White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 38

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: LordCeraz

The Bonfire Party


A large round moon hung high in the night sky, sprinkling cold moonlight, shining on the vast expanse of the earth.

The open space in front of Skull Crusher Clan’s fortress was ablaze with bonfires. 

There was a grill and grilled fish stuck around on the bonfire. The whole Buda lamb grilled, the attractive grease leaked from the surface of the golden barbecue and dripped on the flames making a crisping sound.

Around the campfire, the army of monsters sat in a circle, Murloc and jackals hooked up {ED: Openly? 😱}, laughing loudly, while ogres and trolls looked at the golden-brown roast meat, their throats bobbed, making the sound of swallowing saliva.

Monsters of different races and sizes laughed together, and the atmosphere was harmonious and joyful.

A strong Ogre took the grilled fish handed over by the Murloc cook.

“Hahaha! Little fish, Karmo likes you, and Karmo has decided not to eat you.”

After speaking, regardless of how hot the grilled fish was, he couldn’t wait to swallow so quickly it burned his mouth, but he couldn’t bear to spit out the grilled fish.

The monster who didn’t get the grilled fish on the side became agitated and looked at the Murloc chef with an unfriendly gaze. The Murloc chef quickly distributed the grilled fish one by one. Soon, the first batch of grilled fish was only left with the last piece.

The Murloc chef looked at the Ogres and Trolls who didn’t get the grilled fish in embarrassment. The Ogres and Trolls glared at each other, obviously not willing to give up.

“Fight! The winner enjoys food!”

They didn’t know who shouted, and the atmosphere suddenly burst into flames. The monsters roared one after another. The Trolls and the Ogres stood up in cheers, walked on the open ground, they fought together, fists to fist.

At the sight of the excitement, the monsters around the campfire got up and watched, and some of them were smart enough to take the opportunity to pick up the fish that hadn’t been baked.

The battle in the field was fierce.

“Glore! Come on!”

“Stam! Hit him in the nose!”

“Kick his ass!”


The Ogre Glore accidentally punched the onlooker Ogre’s face, and the innocent injured Ogre roared and joined the battle group.

A crowd of trolls convulsed, punching an Ogre into panda eyes. The scene suddenly got out of control; the hot-blooded men battled with each other. The Murloc and the jackal quickly retreated and formed a larger circle. They continued to watch and cheer up. 


Amos looked at the messy subordinates and didn’t care. The Ogres and Trolls were rough-skinned, and there was nothing wrong with them.

Ghoul-Garu, attracted by the sound of the battle, put down the two wine jars in his hands, glanced at the chaotic battlefield and the white dragon lord, and burped.

Ghoul: “Oh, Ghoul has never drunk such delicious water!”

Garu: “Idiot! How many times must I say this! This is wine! Hey? This jar is mine!”

Amos looked at this life treasure silently, didn’t all the wine enter the same stomach?

At this time, the Murloc carried the roasted Buda lamb and sent it to the white dragons who were resting on their stomachs.

Buda sheep was roasted on the outside but was tender on the inside, the surface sprinkled with a layer of powdered spices, emitted an attractive aroma.

Willy spoke to Ghoul-Garu, who was mulling over two heads and drinking furiously.

“Ghoul-Garu, come! Try this barbecue! These overseas spices are equivalent to gold in the human kingdom.”

Friendship was a strange thing. Some people only stayed acquaintances, even if they’ve been together for four years; others could see it right away. Willy and Ghoul-Garu were the latter, and after a short time together, Willy discovered that Ghoul-Garu was especially fond of himself.

Ghoul-Garu put down the wine jar, his face flushed, his whole person is sweating profusely, emitting a stench of alcohol.

Ghoul glanced at the barbecue in front of him, holding the wine jar and continuing to drink with his head up, Garu reached out and tore off a piece of barbecue, stuffed it into his mouth, chewed cheerfully.

Amos looked at the golden roasted sheep before him. He greedily grabbed a sheep and put it in his mouth. A crunching sound could be heard as the dragon’s teeth crushed on the bones of the Buda sheep.

On the other hand, Elena blew cold air to cool down the roasted whole lamb before she started to enjoy it.

After eating and drinking, Amos said, “Ghoul-Garu, the supplies of the Skull Crusher Ogres will be delivered on time every month.”

Amos’s voice changed: “However, the Skull Crusher Clan can’t be the same as before, who just eat and sleep every day.”

Ordinary Ogres would sleep when they were full every day without taking up any combat occupation. Only prominent individuals who get the attention of the clan’s top will get the resources and become the clan’s pillar. Since there wasn’t any pressure to survive, ordinary ogres were happy to live this way.

Amos said in a low tone: “You must know that our path to success will not be smooth. Endless battles await us. Only strength can keep the Ogres surviving on the battlefield.” 

Hearing this, Ghoul-Garu stopped picking his teeth, his eyes burning with flames. According to the age of an Ogre, he (Ghoul-Garu) was just a young adult, an ambitious age. Yet the strong Ghoul-Garu had been trapped in Skull Crusher Island. He also yearned for the fantastic world outside.

Garu: “Lord Dragon, don’t worry! I will supervise them myself.”

Ghoul: “Ghoul wants to exercise too! Ghoul wants to fight!”

Amos was extremely satisfied with Ghoul-Garu’s response, and immediately discussed the various training methods for Ogres.

After a series of discussions, Amos gradually put away his prejudice against Ogres.

It turns out that Ogre training was scientifically effective, except that training required a lot of physical effort. If all Ogres were trained in this way, the resources provided by the jackals would be completely insufficient.

So the average Ogre ate and slept, partly because it was lazy and partly to reduce energy consumption.

However, it was different now, the last thing Amos needed was food, the rapid development of fish farming, caveman cultivation was also thriving, and now has excess capacity, resulting in a large number of wasted resources.

Amos had a hunch that the overall strength of the Skull Crusher Ogres would explode.


In the middle of the night, the moon bid farewell to the world.

The ground in front of Skull Crusher Fortress was a mess with randomly discarded bones everywhere, some monsters were still joking and laughing, while some had fallen asleep on the spot, lying on the ground all the way, snoring like thunder.

The senior officials of the White Castle were in a meeting. Amos had determined the monthly share of resources for the Skull Crusher Clan. Old Blind and Old Jimmy were representing the Murlocs, negotiating with Ghoul-Garu about the details of material transportation, while the white dragons were chatting away.

Elena: “Willy, I have a feeling that this time I’m going to make a breakthrough and surpass you.”

Willy sneered disdainfully: “Cut! Me too, you’ll never be able to beat me in this life.”

The elder sister’s strength is undoubtedly strong, and the elder brother is so strong that the dragon was desperate. Neither Willy nor Elena wanted to be the weakest one, so they learned from each other from time to time. Elena lost more and won less, but she never gave up challenging Willy.

Amos was also happy to see the competition from his younger siblings. Only when they were under pressure could they make better progress.

A short time later, the Murlocs and the Ogres completed their negotiation and reported the specifics to the white dragon

“Willy, Elena, do you have anything to add?”

They both shook their heads. Neither of them was interested in management. Most evil dragons were like this, indifferent to their subordinates and only concerned with their gains and losses.

Amos announced: “Well, let’s decide first, and if there are any further questions, let’s discuss them together.”

“The meeting is adjourned.”

The senior members of the White Castle dispersed individually, and the White dragons headed for the forest, where Felicia was still slumbering.


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