White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 37

Translator: Ujjawal

Co-Translator: Anshi

Editor: Lordceraz

After the War

Amos took the old Shaman and flew towards Willy. 

“Elena, treat him, he can’t die yet.”

“Lord Ruff, please lift the curse on Willy.”

The Old Shaman had earned Amos’s respect with his strength and wisdom.

Old Shaman: “It is what I must do!”

Both parties had signed the contract. Even if Amos hadn’t said anything, he would’ve taken the initiative to undo the curse.

Elena stared at the Old shaman with gritted teeth, however, focusing on the overall situation, she casted a rejuvenation spell on Old Shaman.

His wound no longer bled and formed a reddish-brown scab. He tremblingly came to Willy’s tail, with quivering hands, he reached out to Willy’s wound, sucking out a wisp of grey-white energy from the wound, and the energy entered into the Old Shaman’s body and his face reddened and moistened by a few points.

Amos’s eyes narrowed slightly as he watched every move of the Old Shaman. The grey energy took a part of Willy’s vitality and merged into the Old Shaman’s body.

However, this vitality wasn’t even a lot to the dragon, otherwise, Amos would’ve greeted him with a paw.

After finishing the spell, the Old Shaman smiled apologetically at Amos and explained, “The characteristics of necromantic magic are inevitable.” 

 Amos looked at Willy, who had a soothing expression, and nodded in response to it.

“Your Excellency Ruff, now, we must stop this meaningless war altogether.”

“As your wish.”

Taking the Old Shaman, Amos soared into the sky, looking at the indescribable battlefield below.

“Stop it!”

“War! It’s over!” 

The two made a statement simultaneously, using magic to amplify their voices across the battlefield, and the fiery battlefield abruptly cooled down as everyone raised their heads and looked up at the dragon in the sky.

Old Shaman said, “From now on the Skull Crusher Clan will become the subordinates of Lord White Dragon, Amos.”

The monster’s army erupted into a loud cheer, while the Ogres’ face looked deathly pale, the mace in their hands loosened and fell into the ground with a clanging sound.

The subordinate planned to tie up the Ogres as usual. 

Amos ordered, “Old blind! Treat all the injured! Including the Ogres! Bucky Darkscale! Set the flames! Bury the dead!”

“Old Jimmy! Go to the camp and untie all the Ogres, bring them all over here, and bring all the food along!”

Old Shaman said, “A member of the Skull Crusher Clan! Cooperate with the process.”

The aftermath of the war was carried out in an orderly manner.

Amos looked at them and landed, and saw Willy, who was able to stand and put the Old Shaman, whom he had held in his claws, on the ground.

“Elena, go and see how Felicia is doing, if possible, bring her over.”

 Elena nodded, but before leaving she cast a rejuvenation spell on Willy, and then she flew away. 

“Willy, how do you feel?”

Willy moved his body and twisted his neck.

“I’m much better, I guess I’ll be fine after sleeping!”

“That’s good, you have a good rest.”

Amos turned to the old shaman and said, “Your Excellency Ruff, I have a question. As a Shaman, where did you get so much necromantic equipment?”

The necromantic equipment was out of line with the Ogre’s style, clearly not a legacy, and the Old Shaman was approaching death and would bring this secret into the underworld. So Amos went straight to the question and raised his doubts.

The Old Shaman said solemnly, “I found them in a demon relic on the main island.”

“Two years ago, I studied the stone slabs left behind by my ancestors and found clues to the demon remains. Then I discovered the exact location of the remains and went to explore and got this equipment.”

Speaking of this, the Old Shaman looked despondent, he not only suffered a severe blow to himself and was disqualified from breaking through the legend realm, but also buried the top experts of the Skull Crusher Clan, resulting in the current defeat.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in the world. The Old Shaman quickly adjusted his mind and thought about how he could get more benefits for the Skull Crusher Clan.

“Those stone slabs are stored in the secret room below the altar, which records some ancient secrets and tricks. The Skull Crusher Clan is willing to offer them to Lord White Dragon.”

Amos nodded. The Old Shaman knew the current affairs well and offered what Amos was interested in. And also said that it was offered by the Skull Crusher Clan; his intentions were obvious.

There was no need for excessive communication among wise men, and a dragon and an ogre made their way to the altar.

Using magic, Amos shrunk his size, and entered the secret gate under the altar with Old Shaman.

Amos felt as if he had passed through a layer of magic enchantment, and entered the door to see Ghoul-Garu lying under a small altar, covered in the black mist.

It seemed that without the help of legendary equipment, mortals were ultimately ants under the power of the gods.

Seeing the dragon, Ghoul-Garu struggled to stand up but eventually failed to resist the curse.

Weakly asked: “Maun! What’s going on?!”

Hearing this, Amos suddenly realized that there was still a relationship between them.

The Ogres were bigamous creatures, whose babies were raised by their mothers, without knowing who their father was.

However, it was not surprising that a rare, potentially double-headed Ogre baby was adopted and nurtured by the tribe chief shaman from a young age.

“Ghoul-Garu, I have discussed with Lord Amos and signed a contract. From now on, the Skull Crusher Clan will be the subordinates to Lord Amos …”

 Ghoul-Garu silently looked at the bloody scabs on the old shaman’s chest, and the terrifying wounds told him what kind of fierce battle Old Shaman had experienced.

 However, it was clear that the Skull Crusher Clan was defeated, and the old shaman was able to negotiate a conditional contract, which was the best possible outcome.

“Cough cough cough!”

The old shaman bent over and coughed fiercely, the wound cracked again and blood flowed out.

 “Maun! You!”

Ghoul-Garu struggled to stand up.

Amos felt the rapid loss of vitality in the old shaman’s body. He frowned and blessed Ghoul-Garu with a great power technique.

 With the help of dragon magic, Ghoul-Garu struggled to his feet, he gratefully glanced at Amos and held Old Shaman.

 Amos was not insensitive, he turned around and left the chamber, leaving a personal space for the grandfather and grandson to say goodbye.

 Amos flew up into the sky and saw Willy sleeping soundly in ruins, with Murlocs standing by his side and enchanting him with various healing treatments.

Amos was greatly relieved because the dragon’s genes were so powerful that he could recover fast while sleeping. The legendary no matter what the problem is just sleep.

Amos supervised the subordinates’ work and occasionally gave a helping hand.

Time passed quickly, Amos felt something and turned around just in time to see Ghoul-Garu come out of the secret chamber.

Amos flew down and stopped in front of the lonely Ghoul-Garu.

Ghoul-Garu looked at the dragon’s teeth in Amos’s hand. The surface of the snow-white dragon’s teeth was carved with a complex magic array, and red light flowed inside the magic array. If one took a closer look, they’d see that the red light flowing inside the magic array was hot, dragon blood, and the magic dragon blood constrained by the power of magic, flowing continuously in its grooves.

 These were the white dragon fangs used to convert high-level subordinates. Each one consumed a lot of energy from the dragon, and the materials were limited and extremely precious.

Amos looked at Ghoul-Garu, who was uncertain.

“If you are not convinced, I can give you a fair chance against the Ogres.”

 In all fairness, Ghoul-Garu still admired Amos. After all, he carried a legendary cane in a sneak attack but failed to defeat the White Dragon Lord, but he was still reluctant to be someone’s subordinate after being a chieftain for so long. 

Forced by the circumstances, with no choice for dissent, he made up his mind and went down on one knee. 

 “The Skull Crusher Clan is at your service!”


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