I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 67

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Big Trouble

Zhou Yuan didn’t tell Miaomiao that he was going to attend a minor course at a university during the weekends.

He opined that it wasn’t a big deal; therefore, he decided that there was no need to inform her.

However, Miaomiao was preoccupied with another issue. Miaomiao was very afraid of needles and injections, but now the school required students, who didn’t get the vaccine, to get them now.

Of course, Miaomiao wasn’t vaccinated. When she was a child, she never got a lot of vaccines. After Mother Hua adopted her, she couldn’t get all her shots at the same time. She had to take her vaccines in between certain intervals, and she had already received two shots.

As soon as Mother Hua perused the message, she informed her daughter, “Miaomiao. You have to wear loose clothing tomorrow. Will you be afraid of the needle and injection?”

The school wanted students, who never got their vaccines in the community centers, to go to the infirmary. There, they had to create a record before getting their inoculations.

Mother Hua had already filled out the form and sent it back, so she asked Miaomiao about it. When Miaomiao received her inoculation last time, she stood beside her to assuage her fears.

Miaomiao nodded and told her that Jingjing also didn’t get her shots, so Jingjing would accompany her tomorrow.

Right from the start, Jingjing didn’t want to get her shots, so she cried profusely. However, her parents still forced her to receive her inoculations. Eventually, she found out that there was a loophole. When she pretended that she had a cold or some other illness; then, she could simply skip her vaccinations.

Thus, when she went for the second time to get her vaccine, Jingjing caught a cold.

Then, when Jingjing went to get the vaccine a third time, she caught a cold again…

Just from pretending that she was sick, she already missed two inoculations.

The next day, Miaomiao wore loose clothing with sleeves,which could be rolled up easily. Upon her arrival at school, she found Jingjing lying atop her desk. 

She coughed and said, “Miaomiao, I have a cold.”

Miaomiao ran a hand across her forehead and said a line that she heard a person from TV say, “It’s thirty-nine degrees.”

Jingjing nodded, “If you have a fever, you won’t be able to get a vaccine.”

When Jingjing finished speaking, she leaned towards Miaomiao and said, “I’m pretending to have a fever. All you have to do is tell them that you have a cold, then cough all the time. Also scald your forehead with a water bottle, and then they won’t stick a needle into you.”

After digesting her words, Miaomiao froze for a moment before ensconcing herself into her seat.

Miaomiao still remembered her first injection…

The needle is very sharp. What if it breaks and gets stuck inside my skin?

This frightened Miaomiao a lot. For the duration of her next two classes, her nervosity and trepidation completely engulfed her.

During their half-hour break after the conclusion of their second class, the head teacher stepped in and announced, “I believe your parents already told you about this yesterday. But who wants to get the vaccine? Please come with me right now if you do.”

Jingjing knew how to pave a way for herself at a young age. Jingjing slowly stood up from her seat, and then she coughed and even pretended to blow her nose. Then, she asked, “Teacher. I seem to have a cold. Will this affect my vaccination?”

Although she obviously wouldn’t get inoculated if she had a cold, she specifically asked about it to give credibility to her words.

Miaomiao’s heart throbbed wildly.

I’m afraid of that needle. Very, very afraid.

Miaomiao squeezed her hand. 

I’ll also pretend…to have a cold…

Jingjing obviously pulled a clever stunt, but she also underestimated the cleverness of her teacher who replied, “Then, don’t get your vaccine. Just go see a doctor and get some medicine.”

Jingjing: “…”

Teacher Li approached Miaomiao after speaking with Jingjing and said, “Miaomiao, let’s go first.”

Miaomiao was still mulling over her dilemma, so she was startled when the teacher called her name. Instantly, her face flushed into an incarnadine red, and she couldn’t help but utter the words, “I…I have a cold…”

Immediately after she finished her statement, she felt as though her heart was stuck in her throat. “I…I…” An ambivalent feeling of discomfort overtook her.

Teacher Li noticed that her face was flushed with an erubescent red as if she had caught a cold.

“Let’s go see the doctor for a checkup. Just take some medicine.”

Jingjing was sitting in the back and immediately said, “Medicine is one-third poison. Teacher, it’s just a cold. I’ll be fine in two days.”

Teacher Li: “…” Where did this girl pick up these ideas, and from whom did she learn them?

Miaomiao felt very upset as she sat back down. Ambivalence began to stir in her heart. This was the first time she had lied like this. It was very torturous for her. Then, she got up and went to the school infirmary with the teacher after dwelling over it.

Along the way, Miaomiao regretted lying that she had a cold…

Mom dressed me up in loose clothing so that I could get my vaccines. What should I say to my mom if she asked me why I hadn’t gotten my vaccinations today when I got home?

Mom, I lied about getting a cold…

Miaomiao felt as if a huge, oppressive hand was crushing her heart. She felt uncomfortable.

She was so uncomfortable that it really did look like a cold to the headteacher.

Miaomiao remained silent when they arrived at the school’s infirmary. So, the headteacher told the doctor, “Miaomiao seems to have a cold today.”

Miaomiao kept her head down and didn’t dare to look up.

Then, she heard a familiar voice, “I’ll take a look.”

Miaomiao raised her head immediately and saw her father walking over to her side. He donned a white coat and a mask.

Miaomiao was stunned.

It’s all over now. Not only did I lie, but my dad will also discover this lie…

Father Hua checked and replied, “It isn’t serious. She just needs to drink more hot water.”

Miaomiao thought to herself, ‘Dad must have found out that I didn’t have a cold. What should I do?

Miaomiao returned to the classroom in a daze.

As soon as she returned, Jingjing noticed something different about her expression, so she rushed over and asked, “Miaomiao, did you get your injection?”

Zhou Yuan also eavesdropped on their colloquy. Zhou Yuan initially thought that it was funny when Miaomiao lied about having a cold.

Zhou Yuan felt that Miaomiao was acting a little silly since the thought of needles and inoculations terrified her.

Then, he noticed her terrible state when she returned.

Miaomiao shook her head, “No.”

It would have been better if I got my shot. Even if the needle broke, it would still have been fine…

What am I going to tell mom when I get home? Is dad going to tell mom that I lied?

This tormented Miaomiao even more. She wouldn’t have lied about having a cold if she had known earlier…

Zhou Yuan sighed as he noticed her reddening eyes. She fought the urge to cry.

She is still just a child.

He gave her a lollipop. When he bought some things at the supermarket, the cashier gave this to him for free, but he didn’t like eating this type of food.

He suddenly realized that if this continued, he wouldn’t have to go to elementary school next semester.

If his mother noticed that he was happier studying at a university rather than at an elementary school, his mother should give in to his demands.

Zhou Yuan peered at this tablemate who was still upset about her failed inoculation.

It’s a child’s problem…

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