The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man : Volume 3 – Chapter 9

Solving challenges

Hmm, with this, Cliff and Teresa were settled. Now onto the rest.

When I looked at the two people left behind, I felt my whole body shake.

Those two people were the most troublesome.

Teresa and Cliff had problems before they could activate their magic, but these two were able to activate their magic. Pluto had no power and Mia had no control. Without knowing the reason, we couldn’t correct them.

Let’s start with Pluto first.

He had magical power and could invoke it but the might of magic wasn’t enough. The fuel tank was large, but the size of the engine was not in proportion to the fuel. This should be the reason. If that was the case, we should make the engine bigger. It was easy to say, but if it were easy to do, Pluto would have tried it long ago. (T/N – might, simply put it means how strong someone magic is.)

A magic engine. As long as the magic was chanted and infused with magical power, it could be successfully activated. Then, how might it be decided? With the quantity of infused mana? No, I’d already confirmed that it could be activated safely with a certain amount of magic power. That was to say,  the chanting and infusion of magic power was just the process of turning on the engine. If that was the case, the engine should be driven at the same time as the activation, or even later.

So, how was I adjusting the might? Charging the mana when the chanting was done… No, wait a minute. Discarding the chanting on the fingertips of my left hand, a small flame appeared by [Flame Rando]. And then, I increased the firepower slowly. Suddenly, it became as big as a soccer ball. 


Pluto shouted in amazement, and Mia’s eyes widened.

Now I adjusted [Flame Rando] with my own will. In other words, the engine was the heart itself. And the mind was an idea, the identity that created the person.

“Pluto, why do you think the might of your magic is frail?”

“It’s obvious. It’s because I’m a commoner. A commoner cannot have more mana than nobles. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but even my father said that he could not match the nobles in magic power. Especially if I’m not very talented.”

“By the way, when did you start learning magic?”

Pluto’s face contorted in frustration.

“When I was eleven.”

I see, I got what he meant. In this empire, magic was like a God-given boon that could only be exercised by the nobility. Therefore, although it wasn’t forbidden, there was a prevailing trend that commoners were not allowed to use magic. This was why there were very few commoners, even wealthy merchants, who had been training magic since they were young. The chanting and infusion of magic power itself required a certain amount of sense. The training of magic from an early age was a way to hone this sense. As a result, it became a situation where most of the commoners were not able to invoke magic.

And most of the people in Magic Knight Academy were nobles. Although about 10% were commoners, they were selected elites from all over the country, and they had been training since they were young. 

Pluto, who started late, had a severe inferiority complex. In short, the stereotype that he was a commoner and a late starter, and that there was no way he could invoke powerful magic, was probably making Pluto’s engine smaller.

If that was the case, the solution was simple.

“I’m going to get straight to the point. There are no nobles or commoners when it comes to magical talent. It’s simply a matter of practice and knowledge.”

“That’s impossible.”

Shaking his head from side to side, he immediately denied my assertion.

“Why do you think so?”

“Because it’s only the aristocrats that come out on top in regular exams.”

“That’s obvious, isn’t it? Have you already forgotten the composition of Magic Knight Academy? It couldn’t be helped as there are only ten percent of commoners. In addition, there is a huge difference between aristocrats and commoners in terms of opportunities for training in magic. First, no matter how much money you pile up, how can an aristocratic magic instructor think of teaching magic to commoner’s sons and daughters?”


Pluto only bit his lower lip in silence. As expected, the skepticism in his eyes hadn’t disappeared. For a large part, he probably thought that I, a nobleman, was making a quibble out of it.

Seeing is believing. It would be quicker to show them.

“Spy, bring Roche to Training Room 2.”


Spy’s voice made them both jump, but this time they didn’t scream and kept their posture straight.

“Then, let’s go.”


Pluto asked timidly.

“The training room.”

I answered simply and took them to the second training room on the outskirts of Straheim.

“Here is…?”

“The place has changed.”

The sudden change in scenery seemed to confuse the two of them to the extreme, but since it was too much trouble to explain, I ignored it.

After waiting for five minutes, a young boy with a pouting face appeared, accompanied by Spy.

“Gr, no, what does this mean?”

As expected of Spy, he’d kept his mouth shut about me. He was a capable person as usual.

“Use the magic in front of them. That’s right, invoke [Flame Rando].”

“I don’t mind, but why?”

“Just do it.”

“Yes, yes. Crimson fire burning with radiance, heed my words, follow my strength and dance the flames.”

(T/N – the chant is a little bit modified by me. Well, unfortunately my chuunibyou power is insufficient, so I will just leave it like that. You can recommend a better one though, if you want. Show your chuunibyou power!)

As Roche invoked the magic, a fire sphere was created above the training room. In the next second, it changed to the form of a bird, and after that it transformed into horses and lions.

Really, what a dextrous guy he was.

As a matter of fact, I had not given Roche and Lyase any grimoires other than those of the holy attribute and recovery system, which were difficult to acquire. There were two reasons. If they were handled poorly, it would inhibit the growth of those two diligent people, and because I wanted to find an efficient way for them to acquire magic.

Naturally, Roche hadn’t contracted with the [Flame Rando] grimoire. In other words, this was all the result of Roche’s efforts.

“This guy is….?”

Pluto squeezed out the words of doubt while sweating like a waterfall.

“This young boy here is Rouche. A commoner like you, and he started learning magic just a few months ago.”

Every day, under my direction, Roche pursued magical training, improved his skills and ability, and was now approaching those who had been doped by grimoires in Toto village.

“Do you think I can believe that? That’s right, he must be the same as you, from the dwarf race, gnome.”

Roche frowned at the words of Pluto, who finally began to escape from reality.

“Was I a dwarf?”

Roche asked that stupid question.

“You moron. That’s just the making of his own mind.”

“Oh, I see. Is that enough? I want to get back to my studies soon.”

“No, Roche. You’re going to teach that guy the [Flame Rando].”

“What? Why me!?”

As expected, Roche refused to teach him.

“If you make him master the [Flame Rando] safely, I will let you join the power generation system development team next time.”

I gave him candy.

“Re, really!!?”

“I will not go back on my words.”

“Then, I will do it! Come on! Or rather, I will teach you even if you die!”

He strongly grabbed the right hand of Pluto who was no longer mumbling anything and moved to the corner of the training room. Leaving it to Roche, the rest would be fine.

The last one was Mia.

She cowered slightly when her gaze met mine. I already was a perfect object of fear now. Well, I didn’t care what children thought of me.

Anyway, Mia had no control over her magic and could only use body-strengthening magic, right?

First was the premise.

“You can use [Flame Rando], right?”


Mia gave a small node.

“Then, face that target and shoot a [Fireball].”


As she gave a small nod again, she walked toward the target, and pointed her hand toward the target.

“Wait a minute. You are shooting like that? Isn’t it too misaligned?”

Yes. Mia’s right palm was far off to the right of the target.

“Like that?”

“No, it’s still considerably far off. A little more to the left.”

“Is this okay?”

“A little more above.”

Mia corrected the palm of her right hand slightly upward.

“Try chanting there.”

As Mia gave a small nod and invoked [Fireball], a red colour sphere formed and hit the target directly.

“It hits…..”

Mia’s amazed voice stunned my ears.

I saw it now.

It wasn’t the problem of magic in the first place.


“Let’s go.”

Letting out a big sigh, I held her right hand and prompted her.

“Where are we going?”

She asked in a hushed voice.

“To a nice place.”

Mia grabbed my right hand, even though it was rapidly turning bright red.

I tugged on Mia’s hand, tilting my head slightly at her incomprehensible reaction, and I teleported to the Central Laboratory of the First Research Institute.

I pulled Mia, who was giving a sidelong glance at the scenery that had changed once again, to Leroy’s side.

What’s with the big mask and the raspy voice? You’re even more spectacularly creepy than usual. Especially the part where you don’t feel uncomfortable!

Leroy, sensing the complexity of the situation, approached and asked me an unpleasant question in my ear.

I can’t reveal my form due to some special circumstances. Please talk to me normally.

Looks like you are in trouble again.

Looking at Mia who was fidgeting restlessly, I laughed gaily as if it were funny and asked in a haughty tone.

“So, what’s your business today?”

“She seems to be very nearsighted, so I need you to choose some glasses.”

If her eyesight was bad, she couldn’t see the target. It was impossible to hit the target.

“I don’t mind. I will check her eyesight so follow me.”

Leroy let out a deep sigh as Mia hid behind me as quickly as she could.

“You’re as popular as ever,” he said with such impossible irony.

About six hours later, just as the sun was beginning to set, Mia’s glasses were ready.

“Here, put them on and shoot at that target again.”

I put the glasses on Mia in the training room.

“You should be able to hit the target now. Try it,” I said to Mia, who looked around with her stunned face.

When I instructed her to hit the target again with [Fireball], Mia turned her right palm and invoked the spell.

And then—

“It hits………”

A large tear rolled down from both of Mia’s eyes and fell to the floor.

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

“I’m glad.”

She nodded several times and clung to me, pressing her face onto my chest. Her small body quivered gradually.

I didn’t think she exaggerated. If the transmitted information was true, the harmful effect of not being able to blow off the magic seriously would have robbed Mia of everything.

I gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away.

“Just right. Now I’m going to give you a lecture on [Fireball] from now on.”

I began to teach Mia about the [Fireball].



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