White Dragon Lord

White Dragon Lord – Chapter 34

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The Great War

According to their original plan. Amos and Felicia would lure out the Old Shaman, Willy and Elena would hold back the Ogres on the wall. When the monster army broke into the wall and joined the battke, Willy and Elena would clinch that presented opportunity to get away, and then the four white dragons would attack the Old Shaman together. 

Unexpectedly, the old shaman’s behaviour infuriated Tiamat, and Her Majest the Queen of Dragons descended on Felicia. The strong divine power made Felicia’s body a mess, causing her to lose her combat effectiveness.

However, before leaving The Dragon Queen released a simplified version of the Dragon Domain, which increased the combat power of the white dragons and the Dragon Descendants, and on the contrary, further expanded the dragon side’s advantage.

However, Amos was the only one who dealt with the Ol Shaman, and he was the only one who could straightforwardly handle the Old Shaman.

Now, the war was finally back on track. 

The monster army rushed up to the city wall and fought with the Ogres. Willy and Elena forced the Ogres back and leapt down the wall to Amos’s side.

Both Willy and Elena were unwell now, many of their scales were broken, and had sustained many injuries that were oozing out blood. Especially Willy who had a chunck of flesh missing from leaving behind a bloody wound. 

 The blood dripping from the white dragons was their own, but more was bled from their enemies.

The pain and blood roused the spirit in the bones of the white dragons, making them even more dangerous. After they were done with the preparations they all began approaching the Old Shaman. 

Behind them stood a group of high-ranking monsters who’s combat effectiveness had been enhanced by the increase in the Dragon Domain. 

Seeing the Old Shaman being surrounded, the high-ranking Ogres couldn’t stand still. As they leapt off the wall, the monsters and minions (of the dragons) began to engage them in battle. 

The conflict to a scenario where the king fought the king, the general fought the general, and soldiers fought against soldiers. 

Amos stared at the bulged-out Old Shaman, he didn’t believe that such a secret method was without side-effects. Maybe, after a while, the Old Shaman’s body would collapse on its own. 

“Ralph Skull Crusher! Give up!”

“My army has arrived! The Skull Crusher Clan has failed!”

Amos directed a mental attack at the Shaman. Meanwhile, Elena took the time to cast three rejuvenation spells, making the white dragons feel refreshed coolnes and itchiness from the healing of their wounds. The white dragons took the opportunity to enchant themselves on recovering their magic.

The Old Shaman also took the opportunity to absorb the magic of the Caucasus’s Skull and his tone was unwavering as he replied, “The Skull Crusher Clan will never give up!”


Amos said disdainfully: “With your current body! How long can you hold it?!”

The old shaman’s expression remained unchanged, but Amos didn’t miss the worry that flashed across his eyes.

Amos charged directly at the Old Shaman. Willy and Elena attacked from the sides. Three white dragons were besieged by the Ogres for so long, and now they were venting out the built-up fire.

The Old Shaman took off his skull necklace and tore off the string. Nine skulls scattered on the ground. A cloud of black mist rose up where they landed. He summoned nine three-meter-high skeleton warriors holding bone knives each of whom could enter high ranks.

The skeleton warriors protected the Old Shaman, and the Old Shaman quickly read the spell, and another Tier 3 spirit wolf jumped out of the black mist.


Is he bringing out his cards? 

Amos was depressed. He thought he had singled out the Old Shaman, but when the war started, he had become othe object of the enemy’s beseigment. He raised his claws and smashed a skeleton into pieces. While the other skeleton’s knives slashed against his scales which created sparks. 

Elena was also held back by the skeletons while Willy fought with the Spirit Wolf.

The Old Shaman pushed fireballs with both hands. The fireball with long tail flames attacked Willy through the gap between the skeleton warriors. Willy evaded quickly. The Wolf’s claws bounced out of his forelimbs, and the claws became covered with a light red magical aura that grasped onto Willy, leaving four bloodstains on his body. 

Amos stubbornly resisted the skeleton’s attacks, and with the help of Willy he bit off the spirit wolf’s spine. Among all the summoned creatures, the Tier 3 spirit wolf posed the greatest threat to the white dragons.

Amos’s iron armor like scales, after going through multiple battles, had become nearly transparent. A splinter swiftly came towards him. He could only raise his claws to cover his vitals. The splinter pierced Amos’ forelimbs and got stuck in his strong muscles. 

Amos endured the pain and spewed out a mouth full of Dragon’s Breath. The Old Shaman raised a wall of earth to block the Dragon’s Breath and cut off the view of both sides.

Neither side dared to step in. The white dragons stepped back and distanced themselves.

 The houses around the battlefield were destroyed by the fierce fighting.

Between the rubble of the house, Amos pulled out the splinter and spurted blood which dyed a small patch of ground red. Elena emitted green magic energy,  and a burst of vitality merged into the wound, stopping his bleeding. 

Amos panted heavily and sighed in his heart. He (Old Shaman) was worthy of being Half-step Legend, he was able to hold his own against a fierce, leaping-challenging species like the dragon and can still pick three.

He sensed the magic power in his body had already consumed 40% in only ten minutes of the battle and then glanced at his minions from the corner of the battle. They had already gained an absolute advantage.

Amos made a gesture to his siblings and they immediately understood. They had gone through large and small battles, no less than twenty times, and had developed a perfect tacit understanding.

Time off!

The three white dragons spread out in a triangular formation to facilitate mutual support, while the strongest Amos stood in front.

Amos looked at the Caucasus Skull in the old shaman’s hand. This was an inexhaustible source of magic power. Despite how many spells the Old Shaman cast, the magic power on his body had not diminished.

Although the Old Shaman had plenty of magic, unfortunately, he was getting weaker and weaker. If he were a few years younger, Amos would’ve probably done everything he could to get as far away as possible.

Looking at the white dragon, who had spread out for stability, the Old Shaman began to get anxious in his heart. He knew his own situation best that his time was running out and he used secret methods to stimulate his body’s potential; his current potential was just a temporary outbreak before his death. He couldn’t afford to delay any longer. 

The Old Shaman stared at Amos, as long as the leading white dragon died, there would be hope for the Skull Crushers. His magic began to surge wildly. 

“Be careful! He’s getting desperate!”

The skeleton warriors rushed up first. Amos looked at the old shaman’s head. A basin-sized large fireball began to spin steadily, he was injecting his magic  into the fireball wildly. The air around the orange fireball was scorched to an astonishingly high temperature. So high that it distorted the air around it. 

Amos’s scalp was numb.


The minions and the Ogres in the rear hurriedly agreed to a truce tacitly, each looking for cover, after all, no one thought themselves to be invincible.

Amos also wanted to dodge, but he felt that the Old Shaman had locked himself, and he could not escape.

The skeletons sprung up and lunged at Amos, limiting his hiding space.

Between life and death, the system analyzed the feasible solutions extremely fast, and his brain began running at full throttle.


The fireball flew toward the pile of skeletons, and everywhere it passed, the air was distorted, seemingly slowly, but in fact, it was fast and landed on the pile of skeletons.


A mushroom cloud rose at the explosion, and the surrounding creatures were forced to close their eyes by the powerful light and the sound of the explosion made their ears temporarily go deaf. The powerful shock wave knocked away the nearby minions.

 After a while, Willy opened his sore eyes, and the explosion site had turned into a large pit of five meters in diameter and one meter deep. The soil in the pit was roasted into a glazed state by the high temperature of the explosion, and the wall within 30 meters of the pit had completely collapsed and turned to dust.

Elena was relieved to see Old Blind, the dragon-descendant and the other siblings being alright.

But where’s the elder brother?

At this time, a red dragon claw protruded weakly from the ground beside the crater.

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