Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 80

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro


It was the beginning of the year, March. Allen was checking his equipment. The Mithril sword he bought as a reward for keeping Madegarsh away from the city was working without dulling its blade.

I clutched my beloved sword, which I had been using for over a year. I am not wearing a cloak because it makes it difficult to move. I am dressed as a manservant. I don’t have any clothes that are any more comfortable to move in than them, so I guess this is okay.

Mihai is right in front of me. But something seems different about him?

Mihai was able to successfully graduate after three years of Academy life. Cecile was overjoyed at the thought of being able to live with Mihai in the mansion again.

Mihai came back on the magic ship after three years, but he had something to do with Allen.

‘I want you to fight me for real.’

Mihai, who held a smile and was always somewhat smiling, did not have a smile on his face.

‘Yes, sir.’

I’ll fight seriously.

I replied. For some reason, he wanted a real fight. We are starting the battle right here in this garden. As usual, the Baronial family will be in attendance to watch the battle. The Knight Commander will be the referee.

 Last year and the year before, I had a match with Mihai. This year, however, the atmosphere seems to be somewhat different. I feel an extraordinary determination from Mihai.

I pulled out my Grimoire and checked my status.

 [Name] Allen.

 [Age] 10

 [Talent] Summoner

 [Level] 34

 [Strength] 865 + 400

 [Mana] 1340

 [Attack] 472 + 400

 [Endurance] 472 + 600

 [Agility] 883 + 600

 [Intelligence] 1350

 [Luck] 883

Skills: Summon <5>, Create <5>, Synthesis <5>, Strengthening <5>, Grimoire Expansion <4>, Inventory, Sharing, Delete, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>

 [Experience] 1,490,410 / 7,000,000

Skill level

 [Summon] 5

 [Create] 5

 [Synthesis] 5

 [Strengthening] 5

Skill Experience

 [Create] 1,256 / 10,000,000

 [Synthesis] 1,820/10,000,000

 [Strengthening] 2,455,180 / 10,000,000

Summonses that can be obtained

 [Insect] DEFGH

 [Beast] DEFGH

 [Bird] DEFG

 [Grass] DEF

 [Stone] DE

 [Fish] D


 [Insect] 30 D-rank

 [Beast] 20 D-rank





I am now 10 years old, so I no longer have status subtraction based on age. My status is much easier to read now.

Unlike the past two years, I changed the composition of the card with the intention of going for the win. I don’t have a single Grass card. I also put away all of my summons that I had been using <Sharing> on i.e Summon Squad.

“Thank you.”


Mihai thanked me? Somehow, he seemed to have sensed that I was going to fight for real. After saying that, Mihai also drew his sword and took a stance.

“Master Mihai, Allen. Are you ready?”

In the middle, the Knight Commander asked if both of us were ready for the match. Both of us answered, “Yes.”

“Let’s begin!”

At that moment, I, whose [Agility] has finally exceeded 1400, closed the distance at once. I intended to end it in an instant.

Mihai was surprised for a moment, but he accepted my sword attack.

(Mm, I can take it. No, I’m faster than you!)

Mihai’s movements convinced me that I was the faster one. Hence, I started my attack.

There was no look of frustration on Mihai’s face as he took a defensive stance against me. He continued to receive the attack politely. It was as if the same thing had happened to him in class.

I was faster, but Mihai seemed to have more power. Every time Mihai and I clashed our swords, I was pushed back. However, I didn’t care and continued to fight with his sword.

The Baron had a strange look on his face as he watched the match between the two. The Baroness, Thomas and Cecile were watching the match with amazement on their faces.

(Mmm, he can match me. I don’t know what it is, but is he reading my sword movements? Is it because my <Swordsmanship> skill level is too low?)

Mihai’s exemplary <Swordsmanship> had me on the back foot. Even though I was faster, the difference in skill level between us gave him an advantage.

I was attacked by Mihai, who was quick enough to close in on me, I got pushed back. It’s as if for him I am just a fast dummy with monotonous movements.

And then, as I continued to move and gasped for breath, a sword came at my throat.

“That’s it!

The Knight Commander ended the match. Mihai won.

(Geez, I lost. I was faster than him, but I couldn’t attack him. Is this because of the difference in skill level? Should I raise my [Agility] a little more? No, his [Attack] was much higher than mine, and I almost collided.)

I began examining the power increase and hit rate correction due to the difference in status and skill level between you and Mihai.

“That’s amazing, Cecile’s manservant.”

Mihai seemed to be out of breath as well.

“Yes, thank you.”

(What? No handshake?)

For the past two years, we shook hands after the match, but not today, it seems. I went back inside the building with the Baronial family who had watched the match.

Time passed and it was evening.

Allen was a waiter.

“‘And yet, Allen is so strong, isn’t he?”

The Baroness gave me a compliment that she didn’t have time to say at the end of the match.

“Thank you, I’m not as good as Mihai.”

“Yes, you’re not as good as Brother Mihai. You should start learning swordsmanship tomorrow.”

Cecile said with a grin. She was happy that Mihai came back to the mansion, but she’s also happy that her own manservant is strong.

“Yes, I would like to have your guidance with the sword again when you are free.”

I then lightly bowed to Mihai and answered Cecile’s words.

“That’s the thing, Cecile.”

“What is it? Brother Mihai.”

“I will be working for the Royal Family for the next three years or so.”


Mihai, who I thought would be staying at the mansion from today on, said he would be leaving the mansion for about three years. Cecile froze in shock.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Huh, when are you leaving?”

“Maybe tomorrow.”


 I’m even more shocked. I couldn’t even speak anymore.

“Don’t worry, I’ll write you a letter next time.”

Cecile froze in shock and didn’t seem to hear Mihai’s words no matter what more he said.

(He’s leaving tomorrow on Royal Order? Something about that reminds me of what Viscount Carnell said.)

I remembered how Viscount Carnell was happy that his own children were not gifted. I had wondered if the Talented would have some kind of troublesome job after graduating from the Academy, and it seems that I was right.

After working hard in the Academy and graduating, they would be semi-forced into a job after being away from home for three years for the next three years.

It was the morning of the next day. While I was eating breakfast, the Butler came into the servants’ dining room to tell us that Mihai would be leaving at nine o’clock and that everyone should see him off.

I asked the head manservant, Rickel, what this was about, but he said he didn’t know. Thinking that there are things that even the head manservant with 12 years of work experience doesn’t know, I headed for Cecile’s room.

 Mihai leaves at 9:00, but I have to take care of Cecile from 8:00.

When I was cleaning up the room, I saw Cecile with her clothes changed but she still looked down. Three years is a very long time, and I remember Mihai telling me that the Royal Family’s work doesn’t have anything like a spring break, so it’s just letters.

The servants gathered at the entrance. The front door was wide open and a carriage was already parked in front of the entrance.

The servants stood in two lines at the entrance, flanking the staircase that extended to the second floor. I, the youngest of the manservants, stood at the end of the servants. Since I was the youngest, I was next to the front door.


(Armor? You’re going to the Royal service in that form.)

Mihai, clad in armor and holding a sword from his waist, came down. Everyone from the Baronial family followed behind him. Cecile’s face was down the whole time.

Mihai patted Cecile on the head as he continued downstairs.

“Brother Mihai, we’re waiting for you.”

“Yeah, see you later, Cecile.”

With that, Mihai headed for the door.

Have a good day, huh?

I thought he was just going to leave, but he came straight up to me.

I stared at Mihai as he came towards me, wondering what he was thinking.

Then Mihai gave me a hug.


“Allen, take care of Cecile for me. Protect her.”


Mihai, who is a head taller than me, hugged me and asked me to protect Cecile. I was surprised, but I managed to reply.

Mihai broke free from my embrace and took a few steps toward the front door, announcing the carriage behind him.

“Then I will go and fulfill the duties of the Granvelle family.”

Mihai got into the carriage, being seen off by the entire Baron family.

(Huh? He was shaking, wasn’t he?)

When Mihai hugged him, Allen felt as if he was trembling somehow, though he couldn’t tell for sure because of the armor he was wearing. Thus, Mihai left the mansion again on the order of the Royal Family.

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  1. If you were isekaid, what fighting class/job would you choose n why.
    Me being unoriginal, I’d copy things like this; be a one-man army (hellmode), be a stealthy boi (rulebreaker), or be a supporting role (dcfm)
    This is from low to high in priority respecticely, the former being there for if I have a good fighting instinct (if that even awakens), and the latter being there as to be unnoticed as popularity has is ups and downs while the last would work in times of peace.

    1. Good question. I would like to be a one man army. If possible a jack of trades and master of all but the priorite would be a power to be imortal/dont age.

    2. I’ve always been fascinated with gravity manipulation. So if there’s a mage using gravity, that would be it.
      Else, perhaps lightning.

      I think there’s a lot of ways to manipulate magic in interesting ways, is probably be researching those.

      Think blood bending for water element, temperature conversion (transferring heat from one place to another, so one spot freezes and the other burns)

    3. I created this acount just to answer this question
      If can, would chose being a Player, have Mine Craft evolving crafting catalogue, then Terraria fighting-crafting style, being a supporter-jack of all trades as a secondary kick would use Card’s, something a kin of Zodiac warrior’s, a space mage.

      Priority from first to last, if possible i would like being Anmortal, the first pick you know what makes a player a player, second pick is because i atleast know to swing a stick and there’s this improved craft’s from many known game’systems, then comes third ’cause The abilities S/he has to fight back including mana, the next because being support comes at handy better yet with card’s, then really like my sign, the last Space takes time to understand i have tried to make a planet orbit around a star and didn’t get to it so it’s dificult.

      If given 3 jobs to choose then would be the first three or 2 3 ‘n 4.

    4. Most of these settings have really bad growth and quest meta, and barely any address the considerations of being unable to revive or fight nonlethally.

      I would choose somewhere among summoner, spellblade/crafter hybrid, or interrupt tank.

    5. Do you mean a fighter, or in general? Well, I’ll answer both.

      I’d preferably choose something that doesn’t stick out too much. I would still want to be strong, mind you, but not Overpowered like so many other Isekai MC’s are. I’d rather leave all that fighting and world-saving to other people.
      I’ll take the question as I get to choose, so I’d like a system like in the “Legendary Mechanic”. Using that, I’d learn magic really easily, and then I would learn swordsmanship/spearmanship and martial arts for close combat.

      Next, i want a memory palace (Imagine having a library for all your memories/knowledge. Think of it like advanced Photografic memory), a pasive 2x thought speed, with the option to turn it up to 10x, being able to create multiple thought processes, up to 10. I’d also want the abilites the MC of Zero believer Goddess gets, Birds eye vision and forced calmness.

      This should allow me to get through most situations. The system i chose will allow me to obtain knowledge and skills retaining to knowledge incredibly quickly, and keep track of my current abilities pretty well. The thought-related abilities I chose will allow me to react quicker in various situations, and focus on more things. If I ever end up in a political situation, these abilities will be amazing, as well.

      Magic is for utility, mid-range and long-range combat, while swordsmanship/spearmanship are for close-range. They can also be used in tandem with magic, increasing damage and piercing. It also makes it safer for me, as i wont be a glass-cannon type character. The martial arts are for if I’m ever in CQC without any other weapons.

      TL;DR: I want to keep myself Low-key, with the system from the “Legendary Mechanic”, talent in swordsmanship/spearmanship, martial arts and magic. As for magic elements, I’d like all of them.
      Advanced Photografic memory, passive 2x thought speed with the option to turn it up to 10x, and being able to create up to 10 thought processes + abilities of MC from Zero believer Goddess.

      Sorry for the long post.

      1. “I would still want to be strong, mind you, but not Overpowered like so many other Isekai MC’s are.” yeah, scratch that, what i stated would make me OP. I would still like to not stick out, though. Which shouldn’t be too dificult as an archmage, master swordsman/spearmaster and master martial artist, with up to 10x thought acceleration and 10 thought processes.

    6. I think it would depend on how the systems work. Like magic system: is it instinctive? or do you have to memorize a bunch of complicated symbols. If it’s the later, I’m fucking out of there ASAP. If it’s based on your understanding of the elements or something like that, I’ll probably go with water or lightning. Purely instinctive: earth.
      If I don’t like the magic system, I’ll likely be going with a blunt type of weapon cause you don’t need to be so precise (at least in my imagination).
      But I don’t think I would mind if I was doing some alchemy stuff as long as I’m doing something that is interesting and not just working for a factory.

    7. Id deffo prefer the setup our stealthy boi from rulebreaker has! If he put some serious effort into leveling he could become the strongest/fastest assassin in no time, much like the mage girl who manages to max out her magic skills and stack up over 100 unused skill points by going on a monster magic killing spree. His ability to assign his skill points where he wants is nothing short of godly!

      Allen is OP but it requires constant grinding for his entire life. That said every time his skills level sees a qualitative leap in his abilities. From E-rank summons to D-rank is the difference between him hunting solo and small packs of mobs to taking on entire nests solo. Can only imagine the jump C-rank will give him!

    8. I think I would like something close to Archer from Fate/Stay Night. But not only copying but also being able to make weapons myself

    9. I would and always would like to be a Space mage
      Teleport to locations wherever it is, whenever you want through gates or without gates
      create a seperate dimension for Inventory
      use gates to cut things/enemies in half (by shrinking the gate or deactivating one), teleport your enemy in a death zone (underwater, lava, space,…), carry goods,…
      deflect physical and magical attacks to the opponents’ back
      [use micro-gates to transport oxygen in your lungs and carbon dioxyde out for longer stamina, transport your blood in your muscles]
      it has many uses for daily life and combat

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