The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – 76

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 Katariona Remodels the Magic Academy Uniforms

TL: Guys, we’ve made it to volume 3: the Magic Academy~!

Leon’s line of sight began to sting from earlier.

“Let’s reinforce the embroidery with Defense Granting here. Ah! The embroidery here is a bit like the embroidery for Body Enhancement, let’s change the stitches.”

“Yes, that’s right. Please leave the embroidery to me, milady.”

“Of course. Marie’s a better embroiderer than I am.”

Yesterday, I received the uniforms for the Magic Academy, so I am modifying it as I discuss with Marie. 

When I turned thirteen, I moved to a townhouse in the royal capital in order to enroll in the Magic Academy. That was three months ago. 

When I came to the townhouse, I had only brought my personal maid, Marie, with me from the lord’s house. 

Chris accompanied me to the royal capital, but she was soon picked up by the royal palace and reluctantly left. 

Though we often meet and play together, and still exchange letters using the uncensored sealing stamps. 

And, of course, Leon is with me. 

“You guys, leave the uniform alterations alone.” 

Leon interrupted, finally having lost his patience while Marie and I were fiddling with the uniform. 

“It’s alright. We’re allowed to modify the uniforms to some extent. It’s what every noble lady is doing.” 

“That said, don’t you think your uniform has been remodeled too much? Your uniform has been modified to reach the level of an entire country’s army. That’s called magical modification!”

Leon in his small beast form, stood on two legs, with both paws braced at his hips. 

“Leon’s nagging me. He’s just like a stubborn grandpa.”

“What!? You treat me like a grandpa!? It’s true I’ve lived a little longer than Rio, but still.”

No, no, no.  Not just a little, okay? I think that’s quite a stretch.

“You can be a boy or a young man, Leon-sama. Your appearance never seems to age.”

“Nice follow-up, Marie. You know, I’ve never seen Leon as a grandfather.”

Imagine Leon as a grandfather. His human figure is so beautiful, so…….

“Kya–! Such a hot guy!”

“What are you imagining? What do you mean by ‘hot guy’?”

The frowning Leon frowned even more. 

“It was written in a book I borrowed from Flare-sama. It’s an abbreviation for a cool uncle.”

(TL: The japanese verb is a noun, slang for an attractive handsome mature man. I couldn’t come up with an English slang that was one word, so I played it safe. So, sorry if it doesn’t make sense) 

“You borrowed another one of her stupid books?”

I looked at Leon, who let out a sigh, and shifted my faze to Marie, who was embroidering. 

The uniform of the Magic Academy is a dark blue. The boys wear a set consisting of a blazer and pants along with a shirt of their choice. The girls wear a long dress.

There’s a ribbon attached to the collar, but the color is different for each grade. Incidentally, this year’s freshmen are red. 

The border of the uniform is embroidered with a graceful arabesque pattern with a gold thread, but in fact, the embroidery thread has had magic added to it. 

I say ‘magic’, but it’s just a general ‘defense’. I wanted to add a bit of finesse, so I added my own magic to the embroidery thread. Marie will do the embroidery, but… 

It’s a cute uniform, but the noblewomen wear lace and and embroider it in a gorgeous way.

I’m also a noblewoman of my age, so of course I modify my uniform in a cute way.

“What’s so cute about your armor-like uniform?”

“Oh? What did you say? What’s not cute? It’s made of lace from Sandorion.”

I said to Leon, pointing to the Iace on the hem. 

“It looks like a kind of armor an S-class adventurer would wear to me.”

Leon said with a wry smile one his face.

“Leon’s a real jerk, isn’t he.”

“Rio has become cheeky. When you were little, you would say nice things like “I love Leon”. Hmm? Your cheeks puff up the same way as when you were a child, you know?”

Before I knew it, my cheeks seemed to have puffed up. It’s all Leon’s fault. I’m going to be a little mean to him. 

I approached Leon, cupped his fluffy face in my hands and forced him to look at me. 

“I love you, Le~o~n.”

I said, smiling as seductively as I could. 

A split second later, Leon jumped back about a rirudo (a meter).

“Na! Nanana……”

Fufufu. Success! But my face is getting hot as well. It’s embarrassing to whisper words of love, isn’t it. 

“You’re too young! How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing?”

Leon’s voice sounded angry as he shuffled his arms and legs. I can’t tell if he’s blushing because he’s so fluffy.

“Oi! Are you listening to me, Rio?”

“I’m listening. By the way, is Leon not going to attend the magic academy? Didn’t the Crown Prince invite you?”

Before my brother entered the Magic Academy, Leon received a letter from the Crown Prince asking him if he wanted to attend the Academy.The question on the minds of Leon and the rest of the family was “Why?”

“Because he wants to have as many friends as possible?” or “Because he liked Leon?” and so on. No conclusion was reached. 

As for Chris…….

“Look! My brother doesn’t have any real friends because of his personality. That’s why he’s trying to make a best friend,” she said, laughing. What a terrible thing to say. Even though she’s his real sister……

“You’re digressing. I’m not going to the Academy as a student. I’m going with Rio as a Holy Beast.”

Leon said, sitting without moving from where he had jumped back. 

The Magic Academy permits Holy Beasts to accompany students. Leon is a god, so I guess that means I’m the one who’s accompanying him…….

You may think that the school style is surprisingly free, but it is mainly intended to show off the nobility.

“Well, I don’t think there’s a problem with the cat shape.”

It is said that the bigger the holy beast, the more respectable it is. Leon is a small cat with a rare odd-eye, so I don’t think he’ll attract much attention.

“One slight problem, though. Leon-sama is so fluffy and cute, he might capture the hearts of all the female students.”

Marie, who had been silently sticking needles into her uniform, grinned suggestively.

“That’s a problem. Leon, why don’t you wear glasses? The one with the darkest color.”

“You want me to wear glasses even when I’m in animal form?”

I don’t really want to let anyone but my closest friends touch Leon.

“Even if he wears glasses, he’s still adorable as a cat.”

“Ugh! You are right, no matter what he wears as a cat, he’s cute no matter what.”

Yosh! I’ve decided! I’ll do my best to keep Leon out of the hands of the ladies.

“Milady, do you mind if I add Purify to your uniform?”

“Yes. It’s not easy to wash the uniform. Don’t worry! I’ll cover it up with my Sacred Magic skills.”

Leon’s sharp gaze pierced me again.

“Rio! Enough!”

“Yes, yes. This will be the last one.”

I said, waving my hand at Leon.

“You only need to do it once!”

Now the preparations are mostly done.

In a week’s time, I’ll be attending the Magic Academy with my brother.


TL: Guyssss I still can’t believe we’ve made it to volume 3~!!!!! I can’t wait for the upcoming chapters~!

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