Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 7 – Chapter – 23

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Clover

The Hero’s Words (1/2)

I thought we were saved the moment the flaming knight appeared and punched the demon.

Maybe, just maybe I would be saved.

Even Ysha might be saved.

Our pleas of help must have reached the Creator God, and he must’ve sent the flaming knight to us — that was what I thought, so I never imagined that the knight would lose.

It was an extremely pure and powerful magic spell.

But —

The demon pulled out something from the knight — it was probably its heart — and the knight  vanished right on the spot.

The ray  of hope that started to creep through  my heart was extinguished, just like that.

The demons’ pride lied in their ability to break people’s hearts.

Moreover, they extremely relished those broken hearts.

That was why it was important to remain strong in the face of a demon.

But, it was impossible for me.

The knight that was obviously stronger than me had been defeated in an instant by this demon.

Not only that —

The demon also destroyed the Crystal that activated the Holy Barrier. 

It was said that the Holy City was established around a few thousand years ago.

The Holy Barrier that had protected the Holy City for that long period of time had been destroyed right in front of my eyes.

It was my fault, because I didn’t notice the existence of this demon, and even permitted his entry into the city.

Moreover, after this, ten warlocks and the monsters they led would assault the Holy City, and yet I already lost most of my power as the Saintess, and I would no longer be able to fight against them, nor could I revive the dead  again.

Actually, I could also defeat a warlock if I used all the power I just obtained from the Creator God.

However, a demon was impossible.

The existence that ten warlocks couldn’t even defeat even if they attacked together — that was a demon.

By the way, there were two other people who could defeat a warlock, and those were Elmia, the captain of the Order of the Holy Knights, and the Holy Knight Shin.

Shin had become my knight just recently, but his potential surpassed even all his senior knights. Truth be told, he was the person who protected me till the end when we were attacked by the warlocks.

Elmia, too. She had been supporting me as the captain of the Order of the Holy Knights for approximately 5 years now.

If we included the years when she was just a Holy Knight apprentice, then we were already acquainted for more than a decade. She had been treating me, the Saintess, as her sister.

At first, I was the one acting as the older sister. I used to  comfort her whenever she would complain  that the training was too hard. I looked after her in a lot of ways.

However, because I didn’t age, before I noticed it, Elmia became the older sister between the two of us.

She had protected me from various dangers as my big sister.

I loved Elmia back when I was taking care of her just like a little sister, and when she protected me as my big sister.

Elmia wasn’t here, in the Great Shrine.

My last memory before the demon captured me was when Elmia and Ysha, who was the saintess candidate, went to the priests to greet them.

Ysha was crucified right before my eyes.

Ysha…I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you….

It would’ve been great if at least Elmia was safe, but…

Elmia had been busy protecting me, so even though she was very fashionable and was a gorgeous beauty, Elmia didn’t have a boyfriend.

I couldn’t date any man.

I offered my entire being to the Creator God.

Still, such restrictions did not apply to the Holy Knights. They could marry like normal, and there were knights who built their own families, even.

That’s why it would have been better if Elmia also had a lover.

“My cute sister is doing her best everyday and she can’t even get a boyfriend! As if I can do something like that!” — that was what she said to me back then.

I couldn’t  age while I was a Sainess, so I was also looking forward to enjoying falling in love after my role here was over. 

But, Elmia, you’re already 26 years old, right?

All the other girls around here had already married, you know?

When I told her that, she said ‘Then, when Seira is done with being the Saintess, I will marry the same man as you.’

That’s why I had been doing my best in raising a new saintess candidate since that day.

If I remained a Saintess forever, then Elmia would just turn into an old lady.

I loved Elmia, so I thought how nice it would be if our spouse was the same person.

I was sure our life would then become full of happiness —


The demon gripped my neck as he lifted my body up.


I was immersed in escapism.

Elmia and I, living as two ordinary girls — I pictured such a bright future in my mind.

But that was shattered as I was forced back to hell.

It’s the end.

“Why don’t I make you bear Halt’s child? How about it? If you’re going to submit yourself to me then I will let you live.”

The demon said that.

…Ha…lt? Ha..ruto?*

Is he referring to the Guardian Hero, Haruto-sama?

The hand on my neck was tightening, and it was so  painful that I couldn’t think straight.

Why did this demon know about Haruto-sama?

That person had already returned back to his own world long ago.

But, if that person is here, then —

“…You will never win against that person.”

Those words unwittingly spilled out of my mouth.

Haruto-sama , the Guardian Hero — the Haruto-sama  that saved me from the swarm of hundreds of monsters, the person that I yearn for — there was no way that he would lose against something like a demon!

Strange, I no longer feared the demon, just because I thought of Haruto-sama.

I recalled the feel of his gentle hand as he patted my head.

I recalled his voice as he admiringly told me how beautiful my tresses were.

This was a desperate, hopeless situation, but my chest was filled with warmth.

The demon took out a jet-black sword and pointed it at me.

If it was the earlier me, then I would’ve  probably been trembling in fear.

However, right now, Haruto-sama was in my heart.

There was no reason for me to fear this demon.


My heart was about to be pierced by the demon’s sword —

I didn’t feel any pain, no matter how long I waited.

Rather than that, I could feel that I was being held so gently instead.

“Sorry for making you wait. It’s alright now.” 

The familiar voice washed over me, and I slowly opened my tightly shut eyes —

Halt-sama, the Sage, was right before me.


T/N: * Sorry, I had to tweak that a bit, as you know, the Japanese text is Haruto for both Halt and Haruto XD

E/N: Seriously! He came at the last moment! What a coincidence. I wanted some angst….I don’t know why but I really wanna see Halt suffer and fail sometimes. ( ̄∀ ̄)

Elmia: Then, when Seira is done with being the Saintess, I will marry the same man as you.’

– Whut!? Why? Marry someone else!

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  1. Elmia: Then, when Seira is done with being the Saintess, I will marry the same man as you.’

    – Whut!? Why? Marry someone else!

    Of course it is so that, that man can enjoy sister sandwich

  2. Something just occurred to me… In regards to halt’s status, if he did, y’know, “the deed”… Wouldn’t he have endless, uh, “stamina”? Because I feel like that would be the natural conclusion.

  3. I was kind of hoping that when they both lost the purpose of protecting Seira that Shin and Elmia would find each other 😦

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