The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 78

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Katariona Lets the Crown Prince Fluff a God

Findalia Royal Academy of Magic. This is where I’ll be attending for the next five years. 

This academy, run by the Magic Academy, holds its doors wide open for royalty, children of the aristocracy, and commoners alike, regardless of status. 

When I went through the brick gate, I saw another brick building in front of me. 

This building isn’t a school building. It’s a monument, so to speak. 

Drawn on the front wall is the symbol of the Academy, a phoenix, to welcome visitors. 

The school building is located beyond this monument.

The road from the Marquis de Grandeur’s townhouse to the academy is closer than I thought, so I’ll be able to walk to school. Best of all, commuting to school by foot means that I’ll be able to stop by a cafe on the way home. There are many delicious sweet shops in the royal capital. I’ve got an all-you-can-eat sweets passport, and I want to eat my way around. 

“Do I have to take to Leon to the Holy Beast House?”

On the day of the entrance ceremony, I went through the Magic Academy gates with my brother and looked at Leon who was on my shoulder. 

“Hmmm. These days, all the small holy beasts are brought in. Leon-sama is in his small cat form, so I believe it’ll be okay for him to go with us.”

I don’t remember the school rules being that lax in my previous life, but then again, Leon wasn’t here in my previous life, so I wouldn’t know. 

Since big brother said so, I’ll take Leon with me. 

“Right. If you receive a warning, we can just let Leon disappear.”

“Of course. Don’t lump me in with beasts, even if I am a holy beast.”

Leon reminded, his telepathy echoing in my head. I told him that a talking holy beat wouldn’t be a good idea, so we decided to use telekinesis to communicate within the academy.

As we passed by the monument, we could see the school building, which was built in the shape of a U. 

First of all, I decided to go see the class divisions. 

My older brother is a student council officer, so he had to go prepare for the entrance ceremony. 

“Brother, I know where I’m going, so don’t worry. Go and do your student council work.”

“Un. See you later, Rio.”

With a wave of his hand, he quickly headed to the central building. 

The entrance ceremony will be held in the auditorium in the central building. 

Going to the west wing where the first-year classrooms were located, I found that students had already gathered around to check their classes. 

As I made my way through the crowd, I saw the class placement bulletin board. I was in class…….A. As I expected. 

I also checked Chris’s class and found that we were in the same class. She is the representative of the new students and has to give a speech at the entrance ceremony, so she must’ve gone to the auditorium first. 

The representative of the new students is the person who placed the highest in the academic test before the entrance ceremony. This year, Chris took the lead with first-place.

By the way, I was the runner-up. Christ blamed me saying, “You cut corners, didn’t you?”  But it couldn’t be helped, as the problems were different from my previous life. 


Hearing a voice calling to me from behind, I turned around to see Tria and Angel waving at me. 

“Tria. Angel. Good morning.”

Pinching the hems of my skirt, I gave a slight curtsey. 

“How do you do, Rio? Have you checked the classes yet?”

Following the energetic Angel, Tria modestly returned the greeting saying, “Good day.”

“Yes. I’m in class A.”

Tria and Ange drooped their shoulders in disappointment.

“What a shame. We’re in class S.”

“I would have loved to have been in the same class as you, but even if we’re not in the same class, I hope we can still be friends.”

Tria said, squirming as her cheeks were stained red. 

When we came to the capital three months ago, Chris held a tea party for us. Tria and Angel had also been invited to the tea party, and that was when we last met. 

Tria had become even more beautiful than she had been three years ago. Her personality is as quiet as ever compared to her gorgeous appearance, whereas…… Angel, however, has grown taller and bolder. 

It was decided that Tria having been able to use water magic in the magic attribute assessment before entering school, and Angel having acquired special skills, would enter the S class.

“Yes. Of course. We’re friends.”

Our friendship had deepened at the tea party. 

“By the way, Rio, is that your Holy Beast on your shoulder? It’s adorable.”

“Fluffy……Fluffy… precious.”

Both of their faces relaxed.

“Yes. His name is Leon. Nice to meet you.”

“Can I stroke him?”

Angel’s hands were already fidgeting. 

Angel, whose hands were already excited and waving, and Tria, who was admiringly worshipping him saying, “Fluffy, precious.”

“Leon, can I let them touch you?”

“Hmph! Well, alright. They’re special since they’re your best friends.”

After asking Leon through telekinesis, he gave his permission.

“Do as you please, you may pet him.”

I took Leon off my shoulders and put him into my lap.

They stoked Leon cautiously. 

“Ooh! His fur is so fluffy. He’s well-groomed.”

“It’s silky to touch. Such noble fluff.”

Angel’s face was tearing up, and Tria was becoming increasingly suspicious.

The three of us headed for the auditorium, reporting on each other’s latest developments. 

As we entered, the seats were starting to fill up one by one. However, those with lower status seemed to be discreetly sitting in the back. In this magic academy, there is a school rule that states that status is equal regardless of whether you are royalty, nobility, or commoner. However, there are still some nobles who are proud of their status and do not comply with the school rules completely. The only people sitting in the back are probably the children of merchants or slightly wealthy commoners.

“Where do you want to sit?”

I asked Tria and Angel. Angel was the one who responded.

“I’d like to sit as close to the front as possible. I want to be able to hear Chris’s speech up close.”

It’s not a speech, but a greeting from the representative of the new students. But Chris’s voice was clear and dignified. Her pronunciation was also very good, so it sounded like a speech, as Angel said.

“That’s right. We have to witness Chris in all her glory.”

The three of us looked at each other and giggled. 

As we walked down the stairway towards the front seats, someone called out to us from behind.

“Oh my! Someone brought their Holy Beast to an official celebration.”

“Oh? What insanity.”

The owner of the voice was Adeline, the daughter of the Marquise de Trevize. Her cronies, the ladies…….excuse me. She’s standing proudly with her friends.

Lady Adeline is the same as she was in my previous life. In a good sense, she’s like a mass of “Noblesse Oblige”. In a bad sense, she’s too proud.

I curtsied and greeted Lady Adeline. 

“Good day, Adeline-sama.”

“Do you know who I am?”

Adeline-sama frowned. 

“Yes. I met you three years ago at the tea party after the magic attribute test. I am Katariona Julie Grandeur, the eldest daughter of the Marquis de Grandeur.”

“What’s this!? You’re the daughter of the Marquis de Grandeur, Katariona-sama? I apologize for my rudeness. I am Adeline Olivier Trevise, the second daughter of the Marquis de Trevise.”

The Marquis de Grandeur is the second most prestigious family after the dukes, so it’s the first in rank of the Marquis’ families. Naturally, it’s of higher status than the Marquis de Trevise.”

“I did not mean to be rude, but I do not think it appropriate to bring a holy beast into the auditorium.”

I knew that they would say something about me bringing Leon with me. That’s to be expected.

I have already thought of a way to deal with such situations. I was about to speak up when I was unexpectedly interrupted.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince appeared asking, “What are you doing?”

His voice has changed, sounding the same as when he had condemned me. But I was no longer afraid. Instead, I inwardly cluck my tongue, thinking, “I’ve been interrupted.”

When they noticed the owner of the voice, the ladies hurriedly curtseyed in unison.

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince! I apologize!”

“There is no need to curtsy at the academy. Raise your head.”

With a slightly stern voice, the crown prince warned the ladies. The ladies raised their heads fearfully, but their eyes were still looking down.

In addition to this, my brother appeared from behind the Crown Prince. My brother and His Highness the Crown Prince are friends. 

“Only superficial,” he mouthed.

Apparently, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and my brother had seen what happened since the beginning.

I’m glad for the help, but from now on, I’m sure Adeline will be watching me at every turn. This will be troublesome.

My brother stood in front of the ladies as if he was protecting me.

“Excuse me, ladies. I am the eldest son of the Marquis de Grandeur named Siegfried Yuri Grandeur. I serve as the student council treasurer at the academy. With regard to the Holy Beast in my family, I have received permission from the student council president.”

My brother assumed a graceful gentleman’s bow and smiled, and the young ladies’ cheeks turned red.

Leaving behind his angelic appearance of childhood, my older brother has turned into a wonderful nobleman and is very popular with the ladies. 

“The Holy Beasts of the Marquis de Grandeur are also allowed in and out of the royal palace.”

His Royal Highness the Dauphin said, folding his arms as if he had no choice.

The moment the Crown Prince glanced at Leon, I didn’t miss the slight loosening of the corners of his mouth. 

No doubt it, Leon was going to be fluffed upon his introduction to the Crown Prince. Leon must have realized this, as his body shuddered.

“I’m sorry, Katariona-sama.” 

“It’s been a long time, Rio. No, Katariona-sama. I’m glad to see you are well.”

“I’m glad to see that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is also in good health.”

I pinched the hem of my skirt, giving a brief greeting. Since status doesn’t matter in the academy, this should be enough for greetings. 

“You don’t need to use honorifics in the academy. You can just call me by my first name.”

“I understand, Richard-sama.”

“By the way, that’s the Holy Beast of the Marquis de Grandeur on your shoulder, correct? May I ask what its name is?”

The Crown Prince’s hidden hand flickered into view. As expected, he is fidgety.

“His name is Leon.”

“Leon? That’s the same name as Leon, the relative of the Marquis de Grandeur.”

The name “Leon” is common, so it should not be a problem, since it is a name given to men after the majestic lion.

“Can I pet him a little?”

The Crown Prince, a fluffy lover, had his eyes locked on Leon.

“It doesn’t matter. Please, go ahead.”

When the Crown Prince came close to petting Leon with a big smile on his face, Leon gave a threatening “Shah!” 

“Hey! Leon! I’m so sorry.”

In a rush, I gave Leon a small pat on the head and apologized to the Crown Prince.

“No. I don’t mind. I’ve already been attacked by the holy beast of the Marquis de Ashbury. Maybe I just have bad luck with holy beasts.”

He seemed to be quite depressed. The Crown Prince’s head was hanging down.

“Hawk simply pines for his sister. It’s nothing to be concerned about.”

“Thank you, Angelica-sama.”

The Crown Prince looked up and smiled at Angel, who quickly explained the situation.

The Marquis of Ashbury’s holy beast is a white hawk named Hawk. His true nature seems to be a white griffin. According to Angel’s story, Hawk only pines for his older sister, Lady Margaret.

By the way, Margaret is the student council president this year.

“I think he’s a little nervous. Leon is usually very friendly.”

I grabbed Leon by the shoulders and held him in my arms, stroking his fur as I tried to remind him.

“It’s social courtesy, Leon. Let the Crown Prince pet you for a moment!”

“No! Why should I flatter the Crown Prince kid?”

“I’ve been thinking of stopping by a café on my way home today. It’s a recently opened place with a good reputation, and they have delicious sweets. I guess I’ll just have to give up if Leon has that kind of attitude. Oh, that’s too bad!”

“What? A store with delicious sweets? Ugh! Okay, okay. Just a little bit.”

The strategy to win Leon over with sweets was a success. Leon is a picky eater, so I knew he would jump at it.

“Now, now. Calm down, Leon. Now, go ahead and pet him, Richard-sama.”

“Are you sure?”

Holding Leon out in front of him, the Crown Prince gently stroked Leon’s fur.

“He had such nice fur. So fluffy. You must’ve been taken good care of him.”

 The Crown Prince’s elegant face was relaxed as he stroked Leon. You can’t see Leon’s face, but he’s probably making a very unhappy face. His tail is standing on end.

“Rick, the entrance ceremony is about to start. We need to get back to our posts.”

“Right. Thank you for letting me pet him, Katariona-sama. I’m sorry to have taken up so much of your time. Victoria-sama, Angelica-sama. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

After bowing lightly to us, my brother and the Crown Prince walked together to the stage.

“We should take our seats. There are three seats available just in front of us.”

I urged Tria and Angel to go to the front seats.

I remembered that in my previous life, it was Charlotte who had been tangled up with Adeline-sama. I looked around, but I couldn’t see Charlotte. 


“That happened? I’m sorry to hear that. I love Fluffy-kun, but he doesn’t seem to like me.”

The entrance ceremony went off without a hitch, and the new students went back to their classrooms. I was sitting in a corner of the classroom chatting with Chris.

Chris’s speech as a representative of the new students was magnificent and dignified. The auditorium was filled with applause.

I told Chris about how I had been tangled up with Lady Adeline, and how the Crown Prince had been trying to fluff Leon.

The rest of the students seemed to be sitting in their preferred seats, deepening their friendships. For nobles, the Magic Academy is like a training ground for their future debut in the social world. Children of merchants and wealthy commoners are trained by their parents to make connections with influential nobles. It’s the first place of social learning.

Some of the girls were glancing at Leon, but it seemed difficult to speak up because I was with Chris, the princess.

Now we were waiting for the teacher in charge to come to the classroom.

“I wonder what sort of teacher will be in charge?”

The teachers at the Magic Academy belong to the Magic Academy. In addition to the class teacher, there are other teachers who give lectures on the magic of each attribute and take charge of practical training.

Soon, the door was opened with a bang and a familiar face walked in. He stepped up to the podium and announced himself.

“I’m Hikoshiro Tojurou, and I’ll be in charge of this class.”

What a surprise! The teacher in charge of this class was Tojourou-san. As soon as they heard his name, the classroom was soon filled with excited chattering.

I remembered that he said he had been invited to teach at the Magic Academy this year.

“It’s the ‘Sword Saint of the Wind’!”

“Eh? The legendary master of swordsmanship, who won a swordsmanship competition using a sword covered with wind magic?”

Tojurou-san wore a robe provided by the Magic Academy in addition to his kimono. 

“’So Tojurou is our homeroom teacher?’”

Chris put her cheek on the desk and made a dumbfounded face.

“Yes! Right there! Don’t call me by my name. Call me -sensei.”

“Ha~i, Tojurou-sensei.”

(The Japanese show that she didn’t have a completely respectful honorific tone, but the translation isn’t very different.)

Chris raised her hand with a delayed reply. 

“It’s Tojurou-sensei!”

Tojurou-san continued arguing with Chris. 



The students reacted in the same way as Chris and Marie had. Tojurou-san’s name is difficult. To begin with, Hinoshima people’s names are hard to pronounce.

“Alright! I get it! You can just call me Tojurou-sensei.”

Oh. He gave up. I was having a sense of déjà vu. I looked at Leon on the desk, his shoulders were shaking. He seemed to be holding back a laugh.

“I’m going to give you a pamphlet for orientation in a month, so read it carefully. After you get your textbooks, you’ll have free time today. You may go home. You can go home or go for a walk around the academy.”

After entering the Magic Academy, there is an orientation. In order to get used to the new environment, students stay at the dormitory in the academy. All the first-year students and volunteer seniors study magic and enjoy recreational activities.

I flipped through the pamphlet and read the contents. The orientation is one week long. There is a schedule for magical classroom lectures, mock training, and learning content.

The problem was the content of the last day.

“ “ “Magic battle with S-class!” ” ”

Several voices overlapped. That must be a surprise. I was surprised too. The content was completely different from the previous life.

“Wait a minute! Tojurou……sensei. A magic fight!?”

Chris protested to Torjurou-san.

“Are you worried about the power difference? If so, don’t worry about it. We’ll incorporate some teachers and S or A class upperclassmen to make the ability gap the same. The risk is extremely low.”

Magical warfare is a great way to learn how to work with your friends, and it can also serve as magical training. Tojurou-san explained.

He’s as relentless as ever. He’s my swordmaster and Chris’s, but he’s very strict.

I thought some of the students might not agree with him, but those who wanted to show off their skills said they were looking forward to it. Chris, the one who protested, seemed to be excited about it.

I’m also looking forward to it, but I’m worried that I might have to go easy on them to some extent.

“Tomorrow, I’ll ask each of you to introduce yourselves, and I’ll also judge your magic attributes. That’s it for today.”


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