God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing

God bought my bad character and gave me a blessing- Chapter 35

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Fleur

A magic sword?

A magic sword. It’s a sword containing skills. For example, a magic flame sword has flames that envelops the blade.

Of course, such a sword would consume your energy just like when you use a skill, but the effect is said to be incomparable to even a simple physical attack.

The shortsword I was using was a low-grade sword bought from Adventure Lover. I was about to upgrade to a higher grade sword, but then I heard about the magic sword. It seemed like a good chance to jump on.

This is because the contents of the treasure chests appearing in the Monster House of certain levels followed a specific pattern. For example, once a magic sword appeared on the eighth floor, it would continue to persist there for a while. That was why the time to go after the magic sword was now! I’d forgotten about it for a while.

And the eighth floor.

Unfortunately, there were many other explorers who thought similarly. The magic sword was one of the most popular items to be obtained from the treasure chests. When I arrived at the Monster House, there were several groups of people already waiting for their turn.

The Monster House releases 10 monsters for each person who enters. Normal parties of explorers are made up with safety as their top priority, so their attack power is not that high. In other words, the waiting time between groups is insanely long. 

And what a long, long wait it was. I could feel eyes on me from earlier. I couldn’t help it to a certain extent, since the captured image of Mayuzumi was broadcasted live due to the Orc King uproar, because the gaze was too unreserved. The gaze was coming from a man.

“Do you have any business with me? I need to respond to an enthusiastic stare, right?”

I took the initiative and spoke up first.

“What disgusting thing are you talking about?”

The young man was flustered by being called out so suddenly.

“Oh, come on. Why? Do you feel disgusted talking with men?”

“You ask ‘why’? What disgusting thing is disgusting!”

“What an unreasonable guy. So, what do you want?”

I saw the mark on the young man’s neck. Was it a blessing? That was a nuisance.

“What kind of relationship do you have with Mayuzumi-san?”

Not Shinigami-chan, but Mayuzumi-san. Is this guy an acquaintance of Mayuzumi or something?

“Nana? Yeah, she just sticks to me by herself.”

“Don’t call her by that name!”

“I’m calling her by that name because she asked me to. It’s none of your business. Are you Nana’s boyfriend or something?”

“…No, not really, but eventually…”

“What is it? Are you a stalker?”

The eyes of the people fell on the man. The man’s face turned red. The man stood up tall and raised his sword.

 “Take back your words!”

He glanced at the explorers around him, but no one tried to stop him. He was probably a solo explorer, too, and had his own blessings.

“My rebuttal doesn’t change the fact that you’re a stalker.”

“I’m saying I’m not!”

The young man stepped toward me, raising his sword. I had no idea he was this stupid. I quickly ducked and put my foot down, before the man fell to the ground with great force.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

The man shouted while lying on the ground.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

What the hell? Something’s wrong with this guy.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

As the man stood up, a sludgy, viscous, black flame-like substance appeared around his body. This was obviously a bad sign.

The explorers who were waiting for their turn in the Monster House quickly disappeared to avoid getting involved. It was a wise decision on their part.

“You can’t have Mayuzumi-san!”

Hey, what’s with this development? Where’s the magic sword?

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Poor Negishi-san, he need to deal with Nana’s stalker but it’s a fate meeting anyway www




  1. Wait so… MC meets a stalker and male yandere extaordinare, and he then tries to kill MC..? What good would that even go him? He knows Nana has some sort of connection to him.
    If she’s using him, then killing him would be throwing a wrench in her plans.
    If she likes him, then he’ll kill the person she loves.
    If she’s his family, he’s killing a family member of hers.

    I don’t see a single situation where what he’s doing turns out to be a good thing. He’s nowhere near strong enough to threaten her; though we don’t know if she has any family / anyone precious to her, her blessing seems to imply she doesn’t.

      1. Sure, i was just confused about what the Male Yandere gets out of this, Not Nana’s goals / motivations.

          1. Well, in any case, i’ll specify a little more, then. Shame you can’t edit your own comments on this site.

            If she’s using him, then killing him would be throwing a wrench in her plans.
            In this case, she wont look at him in a very good light, and will likely try to kill him. Blessing of the God of Death and all.

            If she likes him, then he’ll kill the person she loves.
            If she’s his family, he’s killing a family member of hers.

            1. Hmm, actually it’s more likely Negishi is the one pulling the trigger of Nana. Coz Nana is only following him and I think she is not type to act by herself

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