God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 33

Translator: Appleot

Editor: Fleur

Acting guidance

 I somehow managed to dress Wakutsu in armor and began instructing him on how to act on the eighth floor.

 “Wakutsu, you need to drag your legs more.”

 “Paisen. What do you mean?”

 “You have to become an ochimusha! You are an ochimusha who has lost a battle and has an arrow stuck in his back! There is not enough desperation from you.”

 “No, even if it’s a battle.”

 “Don’t you understand what to do? Now, take a look for yourself.”

 I showed Wakutsu the video taken on my camera.

 “Oh, I don’t feel tragic enough.”

 “That’s it! Alright, try again!”


 After that, I gave acting tips for about 15 more minutes. Before long, Wakutsu finally began to exude an ochimusha feeling.

 A lizardman suddenly appeared behind Wakutsu. But Wakutsu hadn’t yet noticed. I calmly held the video camera in my grip.

 “Hey, paisen, why did you turn the video–….”


 The lizardman began running, approaching Wakutsu quickly.


 Wakutsu was taken aback by the sudden scream from the lizardman and the feeling of the unfamiliar armor and threw himself to the ground.

 The lizardman set his aim on Wakutsu and tried to jump on him.


 I had dug a deep cavity in the ground in front of Wakutsu by [Earth manipulation] and covered it with a thin layer of dirt. This was a pitfall.

 Best spot!

 The figure of the lizardman disappeared in the blink of an eye.



 I had successfully recorded a video of a stunned Wakutsu and a lizardman that fell into a pitfall.

 “What is this? Paisen.”

 I ignored Wakutsu’s words and buried the lizardman alive with [Soil generation]. The video kept recording. Three minutes had passed. Goodbye.

 “Wow! Lizardman stones! It’s a really rare drop!”

 Wakutsu picked up the dropped stones. I stopped the video when he started to jump from excitement.

 “Take it. Today’s guaranteed reward for your service. It was quite a performance.”

 “No, it wasn’t acting, but….”

 “Okay, at first I was planning to shoot only a lizardman, but let’s shoot other monsters as well.”

 “Eh! Are we still doing more!”

 “Don’t you need more lizardman stones?”

 “In that case, I’ll do it. But if something happens, I’ll give up. For now, please let me do it!”

 “First we’re starting with goblins. I’ll also shoot you with some kobolds and orcs.”

 “I understand!”

 When Wakutsu gave up, we headed to the first floor. It would be a while before Wakutsu gained worldwide popularity as ‘OCHIMUSHA WAKUTSU’.


Heya~ Negishi and Wakutsu making a great team, right? Ah, I feel bad for Wakutsu though, I hope Negishi pays him well for all his tragic-I mean hard work! Enjoy reading 🙂



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