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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 29

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Battle for Defending the Holy City (2/4)

“Sorry we’re late. We will definitely revive all of your comrades.”

“Eh, Ah —”

The defense chief responsible for the western city wall could only gape.

All of his subordinates had been annihilated by the monsters. Even the sword that was his pride had been broken, so he had lost all hope of living.

The gorgeous woman who had suddenly appeared slaughtered the two warlocks in just a blink of an eye. He couldn’t believe the sight before him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off every single move and attacks of the beauty.

She said she was Tina Harivell, the person who saved the world a hundred years ago.

He couldn’t believe that a legendary heroine appeared in this place, and yet, she told him that his subordinates who died would be revived once again.

Not everyone died, but the number of people who would need to be revived was more than 50.

The only person who could use the Resurrection spell in this entire Holy City was the Saintess. That saintess could only perform that revival spell for a maximum of 20 times per day.

Only a handful of the soldiers who protected the Holy City knew this fact, but the western side’s defense chief knew about it. That was the reason why he found Tina’s words unbelievable.

“Please bring all the fallen people to a safe place. Some of them are still breathing.”

“B-but the monsters —”

Even if he didn’t believe Tina when she said his subordinates would be revived, he still agreed with her proposal to move those who were still clinging to life with difficulty away from this place.

However, there were several monsters still flying around them. The warlocks managing them were already gone, so they were out of control, but there was no guarantee that these monsters would leave them alone while he  moved his subordinates.

“It’ll be okay. We will exterminate all the monsters.”

The defense chief held some doubts when Tina said the word ‘we’, but he understood what she meant right after that.

Suddenly, all the monsters flying in the sky were blasted away.

It was as if a gigantic wall of mountain came speeding towards them, collecting around 10 monsters and blowing them off.

“I tried copying Halt’s technique, meow!”

The defense chief whirled towards the sound of that voice. A light-footed, orange-haired beastkin girl was walking with them.

Merdie created a colossal wall of condensed mana to attack the monsters all at the same time.

“Nice move, Merdie.”

“Welcomeow! Leaffa will be here soon, leading the other soldiers.”

“Is that so? Then, we will descend and ambush the enemy. It’ll be okay if we leave the sky to those girls.”

“Roger that, meow!”

The defense chief was listening to the conversation between Tina and Merdie, the beastkin girl who suddenly appeared. He was taken aback at the next moment, causing him to seriously doubt his eyes.

Tina and Merdie had jumped off the wall, falling outside the city.

He had already confirmed that a vast number of monsters were heading towards them, even without firing another light bomb.

The ground was rumbling as the monsters marched towards them.

There were approximately a thousand of them, and they were steadily moving so they could trample the Holy City under their feet.

The group of monsters who attacked here was probably the vanguard unit.

Every single one of them had been C-ranked monsters. 

In that case, then the main unit was probably made of B-ranked and A-ranked monsters.

Moreover, defeating the two warlocks earlier didn’t necessarily mean that that was the end of it.

There was a possibility that a few warlocks were also in there.

It was the worst demonic army — made of a thousand monsters and several demons — but Tina and Merdie didn’t even hesitate to go over to the other side of the wall, outside the Holy City.

“N-no way —”

Even if she was the Heroine Tina, there was no way she could continue fighting such an immense army.

She would  be exhausted sooner or later, only to be trampled on by the monsters.

He couldn’t let those two girls fight on their own.

He didn’t know the extent of help he could offer the Heroine, but nevertheless, he still wanted to be her shield at the very least. Thus, he was about to go down the protective wall in order to fight.

“It’s okay even if we leave the bottom to Tina-sama. Please rest first.”

He was stopped by an extremely beautiful voice just when he was about to go down.

Just like Tina, a beautiful elf that looked like she didn’t belong to the battlefield stood there.

Soldiers who protected the Holy City and Holy Knights also stood behind her.

“Y-you are?”

“I am Leaffa Ernol. Due to various reasons, the Saintess entrusted the right to command the Holy City Defense Corps to me.”

Leaffa showed the rapier that Seira lent her to him.


Duke Ifel, the person who governed the Holy City of Sanctum, was actually its greatest enemy — because he was actually the demon Guzion.

Furthermore, Guzion had already brainwashed the priests who hold the authority next to the duke.

Elmia, the Holy Knights’ leader, was also currently missing.

In other words, there was no one who could command the Holy City Defense Corps and the holy knights. 

Seira could lead them herself, but because Guzion had snatched most of her power as the Saintess, she didn’t have enough strength to battle the monsters.

However, because Seira feared that the Holy City would be overrun if there was no one to lead the Holy City Defense Corps, she still wanted to go to the battlefield even though her current status was equivalent to that of an ordinary town girl.

Leaffa stopped her.

She gave a suggestion — she would be the one to lead them in Seira’s stead. Back when she was still in Alheim, her motherland, Leaffa also had her own army, even if it was just a small scale one. Thus, she possessed the ability to lead the troops.

The holy knights also appeared right then because they sensed that something wasn’t right in the Great Shrine.

It took quite a lot of time to explain the situation to the knights and persuade Seira, who insisted that she would take charge, but eventually, they decided that Leaffa would go to the frontlines, while Seira would take the lead in doing rounds to evacuate the residents. 

Leaffa then asked the help of the holy knights who were present to help her persuade the Holy City Defense Corps, and they gathered all the people who could fight on their way to the protective walls of the city.

“The Holy City Defense Corps will be in charge of bringing the fallen people to the Rescue Unit. All the Holy Knights, you are deployed to the top of the defense walls. ”

They obeyed Leaffa’s commands; the soldiers carried the people that had been defeated by the monsters, while the holy knights spread themselves above the protective walls of the city.

“We just have to aim at the monsters that got past Tina-sama and the others. I earnestly plead, do not be rash. This Holy City… let us all protect it!”


The morale of the holy knights was boosted.

The encouragement from the gorgeous elf was one of the reasons, but —

Actually, Youko had placed the entire Holy City under her brainwashing spell.

She appeased the fear of the residents who were trying to escape, thereby averting the chaos, and she also gave courage to the Holy Knights who would face the thousand monsters, stopping the shaking of their hands and legs.

This Holy City had been oblivious to the horror that monsters bring for around a century. However, this very city was suddenly assaulted by an enormous army of monsters. To tell the truth, it wouldn’t be odd if a large-scale pandemonium broke out.

Thanks to Youko’s work in the shadows, the Holy City was transformed into “a city ready for battle.”


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