God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 36

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Magic sword??


 The sludgy, flame-covered man swiped his sword sideways at me.

 There was no sharpness in his swing and the initial movement was clearly visible and not intimidating at all, however the black flame that sheathed him seemed troublesome.

 It was necessary to be cautious because the flame extended not only to his body but also to the sword he held. If this was a skill, I could wait for the fuel to run out, but this might’ve been a blessing. As long as the conditions were met, his energy might’ve lasted forever. If I didn’t do something, the sun would eventually set.

 I started searching to identify his type of blessing through my smartphone, but I couldn’t find it that easily. It may have been a fairly rare blessing.

 “Shit! Shit! Shit! Why doesn’t it work!”

 No attack hit me, so he got more and more agitated.

 “Haha! Because you don’t have any talent! It’s mediocre at best! You’re mostly a stalker!”

 “Shit! I’m not a stalker! Ah, I mean Mayuzumi….”

 “What? Are you delusional? You shouldn’t say this in public.”

 “I didn’t say anything!”

 “Do you know? Nana looks pretty aggressive.”


 The flames surrounding him only grew larger and larger. Was this counterproductive? It seemed better to calm him down. I took a paralyzing bead out of my magic pouch and threw them at him.

 In a blink of an eye, the paralyzing bead was burned by the black flames and evaporated. It didn’t make any sense.


 When the man swung his sword, the area within proximity of his sword was burned in flames. A radius of 10 meters made up his area. Even if I pooled the flames in a pit, I couldn’t bury it because I couldn’t get close to it. What should I do?

 Hmm? Wait a minute.

 I made a number of pitfalls around the area.

 “No matter how much you try, it’s no use! You’re incompetent!”

 “You’re noisy! Die!”

 The man held his sword upwards and rushed forward.

 This was the perfect spot.

 The man, who didn’t have a full view of his surroundings, easily fell into a pit.

 “You’re cowardly!”

 A black flame burst out from the hole. What a dangerous guy he was.

 “Get me out of the hole quickly! This is such a cowardly thing!”

 I ignored the man’s voice and hurried to the Monster House. My purpose was to obtain the magic sword of the Monster house. It wasn’t about dealing with such a person.

 “Coward! Coward!”

 I entered the Monster House while hearing the chimes of his pleasant cursing.


Negishi doing counterproductive actions for the first time against the stalker guy. wwwww




  1. I never understood the coward calling… I mean usually if you even want to call them a coward, they are fully aware of it or will just never be bothered by YOU calling them a coward.
    Also this coward calling is somehow usually trying to force someone into disadvantageous conditions for them that are advantageous to you, which honestly makes you the coward here…

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