Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 30

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

Battle for Defending the Holy City (3/4) 

[Sage and the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden]

I teleported to the village of the dragonoids in order to get Ryuka and Ryuushin and take them back with me to the Holy City of Sanctum.

I pasted teleportation circles to everyone in my class for emergencies, so teleporting to where they were was just a piece of cake.

But, I was in a hurry, so I didn’t think too deeply about it. Because of that, I ended up teleporting too close to where Ryuka was, and —

There was a bit of a mix-up.


I ended up teleporting right before Ryuka, just when she was taking a bath.

It was a wide, open air bath.

Ryuka was right there, stark naked.

I froze.

Her face turned crimson.

She then attacked me with a white dragon tail covered in scales — 

Ryuka tried to blast me — the guy who abruptly trespassed inside the bath — out of this place.

Well, it would have been better if I was indeed blown off.

However, my status was [Fixed], so Knock Back didn’t have any effect on me.

I didn’t avoid it nor did I guard against it, but unfortunately, it didn’t have any damage or effect on me.


She probably hit me with all she got.

I didn’t move an inch, so Ryuka was shocked.

Scales covered different areas of Ryuka’s body because she partly dragonized and manifested her tail.

I could finally somehow look at her directly  thanks to that. Well, it didn’t change the fact that she was still in the nude, so it was kinda erotic.

“Sorry, Ryuka! I don’t have much time. Just follow me now, please!!”

“Even if you suddenly say that —”

The door of the bathroom opened with a bang.

“Ryuka! Are yo okay!? What hap — Halt?”

Ryuushin rushed inside the bathroom.

Oh, so they are living together? 

So they’re really dating?

No, there’s a possibility that they were already married…

These thoughts filled my mind, when —

“Why do you have to come here!!!”


Ryuka swung the tail that hit me, sending Ryuushin flying this time around.

Ryuushin shrieked pathetically while being blown away towards the house.

“Oh, so it’s not that I became weak.”

“Erm, so you two were living together, huh. Ahm…sorry.”

If they were truly dating, or even married, then it’d be understandable if Ryuushin wanted to punch the heck out of me for appearing so suddenly while Ryuka was bathing.

Well, even if he did punch me, I won’t receive any damage. I felt a bit guilty.

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something? Ryuushin and I are siblings.”


“Yes. Also, we also have a tradition; the Dragon God decreed that the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden can only show her body to her husband among the opposite gender, outside of the family….”


I somehow felt like I did something terrible.

“By the way, what will happen if you didn’t keep that decree?”

“I will lose the power of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden.”

“W-when will that be?”

“It’s already lost, I think…See, [Resurrection] isn’t working anymore.”

Ryuka’s body had partly dragonized, and she was robust, having enough strength to blow Ryuushin away.

However, this was worrying.

“Right now, the demon is attacking the Holy City. We have to mend the Crystal that activates the barrier protecting the Holy City! Is there any way we can restore the power of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden?”

“I, is that true!? Eh, let me think… I just have to marry the man who saw my body, and the power of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden will return. In other words, I marry Halt —”


“Halt, do you…dislike being tied to me?”

Ryuka asked me with upturned eyes.

My conscience has been numbed a great deal since I came into this world.

I already have a few wives, but I couldn’t make myself reject her.

“Dislike… I don’t, but… Ryuka, are you okay with that?”

“Actually, I am bound by law to give birth to a strong male as much as possible as the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden in the first place. Normally, Shrine maidens would marry the strongest man in the village, but that position currently belongs to Ryuushin.”

As expected, they don’t marry their siblings, apparently.

“If the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden can’t marry the strongest man in the village, she must go out into the world to seek a powerful man. That’s the reason why I entered Ifrus Academy of Magic, which stood at the pinnacle of this world, but…well, it’s you, Halt. You’re the strongest one among the people I met.”

Ryuka drew closer to me.

“You might think this is too abrupt, but I have been aiming at you all this time.”

Ryuka said that, then she closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

So I just have to kiss her, is that it?

… it’s fine, isn’t it?

Leaffa will probably get mad that I got another wife arbitrarily. Tina probably won’t complain, since she sleeps with me every single night.

Really, maybe it’s time that I remember how to do clone magic. 

I lightly kissed Ryuka’s lips.

‘Fufufu, with this, I’m Ryuka Ernol from now on. Actually, it was slightly embarrassing introducing myself as Ryuka Vorgano. Ah, of course I love the entire family.”

“Is that so. So, did the powers of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden return?”

“Let me check!”

She said that, then she held her hand over the magical stone lying beside her.

This magical stone poured hot water into this open bath, but it had been broken when she hit Ryuushin.

It was instantly repaired thanks to Ryuka’s [Resurrection] spell.

“Seems like it’s okay now. With this, I can support my dear husband immediately. Alright, let’s hurry towards the Holy City!!”

Ryuka deftly transformed the scales into something that was akin to clothes, so that they would cover her entire body. 

Her dragonization ability was far more superior than Ryuushin, it seemed. But —

“Ahm, how to say this, you’re only covered with the scales, but you’re still stark naked, right? Er… if it’s possible, can you put on some clothes.”

Ryuka became my wife, so of course I didn’t want any other man to see her in the nude.

“Ah, y-yes, you’re right. I’ll go change immediately! Halt, can you wake Ryuushin up? He’ll be your brother-in-law, so let’s make him work for my dear husband, too!!”

Ryuuka rushed off towards the house.

Oh, yeah, I… I’ll become Ryuushin’s brother-in-law…


T/N: “You might think this is too abrupt, but I have been aiming at you all this time.” 

I do, I actually think it’s abrupt, after all these chapters that didn’t even have a single hint…and the entire thing felt so…casual? still, why am I not surprised. Makes sense, Ryuka’s ability is far too powerful to be given to any other male character. I think the only woman Halt really loved is Tina, though. Well, everyone in the harem is happy regardless, so welcome to the club, Ryuka! 🙂 And Ryuushin, too, welcome to the family… why do I get the feeling that he’ll become the henpecked lil brother-in-law lol XD

Here’s a photo of the harem from Author-sama’s twitter page!  

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  1. Usually, I just turn off my brain and let the shenanigans go, but now this is careless. That was awfully convenient and had no buildup at all. The main character has been reduced to a vessel that just goes with the flow too much, basically a doll, and the heroines conveniently like him. Sure he’s powerful and has desirable traits but I need some development at the very least. Only two if the heroines [excluding the Saintess, in my estimation] have had some arc or backstory that makes me understand them and I think it’s such a waste to attach them to Halt without making them their own individuals first.

    It’s a shame I’m addicted to reading and watching Isekai trash so I’ll still be reading this.

  2. Abrupt : YES.
    Should there have been more developement : YES.
    Had we expected this : YES.
    Will we continue reading this ? : YES.

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