weapons, a ferocious sword such as the [Telekinesis] sword was not a common sword to carry around, so it was only natural to be surprised.

 “Then, let’s change our perspective. Do you two care about fortune-telling?”

 “I don’t care about it at all.”

 “I like fortune-telling. I care about it a lot, actually.”

 “Gojo, have you ever felt satisfaction when a fortune teller told you about your past selves?”

 “Is that supposed to be satisfying?”

 “Yes. Have you ever been satisfied with being pointed out about yourself, which you only vaguely recognize?”


 “This sword will allow me to read in on your past memories and feelings, and it will be possible to convey the human characteristics and tendencies of Misato Gojo from an objective point of view. Of course, based on that, I can also give you advice about the future.”

 “About my future?”

 “Yes. Do you want to know yourself?”

 Hm. This can be done. Gojo has fallen.

 “Um… it’s okay to just scratch the tip of my finger, right?”

 “I’m not sure.”

 “Gojo-san! Didn’t you so badly want to go back home??”

 “There’s that, but if you think about it, isn’t it a little interesting??”

 “Great, as expected. Let’s do it merely as if it’s fortune-telling. I’ll handle the sword, hold out your finger….”


 “Eh! Eh!”

 “Shut up.”


 “Ok, let’s go!”


 Gojo lightly slit her finger on the tip of the [Telekinesis] sword.


Wakutsu and Gojo being on the same wavelength while rejecting Negishi’s absurd Ideas, and then accepting what he wants after. wwwww Ah, what a funny pair, but honestly they’re nice people, Negishi is great for having them by his side. wwwww




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