When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 82

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Interrogation system

This transparent cover is colorless. However, it is very tough and extremely difficult to destroy. The most terrible thing is… this transparent cover seems to be poisonous!

At the beginning, there were many people who tried to leave, which left the remaining people intimidated by the aftermath, and they didn’t even dare to try.

What the hell is going on? Why set this up? And… who are they trying to capture with this? Who is so vicious to make a barrier that kills so indiscriminately?

As the host, an old elder from Huang Tang comes out with a trembling body, looks at it, and yells, “This is Yeying monarch’s original Baixu array method! How can it appear in Mingguang?”

Everyone retreats even further away at the mention of the monarch. That is actually the thing of the devil, you can’t touch it! 

But how to crack it? Or are they going to be trapped inside forever?

The old elder cries again, “You all know that everything produced by the Yeying monster is most vicious, and this array is no exception. Those who are trapped in this array will be affected by this! The formation method gradually absorbs power and energy, and eventually kills the weakened victims. But if you try to leave, you’ll be poisoned immediately! The purpose of setting up this formation method was to make people die in despair!”

Everyone is struck by shock and then horror and then… wait a minute, they can’t do anything, but someone powerful is here! Isn’t the Lord Lin Jinying around?

Everyone quickly set their eyes on the direction of the Lord. 

Lord Lin Jinying’s convoy also stops at the barrier, having been about to leave. They observe the poisonous array, apparently also not knowing what to do.

Isn’t there a way for Lord Lin?

Everyone is desperate, and suddenly someone steps out of the convoy and approaches the barrier. He picks up a stick, whacks it against the barrier a few times, and then tosses it over his shoulder.

“Yep, let’s go!” the man calls out. 

The Lord’s convoy leaves.

Everyone watching: “…”

What? How? Is the formation broken?

Although it is known that the Lord is very powerful, but this is Yeying monarch’s poisonous array, why is there a stick wielding man who can break it?

Kong Wuying arrives back in the carriage and Kongbao rushes over to kiss him, stars in his eyes. “The master is great! But who’s trying to harm me with master’s formation? Is it the Sword King?”

“It seems so,” Kong Wuying replies casually, shoving Kongbao off him.

Kongbao stares some more.

Kong Wuying shrugs. “I feel like I’ve heard him say that he’ll hurt you, but I don’t remember!”

Kongbao says sourly: “My master doesn’t remember me at all, he doesn’t love me at all.”

Kong Wuying shrugs. “It wasn’t important at the time. I can’t remember every little thing.”

So Kong Wuying leaves with Kongbao.

Huh. He feels like he forgot something else? Oh well, let’s go.

At this time, in Kong Wuying’s room in Huang Tang, Kong Ba looks at the gray stone in the palm of his hand, a grim smile on his face.

He strokes the grey stone gently and says to himself, “Father, are you going to Yeying? You can rest assured that Xiao Ba will never leave you.”

The system he’s touching trembled, it’s heart wailing. Why did the host throw it away, and didn’t come back to pick it up! System was caught by the terrible son!

Fortunately, the perverted son doesn’t know the system is alive and can talk, otherwise it will be dead!

As soon as the system thinks this, Kong Ba smiles gently. “Don’t pretend, I know you can talk. Tell me, father’s secrets.”

System: “…!”

Kong Ba tilts his head and grins, showing his abnormal character. “I don’t know if anything will work, but I have a hundred ways to torture you, and I have the patience to try each and every method.”

The system breaks immediately. “No, No! I have something to say. I’ll tell you, tell all,  okay?”

Kong Ba: “…”

It was a casual threat, is this really going to be so easy? Was it really made by my father? Is the tone so lax? Is there any fraud?

Kong Wuying, tricked into entering Kongbao’s palace, looks around.

The Mausoleum, the head of the three holy places of Mingguang, the palace of the Lord Lin Jinying. Its grace and luxury are almost comparable to the palace in Daqing.

Kong Wuying squints at Kongbao: “You seem to be rich?”

Kongbao laughs. “Everything belongs to master! How can there be no money for me to give you? That would be disgraceful.”

Kong Wuying scoffs. “Where is my room?”

Kongbao blinks. “Master, you don’t know? Although I look very big and important here, there are more people in the palace and more things cluttering rooms. It is a little difficult to clean up a room in a short time. It would be better to bother the master to stay with me for a while. Anyway, you can stay for a few days, right?”

“Are you kidding me?” Kong Wuying deadpans. Tell him that there is no room in such a big place! Is this master an idiot?

Kongbao smiles. “Would you like to hunt down a room instead? There are three floors, eight basements, thirteen palaces, twenty-seven courtyards-”

Kong Wuying’s eyes slowly get wider.

At this time, the intimate Ah Zi suddenly inserts a sentence: “My Lord, this subordinate has already ordered people to clean up the Landian, sir can stay at any time!”

The baby’s face is almost stunned at that moment, before recovers with a terse smile. “You can’t have cleaned it yet, Landian is so big that it is difficult to clean it!”

Ah Zi pats his chest and promises, “You can rest assured! I have cleaned it up to ensure that there is no dust left.”

Kongbao: “…” Why can’t you read the room?

Kong Wuying nods. “Then, I’ll live in Landian.”

So Kongbao can only watch the master at his fingertips run away.

In private, Ah Qing secretly asks Ah Zi: “You know that the Lord wants to share the room with sir, why do you say it on purpose? Shouldn’t you… you still like the Lord?”

“I like my Lord of course, just doing what a good subordinate should.”

Ah Qing narrows his eyes. What a lie!

Kong Wuying spends three days in the place and his life is quite comfortable. He is highly respected up and down (nonsense, even the lord is so dog-legged, do they dare not respect the new man in the house?), and the Daqing Empire has been afraid of him since that incident. 

Lao Qin has already taken the mediation order, so Daqing is okay for the time being.

Kong Wuying lives a sweet life. As for what Kongbao promised before… supplies, flying beasts…

Kong Wuying waits and waits, still not seeing any movement, so he asks, “When are you going to be ready?”

Kongbao puts on a very distressed expression. “You know, master, this takes time.”

Kong Wuying is too lazy to talk nonsense with him. “I’ll give you one night. Regardless of whether you are ready or not tomorrow, this monarch will leave!”

The ultimatum is really useful. In the early morning of the second day, Kong Wuying sees the super luxury configuration, top flying boat, senior boatman, and a large number of maids and supplies.

Kongbao is really underplaying himself.

With humourous sigh, Kong Wuying gets on the flying boat, the destination—Yeying.

Then, Ah Zi… is left.

Ah Qing sympathizes. “It seems that your last behavior really made the Lord angry.”

After all, Ah Zi is the one who was supposed to gather the supplies. Ah Zi looks at the direction of the flight, and hums absently.

Kongbao didn’t bring Ah Zi for a reason. Kongbao knows the subordinate knows how to read the room and he’s pissed he didn’t get to stay with his master over the few days here. Ah Zi was also acting suspiciously back on the mountain – maybe trying to steal master!

So Kongbao brought Ah Bai, who is not interested in anything other than his data analysis. Master will not be scooped away.

Won’t… be stolen…

Kongbao stares dumbfoundedly at Ah Bai and his master.

Ah Bai is watching Kong Wuying and sighs. “You know, every move you make, is graceful and luxurious, and you are natural. You have an 80% chance of being a superior for many years. And although your appearance is just an ordinary kind of  beautiful, depending on your temperament every move is perfectly natural, which makes people yearn for you unbearably. A peerless beauty.”

Kong Wuying smiles at this little subordinate. “Oh, what an interesting child.”

Legend has it that Ah Bai, who is only interested in data, actually bows his head slightly and smiles shyly.

Kongbao: “…”

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