The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 10

Solving the cause of magic use obstruction and a new challenge

Early in the morning of the next day, when I walked into the site of Class G, admirably, the four of them were already there.

Well, all of them had a common problem where they couldn’t use the magic property due to some obstruction. But now, I wanted to confirm myself how much it had resolved.

Yesterday, through the instruction of the [Fireball] at the training centre, I’d confirmed that Mia, who was nearsighted, had overcome the inability to control her magic. The problem was the other three, but there was one I didn’t need to confirm.

I fixed my gaze on Teresa, who was holding her bag and flashing the colors from earlier, while she had large dark circles under her eyes and a childlike smile on her cheeks. It couldn’t be that she’d done that without a wink of sleep?

[It’s the Standard Mode. Can you do it?]

“Yes! I will do my best!”

Teresa had a conversation with her bag. Mia, next to me, was left speechless at the painful figure of Teresa.

Nevertheless, the Standard Mode was quite a challenge. Not awful, but I’d never thought she could do it yesterday and today.

[2, let’s go.]

“Yes, 2!”

[You have done it! Now, let’s try 1, 4, 9 in one breath.]

“1! 4! 9!!”

The bag slowly shouted out the numbers, and its color changed accordingly to black, yellow, and purple.

[The last one is 1, 8, 5, 7, 6, 10, 4, 3, 2, 3, 8, 2, 9. If you can do it, it will be amazing.]

“1! 8! 5! 7! 6! 10! 4! 3! 2! 3! 8! 2! 9!!”

The color of the bag was changing rapidly.

[All correct! Marvelous!! You will be awarded the title of a magical girl!]

“I did it!!”

Teresa jumped up and down in excitement.


I was half amazed and half in awe. Although the [Standard Mode] was labelled as standard, it was based on the ability to control the magic power required of a full-fledged magician.

In other words, it meant that in just one day, the useless girl, who hadn’t even been able to invoke the spell, had now acquired the same control ability as an experienced magician.

I’m always amazed by the concentration of children.

[Really. Boing boing can do it.]

I completely ignored the word of Mura’s misdirected, stupid impression.

Anyway, Teresa cleared the condition. The rest were those two……

When I turned my head from Teresa to the right, I saw Cliff, who was smiling darkly and mumbling to himself, and Pluto, who was standing and sleeping soundly.

Regarding Cliff, his eyes were bloodshot, and the skin on his right face was twitching.


“Did you call me, My Lord?”

As soon as he looked at the glimpse of the gentleman with the beard who appeared suddenly, the blood drained from Cliff’s body, and he straightened his posture and his body began to tremble bit by bit.

“Did Cliff manage to invoke the spell?”

“Yes. Without any problem.”

“I see. Thank you for your hard work.”

“My pleasure.”

He bowed elegantly with his hand on his chest and then disappeared.

As soon as the sign devil’s appearance disappeared, Cliff got on his knees, took a big sigh, and vomited many times on the ground. He was so frightened he was vomiting out. Just what had karma done to him?

……..Well, it doesn’t matter.

Let the sleeping dog rest. If anything, I should be happy that the problem was solved. Umm. It was definitely that.

Persuading myself with that, I moved my gaze to Pluto, who was sleeping while standing with a face so tired that it seemed as if he had aged a dozen years or so at once. Judging from Pluto’s state of weakness, Roche must have stayed up all night teaching Pluto as he wanted to join the development team.

“Hey Pluto, try using the [Flame Rando].”


There was no reply from Pluto, who was sleeping like a log.



He opened his right eye slightly, and once he took a big yawn, he closed his eyes again.

“If you want to sleep, at least do that after showing off [Flame Rando]!”

While taking a nap, Pluto chanted skillfully.

“Crimson fire burning with radiance, heed my words, follow my strength and dance the flames.”

All of a sudden, a crimson fire orb appeared, changing into the form of a bed. And then, as if to hug that purgatory in his arms, Pluto unsteadily approached, sleepwalking.

You idiot! The ground was turning red, and it was generating a lot of heat which was quite hot too. Seemed like his limit had been broken through, but if he were to throw his body away just like that, he would instantly become a group of flames.

“You moron! You want to become toast!?”

When I pressed him down, he completely fell asleep.

At this rate, it would be impossible for Pluto to get to class today. And the same goes for Teresa, who was still sleeping on the ground in 大 shape. Cliff would be at his limit in another way. It seemed like I had no choice but to start regular classes starting tomorrow and had them self-study today.

“You guys had to face a lot of hardship, didn’t you? Now go back to your rooms and sleep! Spy, take Pluto and Teresa back to their dormitory. With respect, okay?”


Spy appeared from nowhere and disappeared, carrying the two of them. Cliff, with a zombie-like expression on his face, wandered off on his way home after I announced the end of class.

The only one left behind was a young blonde-haired girl, Mia.

“Class is over for today. You should go home and rest.”

They ought to get enough rest when they could.

To tell the truth, it would take a considerable time to remove the cause of failure from using magic for those four people.

To be honest, I didn’t think they could clear the first mission itself. It would be a blessing if they all could use the little magic without any restriction when they finished the assignment. That was just the way it stood. So to speak, it was just one step to the next real mission.

“I don’t want to waste my time. I want you to teach me.”

Don’t want to waste time? Indeed, there was some truth in her words.

What she needed next was an obstacle. The towering high obstacle standing in front of challengers makes them remember a deep sense of despair and frustration. And when she overcame this obstacle of hardship, she would gain self-confidence in its true sense. (T/N – the word here is “wall” instead of “obstacle.” Just my preference. You can comment if you want to put the original word, “wall.”)

In other words, a moderate sense of frustration was needed for human growth.

No matter what, I must give them a taste of despair. If the person herself wanted that ahead of time, I didn’t mind.

“That’s fine. The other three will be back in the afternoon, and you can tell them about today’s lesson.”


I began to teach Mia, who nodded, keeping her mouth tight about the three spells classified as life magic.

The first was mid-rank magic of the earth attribute, [Clay Work]. This was magic that allowed you to freely manipulate soil components such as dirt and stones. Once you got used to it, it was possible for you to make quite elaborate stone statues, stone tiles, and walls.

The second was mid-rank magic of the wind attribute, [Wind Graver]. Just as its name suggested, this magic cut trees into small pieces with the fine blade of wind.

The third was mid-rank magic of water, [Reinforced Water Bond]. If you applied it to a surface and let it dry, it would strengthen stone or wood, and if you stuck it before it dried, it would produce water with tremendous adhesive power.

These were new kinds of magic that I’d found in my search for grimoires. Naturally, there was no way they were being taught in class at the Magic Academy, so this was truly unknown magic to her.


Mia squatted down in the ground while sweating like a waterfall.

“I can’t use them…”

She squeezed the words of defeat out of her throat.

“It seems so.”

That’s right. After all, it was an indispensable and extremely difficult assignment.

Through the way of lessons, it had been engraved in their soul that magic wasn’t simply talent but a mere scholarship.

It can’t be denied that there exist fields that cannot be overcome by individual efforts alone. But I can assure you that there are virtually no such limitations in academia. Any person, young or old, male or female, rich or poor, regardless of race, has the hidden potential to reach the central proposition of a particular field, central dogma.

People who know their limits and those who don’t. It is indeed crucial to consider which one has a higher growth potential. This will eventually manifest itself as a decisive and desperate advantage.

“I will do it again,” Mia said, trying to summon up the motivation to activate her magic.

“No, this is the end of the lesson for today,” I stopped her with my right hand, declaring the end.


You’re being impatient. Well, thinking about the situation she was in, it was a natural reaction.

“Because more than that is meaningless.”

“I don’t understand the meaning!”

“If you don’t understand, think about it. If you can’t do that, then you have no future.”

At my uncharacteristically cold voice, Mia clenched her teeth in frustration.

Though I said that, I should at least give her a hint. I happened to have a resume written down for such a situation. I would deliver it to the dormitory afterward.

As I watched her small back trotting off, I teleported to Straheim.



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