Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~Chapter 79

Translator: NightNote

Editor: Totoro

Goblin Nest

It’s my first day off in October. Following the Knight Commander’s report the other day, I have come to the foot of the White Dragon Mountains. Strictly speaking, this area is already at the foot of the mountain range.

The White Dragon Mountain Range starts from this forest, and after a few days of walking, the slope becomes more and more severe, and the landscape changes into a desolate mountain range.

There are Goblin and Orc Nests throughout this part of the forest. The Armored Ant Nests are a little farther up the desolate mountain slopes, where they live in large burrows.

Today I plan to take down one Goblin Nest. I have selected a Goblin Nest where the Knights are likely to arrive in the next few days. I am not going to give away my experience to the Knights.

For the time being, I plan to focus on defeating this Goblin Nest.

The Boss, who is the leader of the Goblin Nest, is a C-rank magical beast called the Goblin King, and since it’s C-rank, I think I can defeat it with ease.

However, the Boss, the leader of the Orc Nest, is a B-rank magical beast called the Orc King. It is still too early for me, who had played tag with Madegarsh to fight against them. I am thinking of defeating at least a Goblin Nest and gaining experience before challenging it.

Then there is the Armored Ant Nest, which is also quite tough. There are apparently more than a thousand Armored Ants and their Queen in the Nest. The Queen Ant is said to be a B-rank magical beast.

Even if I can defeat the Queen Armored Ant and sweep up the other Armored Ants, I will need to go into their burrow. The sheer number of them and the situation of getting into a burrow makes it even more difficult than the Orc Nest.

However, there is a great advantage to taking down a Nest of Armored Ants. The burrows that these behemoths pass through a large area and  that may even lead to a vein of Mithril. Destroying the Armored Ants would give us access to tunnels in the mountain range that would allow us to enter with room to spare. In fact, two of the four current mining sites are former Armored Ant Nests.

I am currently in front of the Goblin Nest captured by the Eagle while using <Sharing>. Several Eagles circled in the sky, continuing to observe the entire Goblin Nest.

“Let’s get rid of every last one of them.”

The Goblin Nest was surrounded by a kind of fence. The crudely constructed fence had a gate and was guarded by two Goblins.

(Okay, go! Bears!)

Four Bears headed for the gate. They instantly killed the two Goblins that noticed them. My summons are almost invincible against the D-rank magical beasts.

Naturally, I’ve used D-rank Fish Harami’s [Splash] too.

One of the Goblins, noticing something strange, rang a bell from a tower. With the sound of the bell, four Bears entered the Nest.

Goblins started coming out of houses made of rags and wooden sticks. The Bears kill the approaching Goblins by using [Crunch]. 

Then Goblins with bows appear from the top of the walls and towers. I guess they are trying to attack from a distance. The Goblins who were trying to attack from a distance, were hit with Spyder’s [Spider Thread] which slowed their movements. Debuffs work well against Goblins.

(I like long range attacks. My summons don’t have any long range attacks at the moment. I’d like to get a long-range and mid-range attack.)

I look at the bow held by the Goblin with envy. It’s nice to have a summon that can buff you, but long-distance and ranged attacks still improve hunting efficiency more.

I also entered the Nest, which seems to have between 200 to 300 Goblins. I come in through the gate and see the battle between my summons and the Goblins.

(If there’s this many of them, we’ll lose some.)

This is the first time we are raiding a Goblin Nest. I considered whether I could sweep the Goblin Nest with only my Summon Squad, but it seems impossible. If there are so many of them, we might miss half of them. If possible, I’d like to kill them all.

(Now, let’s make this quick and easy. Come on out, Bears.)

Six more Bears appear and join the four Bears that were originally there to defeat the Goblins.

Goblins were being killed at an overwhelming rate. Some of the Goblins began to retreat from the rear.

Then, ten more Bears appeared from the opposite side of the Nest.

He had them wait on the other side of the Nest and instructed them to come into the Nest when the bell rang. The Goblin bells did not stop for that reason.

We’re going to surround them and kill them rapidly.

Then a very large Goblin came out, about 2 meters tall, unlike the 1.5 meter Goblins. He was carrying a large battle axe.

(Oh! The Goblin King.)

It pushed the other Goblins away and closed in on us.


The F-rank Insect Chu (Leech) also helped using its special skill [Suction] to help Bears defeat the Goblin King.

(TN: Suction drains the power of the target. Allen relied heavily on this technique to defeat Albaherons.)

Apparently, there is no problem.

(It’s still a quick hunt. I heard the Goblin King is a C-rank magical beast.)

I’ve already killed thousands of C-rank magical beasts. Even the Goblin King was easy, since it’s a C-rank magical beast. Finally, he dropped his battle axe and collapsed.

“You have defeated 1 Goblin King. You have acquired 4200 experience points.”

After defeating the Goblin King, I went on to kill the remaining Goblins. I finished wiping them out by summoning Bears to surround them.

(All done. Now let’s see if they’re still some left in the houses.)

I walked into the stinking Goblin’s house. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about it.

(A couple of Bears followed me, the rest were gathering Goblins in the middle of the Nest.)

I ransack the Goblin’s house while giving instructions to the Bears.

(I was wondering if there would be any frightened children of Goblins, but apparently not. They attacked me like rabid dogs earlier.)

I thought there would be immature child Goblins in the Goblin Nest, and what if there were frightened child Goblins? But in reality, both small and old Goblins attacked with all their might like rabid dogs, and we defeated them like any other Goblin. It seems that when Goblins see humans, they only want to kill them.

As I think about this, I frown at one building.

They were human corpses that had been abducted from somewhere. There were several of them, almost all of them skeletonized.

(I have to destroy it.)

Goblins are a valuable source of experience. In my previous life where I was a gamer, it would not be surprising if I felt that it would be a shame to reduce the number of Goblins. However, leaving the Goblin Nest in this situation would only lead to more and more casualties. Once again, I decided to eradicate the Goblin Nest.

I asked my summons to collect the human corpses in the center of the Nest.

I then proceeded to collect all the magic stones from the Goblins; D-rank magic stones have uses, such as the [Mana Fruit] skill of D-rank Grass Jagabata. I also collect the Goblin King’s C-rank magic stone.

It took me about two hours to finish collecting everything.

“Bears, bring me the building materials of the house.”

The Bears brought me a pillar and a piece of cloth that was used in the house. I instructed them to place them on top of the pile of dead Goblins.

Once there was enough building materials placed on top of the Goblin corpses, I took a torch out of <Inventory>. This torch was lit. I can also keep a lit torch in the <Inventory>.

 I used the torch to set fire to the building materials piled on top of the Goblin corpses. A large pillar of fire rose next. A few days later, the Knights might arrive in this Nest, which would be littered with rotting Goblins. That might cause an infection. So, I burned them all in one place.

(Now, what to do about the human corpses? I could cremate them and bury them, but this world might have other ways of doing that. I’ll just lay them out neatly and leave it to the Knights.)

I don’t want to bother with too much extra work.

(Well, it looks like there’s no time to waste in the Goblin Nest, so let’s get rid of them quickly. After that, I’ll challenge the Orc Nest.)

I realized that eradicating the Goblin Nests won’t be a problem.

Thus, Allen began to sweep the Goblin Nests at the foot of the White Dragon Mountains.

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