The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 5

Outrageous changes for Ronald

In front of the main bulletin board of Magic Knight Academy

Three days before the school entrance ceremony, Ronald and his friends were suddenly told of a big announcement by the academy, and they came to the large bulletin board in front of the school building in high spirits.

“Are you joking!!!”

The red-haired boy next to them, Allan Kruger, squeezed out the words while glaring at the bulletin board with a fiery color of anger on his face.

Ronald completely agreed with Allan this time. In fact, I could confidently say that his indignation was even greater than Allan’s.

It was because the matter posted on the bulletin board was so unreasonable in every sense of the word that it was unacceptable to Ronald.

The parchment posted on the bulletin board read as follows.

“Next change in class – Sirabe Ines Navarro to be Class G teacher.

Transferring to Class G: Mia Cyrus, Teresa Hartwig, Pluto Brauser, Cliff Millard.”

“I’m in a different class.”

Mia looked a little sad and somewhat resigned as she spat out the words.

“Why is Mia in the infamous Class G? Besides, is that person in charge of Class G? That’s ridiculous!”

Of course Ronald was confused.

Certainly Mia was hopeless in the emission-type magic, but her magical reserve was extraordinary. If we talked about physical strengthening magic, she might be on top inside the school and because she was also a diligent person, without doubt her academic scores were in the top class. No matter how negatively she was evaluated, she was sure to get into Class A. If they were evaluated properly, there was no way that they would go to G class, which was also known as the disposable cockroaches class.

And the homeroom teacher for Class G was Sirabe Ines Navarro, who was supposed to be teaching Ronald and his Class S.

Everything about Sirabe Ines Navarro was unusual.

His dignified demeanor, his superb knowledge of magic, and his outstanding leadership skills had led Ronald and the others to victory. Not a single one of the people who had fought the dragon-shaped golem in the course of practical lesson under his command would be stupid enough to think that he was a student like Ronald and the others

The fact that he looked the same age as Ronald and the others made sense when you considered that Old Seig brought in the elves, who were rumored to be long-lived forest keepers, to teach Class S.

The elf clan was a race who appeared in the book of genesis where they lent their powers to the founding emperor, Philip Rose Archive. Because they were so secretive, except for their physical characteristics, there was no stipend that had been communicated to the public or even officially.

And those physical characteristics were that he was ageless and extremely beautiful.

In fact, his appearance was so dainty and beautiful that at first glance he could be mistaken for a girl. However, his appearance, tone of voice, and atmosphere clearly denied that he was a woman, and not many people would actually consider him a woman upon meeting him.

Anyway, if he was an elf, Ronald didn’t see the point of having someone who had come all the way here to be in charge of Class G. Ronald didn’t understand the reasoning.

“If you look at the lineup of Class G, it’s pretty clear!! For the most part, Mia is disturbed by Lord Cyrus’ downfall to stay at the academy, and as for Sirabe-sensei, he doesn’t like teaching outsiders. It’s just a bunch of stupid fence-mending by adults!”

Allan’s bellowed shout drew a few startled glances from the students around him.

“Allan, nothing will change no matter how much you let out your frustration. Let’s go and ask Old man Seig.”

Seig had been Ronald and the others’ private tutor since they were children. He was absolutely not the kind of person who would do something hat wouldn’t be in the best interest of Ronald and the others.


Shaking with unspeakable indignation, Allan moved his feet toward the professor’s office where Old Seig was.

Mia, who must have been quite shocked, left first because she had to practice, so Allan and Ronald decided to go to the instructor’s office. From the look she had, Ronald had a rough idea what she was going to do.

Ronald knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

However, it was not Old Man Sieg’s voice, but an unfamiliar man’s, who gave the permission for them to enter.

Ronald opened the sliding door and stepped through it into the room.

This must be a lie…..

Ronald reflexively gulped as he looked at the people seated at the small wooden table in the center of the large room.

The blond-haired gentleman sitting across from Old Man Sieg was the head of this academy, Riot Bernstein. And the gentleman with crimson hair sitting next to him—

“Why is my father here?”

Allan shouted in a displeased tone.

“What is the point of telling you where I am?”

The crimson hair man, unfazed with Allan’s outrage, smiled faintly and spoke harshly.

He was the Warlord, Horus Kruger, Allan’s biological father, who had the highest authority in charge of the military affairs of the Imperial Regular Army.

After biting his teeth together, Allan regained his breath and turned around, his expression of anger disappearing.

“What’s the reason behind that class composition?”

He quietly asked for an explanation of his biggest concern.

“Deplorable. Don’t you even know what my professional duties are? I’m a warlord, a military person. I can’t possibly have a say in the academy’s internal affairs.”

That was a fair point. But then he wouldn’t have been here without a reason.

“Don’t play dumb! You’re not going to show up at this teaching institution without a reason!”

“What do you think about that, Riot?”

Warlord Horus asked the headmaster.

“Humph…..bastard, you are asking me that? Making such a large ruckus, now the whole academy is thrown into chaos!”

Headmaster Riot swore and looked at Lord Horus as if he was the enemy of his parents.

“Headmaster Riot, I’m formally requesting the withdrawal of that compromise.”

The two look at each other and take a deep sigh.

“Your Highness Ronald, I wish I could do the same for you, but as a result of that unreasonable person working behind the scenes, the decision has been officially made by the faculty. Therefore, even I, the headmaster of this school, cannot interfere with it.”

Headmaster Riot once again glared at the Warlord.

“Wait a minute! Don’t say something scandalous just like that. I just gave them a push on their back. The choice until the bitter end was their own.I don’t like being treated as a villain.”

“What do you think you are saying?”

Out of frustration, he screamed while rhythmically hitting his soles on the floor.

“Thanks to that, your beloved daughter is now in Class S, in addition to the strongest bodyguard. That should be enough, right?”

“This and that are different things! There is no reason to involve children in our filthy politics!”

Politics… As expected, the cause of all of this was the Empire’s dispute? Really useless.

“You are seriously a cold-hearted, unreasonable, and a horrible guy, that’s for sure in public eyes. That level of wizard, just because he wasn’t an imperial person, no, just because he wasn’t from a human race, you dropped him to that disposable class. I‘ve really misread you.”

At Allan’s abusive words, Warlord Horus changed the type of his smile to something more vicious.

“As expected of my son. You seem to be misunderstanding something.”


As Allan repeated back, Warlord Horus raised the corner of his mouth.

“He is human and also an imperial person from the same imperial nobility as you. And he is 13 years old.”

“What? Don’t you dare lie to me!”

At the response of Allan, he narrowed his eyes and took a sigh.

“And the biggest misunderstanding is between his standing and Class G.”

Allan had a very unpleasant premonition.

The Warlord’s vicious smile made Ronald extremely nauseated.

“The standing of Shirabe-sensei and Class G?”

He must never hear the rest of it. He had a feeling, but his parched mouth parroted the question back to him.

“I have sent you a list of candidates who are permitted to stand on his side in the future.”

“Warlord Horus!!”

Without changing his expression in the face of Old Man Seig’s fury, Warlord Horus said.

“Allan, if you had any natural talent at all, I would have gone to any length to get you into that miracle class.”

For Ronald and the others, the words he spun were exactly the same as denying their existence.

“We don’t have any talent?”

Allan asked with a hoarse voice.

“You guys are ordinary people. You’re not the type of vessel that could pull your weight in this turbulent world.”

“Shut up………”

Warlord Horus’s smile vanished for the first time as he looked at Allan, who was grasping his fist tightly.

“Do you feel frustrated? Did you think you are extraordinary, different from others? Unfortunate to say, but vessels like you aren’t even worth a dime.”

“He is truly one of history’s rarest heroes. Even though you’ve been exposed to his miracles, even temporarily, you’re not qualified to join his ranks if you can’t imagine anything more than a meager desire to learn magic.”

“Enough, Horus!!]

At the shout of Headmaster Riot, the Warlord shut his mouth for the first time.

“Sorry, it’s just as you have guessed. This time’s arrangement is just a filthy pretext. But, you’ve achieved the highest level of grades among all the students. That’s an unmistakable fact.”

“Old Man, that’s still not a consolation.”

If they were to comprehensively consider what the Warlord had just said now, then Ronald and the others were poor and untalented Honor Students. That was the kind of position they were in.

“I’m not trying to console you, I’m just saying that the talent that Lord Horus is referring to is the aptitude of a monster like that man. If we were to take that as standard, it would not be too farfetched to say that Hero Yukihiro and of course even I, too, are just normal people.”

Seig had always been a man who did not show off his strength. Even if the opponent was an enemy, he would never say anything to undermine them. In other words, Seig must really consider Hero Yukihiro as an ordinary person.

Certainly, there were a lot of people who condemned Hero Yukihiro for confessing his sins. Most of them would probably give him a negative evaluation. Ronald also didn’t like the way the man looked at his sister, Lilinoa, in a stubborn way.

However, no one who spouted such negativity would deny that he was a superhuman hero.

“Don’t worry! His Highness Ronald and the others, in Class S, we had prepared the best mentors and the strongest assistance. You will have to work hard in this environment and achieve results that will satisfy us in the regular examinations at the end of this year. If you do… 

“I will arrange for that man to be your teacher. I promise you that.”

“That means we have to beat Class G. Is that it?”

“That’s right.”

Finally, a thread of hope appeared, though it was too thin to even be outlined.

Mia’s total magical power was slightly greater than Ronald. If it weren’t for her inability to control her magic, she would be no match for Ronald in terms of talent. If it was that person, he would have no trouble correcting Mia’s flaws and maximizing her strengths. And now that the Warlord had discovered her talents, it was safe to assume that the other three had at least the same potential as Mia. The same old routine of training would not be enough to win.

Mentor was indispensable. Ronald and his friends needed a mentor who would lead them to the peak of superhuman ability, a strict and intelligent person who would not tolerate any indulgence.

Ronald looked at Allan next to him, and he nodded his head. The hesitation in Allan’s eyes disappeared, replaced by an intense will.

“So, Old Man, tell us about the mentor.”

In the words of Allan, Old Man Seig raised the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t be surprised after hearing it.”

He announced the surprising name.

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