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I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 70

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Little Stick

Compared to the classroom that he was in just now, this one was a little larger. The two back rows were empty, and Zhou Yuan didn’t attract much attention when he waltzed in because he was too short. Only the teacher saw him enter the classroom.

Since Zhou Yuan ensconced himself in the back row obediently and didn’t interrupt the class, the teacher allowed him to stay.

On the other hand, the Legal History teacher was shocked.

Did that kid suddenly just vanish?

Some students pointed out that Zhou Yuan had gone next door. This assuaged the Legal History teacher’s fears. He felt that it was fine for Zhou Yuan to attend whichever lectures he liked.

Therefore, he returned to teaching the class.

Furthermore, he felt that the history of their legal system wasn’t a pertinent topic for children to learn about. After all, lectures about criminal punishment and laws enacted by ruthless rulers were often too brutal and bloody for children. 

Although he surmised that the international trade class next door would confuse Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan had no idea that the Legal History teacher was thinking about such things. Zhou Yuan felt that this type of class suited him more.

He had never reviewed this type of material before, and this was his first exposure to this type of material. He was happy to learn it, but it felt as if he was being thrown directly into a battlefield without any equipment. 

However, being able to expand the ambit of his knowledge was what made him feel very excited.

Class was about to end. Zhou Yuan quickly stood up and returned as quickly as possible to the classroom next door.

He sat in his seat and awaited his father’s arrival so that they could eat lunch together.

In comparison to elementary school, university was a very different experience. There was no teacher to distribute their meals; therefore, they had to buy their own food at the university’s cafeteria.

Father Zhou worried over letting the child go alone, so he returned at noon.

Zhou Yuan was sitting in his seat, and he was busy sifting through his notes. When Father Zhou saw this, he was relieved, “How was today’s class?”

Zhou Yuan suddenly remembered what the teacher told him about the Qin Dynasty’s punishment system. “Are you sure you want to listen?” he asked his father.

Father Zhou asked, “Is college life any different from what you expected?”

He wasn’t that little kid anymore.

“The Qin Dynasty’s life penalty system, which administered the death penalty, included up to two dozen methods of execution, which included…” Zhou Yuan explicated slowly.

Father Zhou hurriedly stopped him.

Why did I forget that the courses concerning our legal history were unsuitable for kids?

But Zhou Yuan didn’t act like a child anymore.

“Were you afraid?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at Father Zhou, “It’s okay. I don’t feel anything.”

Father Zhou: “…” The fact that he didn’t realize that Zhou Yuan was still a child wasn’t his mistake.

Throngs of people filled the university’s cafeteria during lunchtime. Before they even stepped in there, Zhou Yuan and Father Zhou decided to go home for lunch.

There were far too many people waiting in line. They didn’t want to wait in line since they found it strenuous. Additionally, it appeared that students had to swipe their cards to get their meals.

So the two headed home.

After returning home, the first thing Zhou Yuan did was to check his mobile phone for any missed calls. Then, he discovered that there were no missed calls, no unread text messages, and no unread messages on WeChat.

Did Miaomiao not contact me at all?

Zhou Yuan hesitated, but he ultimately decided to call Miaomiao first.

During this time, Miaomiao was very exuberant since she was busy showing her mother the house that they came to survey with the agent.

So even if Zhou Yuan had called, Miaomiao hung up after just a few words.

Zhou Yuan: “…”

Although Father Hua has already viewed three houses, he still hasn’t found the perfect one, which suited him. Either the house had no ventilation, or the house wasn’t in a quiet neighborhood, or a house had good lighting and was ensconced in a quiet neighborhood, but the decoration was awful and needed renovations, so he was still looking for a house.

Miaomiao didn’t seem tired at all. If anything, looking for a new house with her parents caused a storm of excitement to stir in her heart.

Miaomiao enjoyed helping her mother. This feeling made her very exuberant.

Miaomiao walked a lot during the day. Although she had traversed through several communities, it was still quite a trek for children; therefore, she drifted off to sleep quickly during the night.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan’s sleep was unpleasant. That night, he had a bad dream. He dreamt that he was in the Qin Dynasty, and he was witnessing the Emperor of Qin cruelly and mercilessly punishing his subjects. Cries of agony cut through the air. Headless corpses strewed the ground, and pools of blood ensanguined the fields. Some of them had their limbs tied to the rear ends of five horses, which proceeded to tear them apart as they galloped away in different directions…some of them had their noses chopped off…some were crushed into mincemeat…some were even buried alive…

Then, Zhou Yuan suddenly woke up. A night light illumed the room. Using the light’s succor, he looked around the room. A slight feeling of terror still pervaded every fiber of his body.

Although Zhou Yuan was intelligent and strong, this kind of cruel life under the purview of the Qin Dynasty was too much for someone of his age to fathom.     

He opened the bedroom door, and Zhou Yuan trekked into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of warm water.

After downing the water, he went back into his bedroom. His heart felt even more irritable this time when he was lying on his bed.

He buried his head under his quilt and played with his phone for a while, but he still wasn’t able to sleep.

He didn’t want to go to his parents’ room since something like this had never happened before; therefore, he had idea what to do.

Zhou Yuan frowned; then, he took out his cell phone to send a message.

However, there was no reply. Obviously, everyone was sleeping during this time.

Due to his lack of rest, Zhou Yuan had a fever the next morning and wasn’t able to get up.

This shocked Father Zhou, so he decided to go to the hospital with Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s phone rang at this moment. Even though his anxiety was consuming him, Father Zhou decided to pick it up.

Then, Miaomiao also discovered that Zhou Yuan was ill.

Mother Hua always felt like she owed Zhou Yuan a lot. After all, while Miaomiao was at school, she relied on this child to watch over her daughter.

Because she couldn’t visit him due to her injury, she requested Father Hua to take Miaomiao to see Zhou Yuan.

They bought some fruits and asked Zhou Yuan for the address of the hospital he was in. Father Hua and Miaomiao drove over to the hospital.

While on the road, Miaomiao was very upset, “How did Zhouzhou become sick?”

Father Hua answered, “Children can catch colds and become sick pretty easily, but there shouldn’t be any major complications.”

It was clear from her facial expression that Miaomiao was deeply worried.

This was the second time Zhouzhou became ill.

Miaomiao was shocked when she discovered his mango allergies.

Miaomiao arrived at the hospital. Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan was still on IV drops, and he held a book in his hand.

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