Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 26

Translator: Kyat Kyat

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The Demon’s Miscalculation

“I know this is a bit late, but yeah, Tina, you’ve been keeping it for so long.”

“Yes. I kept all the equipment of the Guardian Hero after Haruto-sama returned to his original world… Ahm, I guess it’s better to return it to you?”

Tina looked a bit lonely.

It was her beloved sword that accompanied her for a century, after all.

Even if it was given to me by the Creator God originally, the time that Tina had it was still overwhelmingly long compared to mine.

“It’s fine if you keep on using it even from now on, Tina. I already have this guy here, after all.”

I showed Hakoku to her while saying those words.

“Is that really alright?”

“Yup. Thanks for using it and taking great care of it. And hey, you too, thanks for protecting Tina.”

I offered thanks to the sword that protected Tina during these  hundred years.

“Thank you very much. Please let me treasure it and use it from here on!”

Tina hugged the sword in its scabbard to her chest.


 The demon had revived.

However, his body sustained heavy injuries, and because he already repeatedly regenerated it, it couldn’t stabilize.

“I’m going to kill you. I’LL KILL YOU!”

The tentacles that would appear during regeneration sprouted from every inch of his body now.There was nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast whose fighting spirit had not yet been broken.

There was a possibility that we would receive an unexpected counterattack if we let our guard down.

“Are all of you done venting out? Can I take over now?”

“I’m already refreshed.”

Well, you already minced his body to bits, so of course you would.

“I want to punch him a bit more… but watching Master’s moves isn’t so bad.”

“We agree with Youko!” 

Youko, Mai and Mei didn’t seem to have any problems, either.

“My magic won’t do any further damage, so I’m leaving the rest to you, Halt.”

Leaffa’s wind magic would absolutely pierce even a demon, but it wasn’t so powerful that it could severely injure him.

“I’m already satisfied, meow!”

“Me too, me too!!”

Merdie and Hakua already punched him with all they got.

It seemed that they felt great about it.

Anyway, everyone here told me that they would leave the rest to me.

Okay, so let’s annihilate  this demon, shall we?

“Do you have any last words you wanna say?”

“Last…did you say last? S-stop &@#(*@*( with me!”

The demon’s face was dyed in crimson because of wrath. His body had already stabilized.

“I don’t care about the despair and horror of the inhabitants of this city! I’m going to obliterate this entire Holy City along with all of you!!”

The demon spat those words out. His right arm was wrapped in a colossal amount of mana, and he forcefully smacked the floor of the Great Shrine with it.

The Great Shrine stood at the very heart of the Holy City.

In other words, it was at the very center of the ginormous magical circle that I discovered yesterday.

If a massive amount of mana was poured into the mammoth of a magical circle that was planted in the Holy City, it would blast its surroundings into oblivion — that’s how powerful it was.

And that thing was —

Not activated.

Of course it wouldn’t. I already rewrote part of that circle, after all.

“— Wha? Wh-why isn’t anything happening now?”

“You’re trying to activate the magical circle that you casted on this Holy City, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it will no longer work, you know.”

“What are you talking about!? Why do you know about the existence of that thing!?”

“I discovered it yesterday, so I already rewrote it. As for the reason why I managed to find that cicle… Well, I’m sensitive to the presence of the Evil God.”


“Rather, you should take care. It’s coming.”

“Ha? W-hat the —!?”

He was still in the middle of speaking when a gigantic pillar of light fell down from above his head.


The demon tried to escape on the spur of the moment, but he didn’t manage to completely evade it, and half of his body was  obliterated after being swallowed by the pillar of light.

I messed with the magical circle that the demon casted.

Once the magical circle was activated, all the mana that was poured into it would be converted to holy attribute mana, and it would strike the person who activated it.

It had been quite difficult converting the dark mana used by demons into one with holy attributes, and the efficiency of conversion wasn’t that great, either.

Thus, the pillar of light that fell down on the demon was a lot weaker than the dark mana that the demon poured into the circle.

However, the effect was outstanding.

The demon wounded himself using his own mana.

I thought the demon was already done for by this.

I thought that he was already fatally wounded when he lost half of his body from the holy attribute magic, so  he shouldn’t  be able to move any longer.

The demons I defeated back then had been like that.

But, this particular demon was resistant to holy magic.

He had teleported elsewhere the moment his body fell to the floor.

“Oh no!”

“Hm? You didn’t defeat him?” (Youko)

“No… He escaped.”

I had been too complacent.

I never thought he’d be able to teleport without a single movement even at that state.

I couldn’t help but feel bitter now that I said ‘take care’ to him. If I didn’t speak such unnecessary words, then the demon should have been completely annihilated by now.

“Eh, then that means —”

Realization also dawned on Tina.

But there wasn’t a single trace of doubt on her face.

“You don’t say —”

For some reason, Leaffa looked really excited now. It was as if she was anticipating something — that’s the kind of expression she had now.

“So that means we can watch Master’s moves properly now!!”

“That’s right!” (Mai and Mei)

“Halt will blast him off —” (Hakua)

Eh, why are you all smiling?

The demon ran away, you know?

My ‘moves’, but that’s not important right now —

“Well, we did witness Halt-sama’s move, but just watching the enemy self-destruct is boring, right!”

“Go, Halt, meow!”

Boring, they said…


I wonder now… it seemed as if everyone was confident that I wouldn’t lose.

But I didn’t  feel like losing, of course.

“Halt-sama, it seems that the demon escaped outside the Holy City. I could sense several warlocks around him now.

Tina pinpointed the demon’s whereabouts.

“Thanks, does it seem like he’s going to attack right away?”

“No, it seems like he is also summoning monsters. He is probably —”

Got it now, so he’s planning to attack after gathering all the resources he could, huh.

In that case, they would not attack until they gathered enough monsters.

If a huge swarm of monsters were to  come, then the Holy Barrier should be fixed first.

So —

“I’m going to get reinforcement!”

I teleported to that girl’s side.


T/N: Halt kept on saying a hundred years/ century and it’s grating on my nerves @.@ Like, stop reminding us of her age haha. Anyway, I like how resilient this demon was. It’s good seeing Halt struggle, no matter how small the extent is :3 Also I forgot to say this earlier, but the wives get a lot of screen time now for the fighting scenes, yey! 😀

E/N: Man that was a ride! Ahahah Tina is a grandma. 

I loved the fact that the demon escaped somehow to annoy Halt lol. And all the    wives are pretty sadistic- wanting to see some die for entertainment. And which girl I wonder, the saintess maybe….

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