Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 27

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Evil Army

Guzion, the demon had teleported to the grassy plains a short distance away from the Holy City. He had pretended to fall down just so he could escape from Halt’s attack .

If it was the usual him, he would have temporarily returned to the demon world, fix the situation perfectly before going for a rematch.

However, Guzion’s judgement was clouded because his plan that had taken a thousand years to fulfill had been entirely crushed. 

The right side of his body was still missing after it had been obliterated by Halt. He was a demon with top notch regeneration skill; however, because it had been completely annihilated by the holy magic that was the weakness of the demon tribe, it was no longer as simple as regenerating the missing parts. There was no other way but to construct a new body.

“Ugh, S$%^…Come, my retainers.”

Guzion called out, and several shadows appeared on that spot. Several warlocks opened the teleportation gates and appeared into the human world.

It had been a thousand years since they last saw their boss, so they were shocked.

“Ah, Master! What happened to you!?”

“Please hurry and regenerate!”

“What, regeneration support isn’t working? T-this is —”

“My body… was destroyed by the Sage.”

“A Sage, you said!? For a Sage to wound the Master this severely —”

“He’s not an ordinary sage. He’s a monster who can convert dark attributes to holy attributes… Sorry, I’m going to take some of your mana.”

Guzion then touched the warlock nearest to him, sucking out his mana.

He used the mana that he took to make a new body for himself. It was different from regeneration in that it would take a massive amount of mana in order to construct the lost body.

The warlock knew that they would trample on the entire Holy City after they had destroyed the Holy Barrier, because their souls were connected to Guzion’s.

The warlocks felt they were utterly worthless, because they had to let Guzion, their Master, trespass the Holy City and pretend to be a human.

However, it was the plan that the demon Guzion hatched, so they could only obey as his subordinates.

They swore to themselves that when the time came, they would vent all their frustrations and indignation that they felt for being useless all this time onto their enemies.

They would wreak havoc and destruction on the entire Holy City.

They would fill the entire Holy City with fear and despair.

It was for Guzion-sama, their Master.

It was for the Evil God, the one their Master was serving.

Once they were summoned, their reunion would be filled with rejoicing as they spread dread in the Holy City.

However, their reunion now had been far from a joyous one.

Their powerful Master — the one who possessed an overwhelming amount of mana, who also excelled in regeneration — had lost half of his body, and the damage was so severe that it was impossible for him to regenerate.

Who the heck did this —

The warlocks were filled with wrath against the person who injured their Master.

At the same time, a tiny flicker of fear was also born within them.

They couldn’t defeat their Master even if they attacked him simultaneously, and yet, there was a human who had the ability to drive him to a corner.

“That guy — I don’t stand a chance against that Sage. No matter how much I struggle, it’s useless. But, now that all of you are here, it’s possible to destroy the Holy City.”

Guzion looked at each of his subordinate warlocks one by one.

“Sorry, I need all of you to die.”

Their master suddenly uttered those words.

However, not a single warlock protested.

“This body had been originally bestowed by Guzion-sama. Please do whatever you wish with my life.”

“No matter what kind of command it is —”

“By all means, please state it.”

The fighting spirit of their Master had not been broken.

He didn’t give up on destroying the Holy City.

The order of the Evil God — he still planned to fulfill it.

In that case, then we warlocks will obey his command till the end of our lives.

The ten warlocks were all fiercely loyal to Guzion.

“I’m sorry, everyone…”

Guzion transformed into a gigantic wolf.

This was his true form — his completed demonic body.

The warlocks who had devoted themselves to him for thousands of years, no, even tens of thousands of years, were all to be killed at his command.

The last proper thing he could do for them was to give his command while in his true demonic form.

“This is an order. Crush the Holy City. Summon monsters, and annihilate all the inhabitants. Even if the Sage killed your comrades, stopping will be unpardonable. Massacre the humans even if you have to do it alone.”


The warlocks began to summon the monsters that were under them.

Each warlock commanded an army of a hundred monsters, and they started to summon an  entire army.

This was on a bigger scale than the massive stampede that they had generated a hundred years ago, during the reign of the Demon King Velt.

The monsters that were summoned now were also of a different league compared to that time.

There were a few [Ogres], who were all A-rank monsters, and [Orc Kings] who lead the herds of orcs also made their appearance.

The worst demonic host was finally perfected in the past thousand years.

They no longer needed any encouragement from their superiors before the battle commenced.

The souls of all the monsters and warlocks present were connected to each other.

The demon’s fury was passed down to the warlocks, who then relayed to every single one of the one thousand monsters. They all shared the same wrath.


Just a single word sufficed.

At the demon’s word, the ten warlocks and one thousand monsters charged towards the Holy City at full speed.


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