I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 66

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Editor: Wahnsinniger Herrscher

Small Changes

Father Hua told her that he would like to go home first; therefore, Miaomiao complied before following her father home. As she entered her bedroom, she found Mother Hua lying on the bed.

“Miaomiao is back.” Mother Hua was awaiting Miaomiao’s return.

Miaomiao ran over to her side and clutched her mother’s hand, “Mom is back, and Miaomiao is back too.”

Mother Hua kissed her forehead and asked, “Did you get a little red flower today?”

“I got two flowers,” Miaomiao presented her mother with the incarnadine flowers.

“Miaomiao is amazing, “Mother Hua extolled.

Grandmother had already prepared lunch. She came out and said, “Let’s go and eat together.”

Miaomiao’s grandmother and great-grandmother didn’t have any particular opinion regarding their son-in-law.

Grandmother also knew that Father Hua had quit his hospital job. She couldn’t help but comment, “It must have been hard to work in a hospital. You’ve been working there for many years now, trying to eke out a living there. It’s better if you change jobs and take care of your health. You might feel fine, but as you get older, you’ll start having some health complications.”

Great-grandmother sat next to her. Since she didn’t don her hearing aid, she only caught the last sentence. She raised her head and unhappily said, “I’m not old yet.”

“Yes, yes. Mom, you’re not old at all!” Then, Grandmother peered back at Father Hua.

A little abashed, Father Hua said, “I’m still a doctor, and I found a job. I’ll start working in two days.”

Mother Hua replied, “He didn’t tell me where he’s working now.”

She surmised that it had to be a private clinic.

Perhaps this job wouldn’t be fraught with difficulty like his previous job.

Father Hua peered at Miaomiao, who was eating next to him but commented nothing about this matter.

Miaomiao was planning to partake in a video chat with Zhou Yuan after eating. She wanted to ask Zhou Yuan to teach her how to do her homework.

But as soon as she took out her homework sheets, Father Hua offered to help her with her homework.

Father Hua remembered that he had wanted to assist Miaomiao with her homework when she returned home from her first day at school, but he had to go to the hospital before he could begin.

Miaomiao was quite pleased that her father was willing to help her with her homework. From her viewpoint, this meant that her father would never abandon her.

Mom will be very happy if dad doesn’t leave.

However, they realized that there was a problem when it came time to sleep. The house didn’t have enough rooms.

Originally, great-grandmother and grandmother slept in one room while Miaomiao and Mother Hua slept in another. Today, they had an extra person to take care of – Father Hua. Also, they had to take into account Mother Hua’s injury.

As a result, Miaomiao decided to go to sleep with her grandmother.

Mother Hua was a little worried, but Miaomiao assured her that everything would be fine. In the past, she used to sleep alone.

At that time, she was very much afraid of anyone who was next to her. She couldn’t fall asleep if there were people next to her. She could drift off peacefully to dreamland alone as long as the room was quiet.

After moving here with Mother Hua, she naturally slept with her mother.

Miaomiao also had no problem sleeping with her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Although she loved her mother the most, she was more than willing to sleep with her grandmother since her mother’s foot had suffered from an injury, and her father needed to tend to it. But the only caveat was that so long as she was awake, she had to go see her mother in the next room.

Grandmother promised her, “Of course, you could go see her.”

Miaomiao believed her grandmother, so she slept next to her during the night. She soon drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Miaomiao awoke from her slumber and found her mother still fast asleep.

Miaomiao went to school, but she arrived a bit late. Upon her arrival, she discovered that Zhou Yuan hadn’t arrived yet.

Miaomiao froze for a moment.

Did he suffer another allergy attack?

Miaomiao still remembered Zhou Yuan’s absence from school due to his mango allergies.

This time, Miaomiao decided not to find Teacher Li, as she was adorned with her watch. Because her father helped her with her homework last night, she forgot to give Zhou Yuan a video call.

When their second class ended, Miaomiao darted out of the classroom like a cannonball. Jingjing and Deng Feng hurried after her.

While squatting adjacent to the flowerbed outside their classroom, Miaomiao called Zhou Yuan.

When the call connected, Miaomiao asked, “Zhouzhou, why didn’t you come to school today?”

Zhou Yuan paused for a second before replying, “I stumbled upon a problem at home. It’s a little complicated. I’ll come to school in the afternoon.”

After Zhou Yuan finished talking with Miaomiao, he immediately hung up the phone.

Then, he turned his attention to the adults from his family who were still in a bad mood.

Grandma Zhou was still very dissatisfied. “He’s already very intelligent. What’s wrong with sending him to college early?”

Mother Zhou sighed, “That’s because he could go to college at any time, but what about elementary school? It’s easy to enter the world of adults but hard to live out there. So, I want Zhou Yuan to enjoy his life. I want him to have some childhood memories that he could look back on. Some children don’t have that opportunity, you know. He would have some friends that he grew up with. He won’t be surrounded by people who would just treat him like a child. I made the wrong choice before, and I don’t want him to make one himself and then regret it later.” 

He sat down, and he felt a headache slowly begin to consume him. Her words meant nothing to him. He knew that would not regret it later. From his viewpoint, he would rather acquire knowledge that he didn’t fully understand yet rather than waste time on things he already knew. He wanted to tread into territories that he never explored before. He wanted to explore the world and see new things.

Zhou Yuan was very confident that he would not regret his decision.

Then he glanced at the call log, and a moment of hesitation enfolded him. 

Will I really feel no regret later on in the future?

Father Zhou could only squeak in a soft voice in front of the two women he feared the most, “How about I send Zhouzhou to a university during the weekends so that he could attend some minor courses? I know a few law professors there, so he could easily attend their lectures. He gets the best of both worlds. He could acquire all the advanced knowledge he wants, while he could still be able to experience his childhood. Why not just let him enjoy his childhood from Monday to Friday, and then he’ll study on Saturday and Sunday?”

Zhou Yuan: “I agree.”

Father Zhou: “You don’t need to state your opinion. The master has agreed.”

‘Don’t worry about anything. Just prepare for the law courses,’ he tacitly sent a message to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan gave him this idea, but he didn’t know how Zhou Yuan found out about the double-degree program from this university. It included a major in finance and. When Zhou Yuan told him about the double-degree program, he went to check it out.

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