God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 34

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Ochimusha Channel

 A week has passed since I created the Ochimusha channel on Youtobe. I edited and uploaded a video titled, ‘Monster Pit Challenge’. My favorite moment to replay in slow motion was the facial expression of the monster as it fell into the pit.

 At the moment, I was sending a link to Gojo and getting her to spread it within the Explorer Circle. It would have been nice if middle school and high school students could also view the beautiful video, but this was fine for now. Mayuzumi was of unknown age and she seemed to have few friends, so I couldn’t rely solely on her. But, for the time being, I sent her a link.


 I felt quite tired because I did everything from planning to production and development all at once. The canned beer sitting on my PC desk tasted delicious.

 There is nothing else to do now, I can’t predict what’ll happen.But, If the Ochimusha channel got on track and got approved for monetization, the profit would be split 7 to 3 between Wakutsu and I. Of course, I would get the 70%. Wakutsu would be given the rare drops from the monsters as a part of a performance fee, so even that was a lot for him.


 My smartphone vibrated. When I checked it, I was notified by ‘Let’s Go for an Adventure!’ that I received a notification from Mayuzumi.

 “I saw the video posted by Ochimusha.”

 “How was it?”

 “It was funny. Lizardfolk are the best.”

 “It’s the first one I ever recorded.”

 “Wakutsu looked like a genuine warrior.”

 “Well, he is a good actor.”

 “And the fellow who trained the kobold group.”

 “Oh, the guy who hit Wakutsu without falling into the pit.”

 “It’s fun to have more kobolds because there aren’t many pitfalls.”

 “It all depends on how many I choose. I can adjust as much as I want.”

 “I want to do it too.”

 “You won’t be a decoy. You won’t be targeted and chased by monsters because you don’t show much emotion.”

 “No. I meant as a monster. I want to chase Wakutsu.”

 “That’s possible. Let’s set up a surprise prank for Wakutsu.”

 “Seems fun.”

 “Well, let’s do it at a later time, since all the posts I’ve made are still gaining views.”

 “Okay, let’s keep it spreading to more viewers.”

 “Do you have any followers?”

 “With tweets using Twittor, I’ve got 500,000 followers.”

 Was this girl always so popular? I might have looked down on her for a bit.

 “I see. I’m asking for your help, then.”

 “You already asked. Oh, by the way.”


 “Did you get the magic sword?”

 I completely forgot.


Ochimusha Channel and Youtobe, quite interesting. Also, don’t you feel that this job totally suits Negishi and Wakutsu-Our Rising Star Wakutsu!! The Author is really creative, considering how can they come with all these ideas , and with all of Negishi’s vicious moves too. Enjoy reading 🙂



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  1. “Did you get the magic sword?”
    “No, i was too exploiting, *Cough*, getting my friends help in creating a Youtube channel.”

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