God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 38

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Fleur

Magic sword? ? ? ?

How long did I wait? Three minutes… Actually, it might have been half an hour.

I just waited for the treasure chest to appear in the completely silent space. I occasionally stroked the green iguana’s body. It felt nice and cool.

There were two things I had to test in this ‘Being Friends With Reptiles Isn’t That Bad’ operation.

The first test was to discern whether or not my blessings had an effect not only on monster drops, but also on treasure chests. The second test was whether the condition for clearing the Monster House was not to annihilate the monsters, but to have them disappear from the room entirely. Those were the questions.

As for the second test, I knew it would be okay because there had been examples of it in the past. When I was investigating the Monster House, I found a case where all the monsters in the Monster House were able to leave even if [Transferred] was used on them.

However, the treasure chest never appeared. If nothing appeared, the entrance should open up immediately, so now I was here waiting for the treasure chest to appear.

Could it be that I would never be able to leave the Monster House? Such a thought crossed my mind. If I was caught in a trap due to my exploitation of a gap in the Monster House system, there would be a possibility that the Monster House would only open if I die. Well, if that happens, I’ll use [Earth Manipulation] to make a savage move.

Right when I was thinking about it, a magic circle appeared in the center of the room. And as soon as it disappeared, a treasure chest appeared in its place. The color was gold.

It’s a gold chest!

I clenched my fists. As far as the treasure chests were concerned, the rarity of the contents increase in the following order: wooden box, copper box, silver box, and gold box.

There might even be higher ranks we don’t know of, but for now the gold chests are the highest.

“All right! I’ll open it.”

I called out to the green iguana and opened the treasure chest; inside was a pitch-black dagger. Both the hilt and the body of the sword were black as if they were absorbing light. I took the dagger out of the gold box, and the treasure chest disappeared.

Then, as if on cue, the wall behind me opened, freeing me from the Monster House.

A voice rang out: “Is anyone there? Please, help me!” But I ignored it.

“I’ve fallen into a pitfall… trap! Please, help me!”

The dungeon has a repairing effect, so the pit will eventually close. There’s no need for me to save you.

“Someoneー! Heyー!”

I had to get the magic sword appraised as soon as possible, so I hurried to the transfer stone.


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  1. “There might even be, but for now, the gold chests are the highest.” should be
    “There might even be higher ranks we don’t know of, but for now, the gold chests are the highest.”
    or something along those lines.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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