White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 40

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz


The night was dark and windy.

In a small forest outside Bailey City, the White Dragon’s spy, Philea Oliver, swiftly ran to the beach with invisibility.

Walking to the beach, Philea cast a spell, blessed herself for underwater breathing, stepped into the sea, and soon saw the White Dragon Lord under the sea.

Amos looked at the subordinate who swam over, and the magic power surged in his body.

Water avoidance boundary!

A sphere of force pushed the water away, exposing the seabed below, and some fish and shrimps were not carried away by the seawater, bouncing in the mud on the seabed, splashing mud.

“What happened that you have to be so careful?”

The dependency contract can deliver only simple messages after Amos received Philea’s message to be extremely careful, he chose the covert way of meeting at the bottom of the sea.

“Master, I’m being watched!”

Amos frowned, waiting for the follow-up from his subordinate.

Swimming is a personal effort, catching a breath, Philea continued.

“Last time, I purchased a large number of weapons and customized special items, which was discovered by someone interested. Now, Earl Dumbledore has noticed me.”

Earl Dumbledore was the Lord of Bailey City, whose ancestors had made an immense contribution at the beginning of the founding the Kingdom of Rowe, and the knighthood then has been passed on to the Earl’s family for more than a dozen generations. His family ruled over 10,000 square kilometres of land around Bailey and was the common Lord of the Eight Barons, the three Barons of Bailey.

It was troublesome for Amos to be followed by a powerful Earl.

“Have you already been found?”

“Not yet. Last time I didn’t come out in person and was very concealed, plus the tail was cleaned up. Lord Earl has no evidence, and his suspicion is not just me.”

“Oh? There are others, forget it, it doesn’t matter.”

Amos pondered for a moment.

“Since you have been targeted by the Earl, forget about the mission this time, and take care on your own. I don’t want to receive the news that you were hanged.”

“Yes! Master!”

Philea breathed a sigh of relief. What she worries about most was regardless of her safety, Amos would force herself to complete the task.

“Well, if you’re caught, take the scales I gave you, along the coast escape to the first cliff upstream, and there’s an abandoned cave down there where you can get help from Murlocs.”

Amos glanced at Philea, a dependant who was capable and had done a lot for himself and took out a magic scroll.

“Take this scroll.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Philea didn’t expect to get benefits from Amos instead of being forced to perform the task. She felt that her master was very different from the average white dragon.

“That’s it, be careful when you go back.”

“Subordinate bids farewell.”

As the water boundary was lifted, the seawater refilled the seabed, and the stranded fishes and shrimps were finally able to breathe freely.

Looking at the fish and shrimp that fled quickly, Amos muttered to himself, “You’re going to get slaughtered again by that greedy guy.”

Amos, a man who experienced the intellectual explosion, understood that eggs couldn’t be placed in the same basket.

Therefore, in addition to the line of Philea, the White Dragon Lord also established other channels through the murlocs, including pirates and black market merchants.

As long as there was enough profit, these greedy villains would dare to do business with the demons.

However, the transaction price was often higher than the average price. It’s more than half as high.

Amos scratched his chin with a dragon claw.

“I’ll have to find a way, otherwise it wouldn’t be long before they get slaughtered.”

After a long time, Amos had an idea, and his tail swung and swam toward the abandoned dragon’s nest, one of Amos’s Murlocs’s strongholds for dealing with black market merchants.

On the shore, in the woods.

In good spirits, Philea dried her hair, changed her wet clothes, looked around with caution, determined that no one was around, she blessed herself with invisibility and went to Bailey city.

But what she didn’t know was that a thief dressed in black had seen all of her secrets in the thick branches of a large tree.

The next morning.

Inside Earl Dumbledore’s Castle study, faint smoke from the incense was wafting out from the exquisitely hollowed hearth. The Earl sat on a magnificent pear-wood carved chair.

“Do you know what she was doing in the sea?”

“Lord Earl, my subordinate does not have the prop to breathe underwater and was worried about being discovered, so …”

Earl Dumbledore, a middle-aged man, in his aristocratic clothes without slightest wrinkle, moustachioed, beard smeared with oil, and an expressionless face nodded slightly.

“All right, you go down.”

“Subordinate will take his leave!”

Like a pardon, the horse-faced thief quickly stepped out and closed the room door, and walked all the way to the courtyard.

He stood in the courtyard and wiped the beads of sweat from his face with his sleeve.

Although this was not his first time talking with Lord Earl Dumbledore, he still felt a great deal of pressure around him. It’s not that the Earl deliberately did this, but his permanence with his threatening authority gave people pressure.

Earl Dumbledore leaned against the back of his chair and crossed his fingers.

“Ike, what do you think of this matter?”

The young man stroked the cat from its head to its tail with his white palm, the white cat in his arms tilted its head and squinted comfortably.

He replied carelessly, “Obviously, there is something wrong with this Philea, and although I don’t know who she is dealing with, it must be a hidden existence.”

“Combined with the news from the last time, the large customized velvet bed, this is an intelligent creature, not too small, with a high chance of living on an island.”

Philea still underestimated the Earl’s extensive intelligence network, and her self-conceited behaviour was already known. 

The young man pondered for a moment and continued to analyze: “There are only a few creatures of this size and hiding on the island, such as evil dragons, sea giants, and some giant transcendent creatures.”

“So, what do you think?”

The young man thought, his brows frowned into a Sichuan(river).

“Can’t guess, but the strength will neither be too strong nor be too low, it will not exceed the legend, otherwise it won’t need to hide, Philea is also a mid-level mage anyway.”

Eral Dumbledore nodded.

“Indeed, there is inadequate information.” 

The earl’s voice changed: “However, I just got the news last night about the weapon purchase incident. In addition to Renault, Philea also has a share, but she did it more secretly.”

Large arms transactions, no matter where it is highly regarded by the rulers. After all, no one wants their territory to be suddenly repelled by a group of thugs.

“Well, at least it proves that they’re not in the same league, or they won’t have to do the same thing.”

The young man became interested and continued: “Only the dragons will take care of their subordinates, and this dragon is wise and knows how to arm his subordinates.”

“Among the five-coloured evil dragons that cannot see the light, the green dragons live in the rainforest. The blue dragons don’t like the humid environment. The red dragons hate water and are so proud that their tail is up to the sky. It will not sneak up on the bottom of the sea to meet people.”

“Then only the black and the white dragon are left!”

“However, I don’t think a white dragon, a brainless fool like that, would have such wisdom. Therefore, it is very likely a black dragon!”

It had to be said that Ike’s analysis was very reasonable, but Amos was a white dragon that went beyond common sense.

The Earl clapped his hands in satisfaction and looked at his excellent son with admiration.

“Wonderful deduction! So, what do you think we should do to uncover it?”

“With the lazy nature of a five-coloured evil dragon, they wouldn’t go out if nothing went wrong, so Philea is bound to make a move next. We only need to send someone to keep an eye on her, and then we shall have the stolen goods. After all, we can’t put a Viscount heir in prison without evidence”

“Then …”

Earl Dumbledore was satisfied with Ike’s answer.

“Let’s go with what you’ve said.”

If Amos had known that the Earl’s heir Ike, by few details, could have almost inferred his identity, and would have exclaimed wonderfully and rewarded him with a mouthful of Dragon’s Breath at the same time scolded him. 

You’re a brainless fool! Your whole family is stupid!


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